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New Things

rook_v4_phantom_vessel_smallWelcome back to Ye Olde Blog! Lots of stuff has been going on lately — I’ve gotten in the cover and interior art for The Rook Volume Four Special Edition from the amazing George Sellas (you’re looking at a preview of one of the images to the left), been going through the edits on Lazarus Gray Volume Five, adding a few words here and there to the first Dark Gentleman short, joining up with a bunch of great guys to form The Ultraverse Podcast group and recording new episodes of Ubergeeks, In the Stacks & The Shadow Fan’s Podcast!

I’m still not finding much time to do new writing but I am flexing the creative muscles in other ways, as you can see.

The George Sellas image we’re using today is from the story The Phantom Vessel and I think it’s one of the best George has done — and that’s saying something!



lr-kalutashadowGood morning, my friends!

It’s the start of a whole new week and hopefully it’s going to be a great one. Tomorrow we’re going to have a special guest blog from pulp fan Ralph Grasso — I think it’s fun to let different voices get out there and Ralph has decided to talk about one of his favorite movies so I hope you’ll give a read when it’s posted.

Speaking of posting, I uploaded the 65th episode of The Shadow Fan’s Podcast this morning — we review The Spy Ring (1940) and The White Column (1941). I get to briefly talk about my love of the Myra Reldon character (again) and I also discuss some upcoming comics stuff that Dynamite will be publishing. If you love The Shadow, I hope you’re giving it a listen.

Work continues on the current novel, with is closing in the midway point. I’ve been really enjoying it but I’m anxious to reach the end and move on to some other projects, too. The bane of the writer, I suppose.

Last week I teased a couple of announcements — one of them will be delayed by a couple of months because of some stuff on the back end. Not my fault! As for the other announcement, I’m hoping it will be coming later this week. Fingers crossed!

Next week will be spring break around here so I might be running some classic posts from the past, putting up art, etc. If there’s anything from the vaults that you’d like to see again, let me know!

Our art today is by the amazing Michael Kaluta!

Who Knows What Barry’s Blog Will Cover Today? The Shadow Knows!

shadow_torresWelcome back, my friends!

Earlier today I released Episode 64 of The Shadow Fan’s Podcast — we talk about Howard Chaykin’s upcoming return to the character, respond to some listener feedback and talk about this past weekend’s Middle Georgia Comic Convention. I hope you guys enjoy it.

Work continues on the crossover novel — I’m now over 18,000 words into the story. All the major players are now in motion and I’ll soon be bringing all the heroes together. They’re currently split into two big groups. This one features all new villains and I plan for a couple of them to survive the adventure so they can plague various heroes in the future. Others… well, in classic pulp style, some of these have to meet their justified ends, right?

A lot of folks are asking when The Adventures of Lazarus Gray Volume Four: Satan’s Circus will be available as an eBook. It’s on the way, I promise! In the meantime, the print edition is out for those who prefer the dead tree version or who simply can’t wait for the electronic form.

Our art today is by the amazing Wilfredo Torres and depicts pulp’s greatest crimefighter — The Shadow!

Thursday Things

2Shadow01_00Hello everyone!

I’ve been fighting a bit of a cold this week but hopefully it will go away and not develop into anything more severe.

The 63rd episode of The Shadow Fan’s Podcast has been uploaded for your listening enjoyment  — on this week’s episode, I talk about the upcoming Howard Chaykin series from Dynamite and review two items — a radio script from 1938/1939 and a classic novel from 1935. It’s a fun twenty minutes or so of chatter about pulp’s greatest crimefighter!

A lot of folks know this but my dream job would be to write The Shadow — just once! I’d feel so much pressure to live up to the works of Walter Gibson but man, it would be awesome. My other favorite pulp hero — The Avenger — was a blast to write and I feel genuinely blessed to have been able to do it twice.

The ballot for the New Pulp Awards should be coming out soon and I’m curious to see if any of my works made the list — I always did very well when the awards were the Pulp Ark Awards and hopefully the changes in methodology and name won’t stop that. I’d really like to see some of my collaborators like George Sellas and Will Meugniot make the ballot, as well. Fingers crossed!

When the ballot is released, I’ll do another post about it here and let you know who my own picks for the various categories would be.


