Spending Time in Sovereign City

nakam_bw_largeMy personal life has been topsy-turvy lately and I was really struggling with my writing as a result. I kind of sputtered my way through 20,000+ words on a Babylon sequel and about 3,000 on a Gothic-style story. I was still sad, though, and unhappy with what I was producing.

So I’ve done what I always do when nothing else seems to work: I go back to Sovereign City. A joint creation of myself, Tommy Hancock and Derrick Ferguson, the Sovereign City Project was going to be home to several characters as part of a shared universe. Tommy delivered Doc Daye, Derrick brought in Fortune McCall and I had Lazarus Gray (and, later, Gravedigger). Me being me, I also tied in The Peregrine and everything including the kitchen sink.

Writing about Lazarus and his companions brings me peace – it always feels like coming home and the words come easily. The book I’m working on now is the 11th volume… books 8-10, plus a Lazarus/Nightveil book, are already in Pro Se’s hands. Volume 11 will bring back Nakam, a character I introduced back in book 6. I may be living on my own now after twenty-three years of marriage but Lazarus and I will hopefully be spending many more years (and volumes) together.

It’s funny that fictional characters can become so real that they’re like family. I need them more than ever and they haven’t let me down yet.

The art accompanying this post is by George Sellas.

Tuesday Tidings

Lots of stuff to talk about today!

First off, I was very gratified to see the second Lazarus Gray book shoot up to # 2 on the Best Sellers list this week — thanks to everyone who has supported the series!

I heard back from the lawyer who represents the “big” license I’ve been trying to snag. We’ve been chatting back and forth for a few months now… and they still haven’t said “no” but they did say that they weren’t prepared to decide one way or the other on my proposal at present. I think that’s probably a polite brush off but since they still haven’t come out and said so, I’m hoping for better news to come. If it does completely fall through, I’ll let you guys know what it was and what my pitch for the property consisted of.

Picked up “The City Destroyer” by Norvell Page to give The Spider another shot. I’m enjoying it and there are definitely aspects to Page’s style that I like but I’m still not prepared to say that I was wrong in my earlier summation of The Spider. I’m going to give it a try and at least one more Spider, though.

Looking forward to this Saturday’s web event — check out my blog yesterday for all the details. Be sure to hit the RSVP link and make plans to attend. I’ll be on at least two panels — one focusing solely on my Reese Unlimited imprint and the other talking about Sovereign City with my buddies Tommy Hancock and Derrick Ferguson.

Been focusing on the fourth volume of Lazarus Gray the past week or so — I’m still hoping to finish this one off fairly soon.

Our art today is by Storn Cook!