Doc Daye is in the house!

ProSeToday we’re doing something a little bit different — we’re going to be showcasing someone else’s writing! As most of you know, Lazarus Gray and Gravedigger are my contributions to The Sovereign City Project, a shared universe where Derrick Ferguson’s Fortune McCall and Tommy Hancock’s Doc Daye also take place. The first Fortune McCall book is a tremendous read and Derrick is hard at work on the sequel. For my own part, the third book in the Lazarus Gray series is about to be unleashed on the world and I’ve had one Gravedigger installment out so far.

But where’s Doc Daye? Well, Tommy’s one of the busiest people in New Pulp but his hero is soon to round out the Sovereign scene. I’ve been told that you can expect the first Doc Daye book to arrive in September 2013.

Last year, Tommy shared a preview of Doc Daye’s debut adventure – “Death Means Little.” I’m going to point you in the direction of that so you can get an idea of what Daye will be like when he finally arrives. I think you’ll agree that he’ll be a worthy addition to the Sovereign scene!

So… go and and enjoy! You can find the sneak preview right here.

Our image today is by the late, great David Burton — it’s the only image so far that brings Fortune McCall, Doc Daye and Lazarus Gray together!

Another Day Closer to Gravedigger!

Li Yuchun, one of Gravedigger's agents - depicted by Will Meugniot!
Li Yuchun, one of Gravedigger’s agents – depicted by Will Meugniot!

So the countdown is on! More artwork is coming in for Gravedigger, which is set for a first quarter 2013 release! The exciting story of Charity Grace, who is revived from the dead with a deadline of three years to redeem her soul, will tie together elements of both The Rook & Lazarus Gray. Bringing a whole new level of horror to Sovereign City, Gravedigger is one of the best things I’ve ever written and I can’t wait for all of you to see it!

In addition to the story itself, we’ll have a cover by George Sellas and six interior illustrations from Will Meugniot.

Who says that Reese Unlimited isn’t your best stop for New Pulp goodness?