Midweek Updates

lg_v3_darkling_vs_silver_wolf_smallIt’s another day at Ye Olde Blog, which means that there’s more teasing to be done about future projects! I heard from an editor about one of my projects yesterday and it looks like it might be coming out in March — and possibly in more formats than we originally thought! I’m looking forward to sharing more news about that one as we get nearer to its release but it is a project that I’ve teased here before… and I’ve seen the gorgeous cover that will adorn the package and it’s quite nice!

Beyond that, I’m also looking forward to the release of the fourth book in the Lazarus Gray series! This one will wrap up a lot of plot threads that have been weaving through the series since the second book — and we’ll get to see more of the popular Darkling and Eidolon characters! If you remember what the cover for Volume 4 looks like, you’ll also note that the evil Doctor Satan will be along for the harrowing ride!

As longtime readers of this blog know, I’ve already completed the fifth book, as well! I’m always anxious for folks to see the newest adventures but it’s good to work so far ahead… with all the recent craziness, my writing output has drastically decreased but 2014 won’t see any slow-down in the release of my work since I turned in so much of it last year.

About to crack open a Shadow novel and start reading it — and, yes, hopefully that means I’ll be reviewing it on another episode of The Shadow Fan’s Podcast soon. Keep your fingers crossed.

Our art today graced the pages of Lazarus Gray Volume Three and it features a titanic tussle between The Darkling and Silver Wolf. It’s drawn by the amazing George Sellas!

Monday Morning Stuff

Howard Chaykin's The Shadow
Howard Chaykin’s The Shadow

A new week begins and with it comes the hope that things will take on a clearer shape. Cross your fingers for me, if you would.

I have been continuing to add to the crossover novel and I’ve passed the 5,000 mark on it. Since I’m aiming for a 60,000 word tale, I’ve still got a ways to go. But it will all add up in the end!

I also managed to released the 62nd episode of The Shadow Fan’s Podcast this morning. It’s our first episode since December 18! Sorry for the amazingly long delay.

Joshua Pantalleresco was kind enough to interview me for his blog. Please check it out here if you’re so inclined!

About to crack open a reference book about one of pulp’s most successful characters — this character will be playing a large role not only in Götterdämmerung (the crossover novel) but in future works set in my shared universe, as well. I’m appropriating this public domain hero and taking ownership of him. I do plan to switch him up a bit, which won’t please everyone… but I think I’ll stick with the core of the character and hopefully revitalize him along the way.

Also, please don’t forget to check out Tales of The Rook Volume Two. It features stories by Adam Garcia, James Palmer, David White and Sean Taylor, all of whom are awesome writers. It also features a spiffy cover by the legendary Grant Miehm! Right now it’s a kindle exclusive but it will be available in print soon.

Updates Galore

ROOK Cvr_FNThey’re predicting snow here in middle Georgia, which is a fairly unusual event. Of course, this winter has been anything but normal so maybe it’s par for the course in 2014.

I’m working on Götterdämmerung, which will be the big crossover novel that I’ve been teasing for awhile. It looks like this will be dominating my writing schedule for some time to come.

On other fronts, Tales of The Rook Volume Two is in final production and should be available soon — it will feature a plethora of great stories and a sterling cover by the one and only Grant Miehm. After that, I think the next thing you’ll see from Reese Unlimited will be The Adventures of Lazarus Gray Volume Four. Good stuff on the way, my friends!

I’ve been fielding many questions about The Shadow Fan’s Podcast… Obviously, things have been very unsettled in my personal life since I resigned from my day job and once all that is straightened out (however long it takes), I hope to have time to revive the show. In the meantime, keep buying the Sanctum reprints and supporting Dynamite’s comic output!

I apologize for all the weirdness in these parts lately — it hasn’t been easy for me, either. But I’ll try to keep the blog going and squeezing in some writing whenever and wherever I can. For those of you who read the Reese Unlimited books, there are plenty of things still to be released in this year and even into 2015 so you won’t experience any disruption at all. It’s just the podcasts and all the back-end stuff that’s getting screwed up.

Things will improve, I’m sure! We just have to believe.

Our art today is Grant Miehm’s cover for Tales of The Rook Volume 2 — enjoy!

See you guys tomorrow.