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Another Day Closer to the Weekend

rabbit_heart_newHello Folks!

I think I’m almost ready to start work on my Sherlock Holmes novella. I’m still a bit hesitant about it for many reasons but I’m going to give it the old college try! With any luck, it’ll all come together and we’ll have a ton of fun with it.

Liberty Girl continues to do well on the New Pulp Best Sellers List (# 3 this week) and I sat down to talk with Art Sippo on an episode of Art’s Reviews last night. You can download it here. It’s always fun to talk to Art and I hope you’ll enjoy listening to it. On a related note, Art’s sometime co-host Ric Croxton posted a review of Liberty on Amazon.com. Here’s what he had to say:

5 out of 5 stars. Barry Reese has done an excellent job in introducing fans to Liberty Girl. As soon as I heard Art Sippo talk to Barry Reese on his Art’s Reviews of the Book Cave family of podcasts http://thebookcave.libsyn.com/ I had to read the book. Only problem I had is, I wish it was much longer. As always, I look forward to reading what Barry Reese has to offer next.

Thanks, Ric! Pro Se’s having a bit of success with these digest-sized books, which generally contain novellas and have a low price point. I’m rather fond of them myself even though sometimes I have to keep myself from stretching the story out like I would for a longer book. Still, I think it worked really well for Liberty Girl!

Folks have asked me what projects are coming out soon and I’ve been increasingly forced to admit that I really don’t know, lol. All of these things have been turned into publishers so they’ll be out someday (I assume!):

Moonstone – G8 & His Battle Aces; Johnny Dollar
Pro Se Productions – Gravedigger Volume 2, Lazarus Gray Volume 4, The Damned Thing re-issue, The Rook Volume Three Special Edition, my Pulse Fiction story, Tales of The Rook Volume 2, my part of the round-robin project

Radio Archives – Box 13

Hell, there’s probably more, too, that I’ve completely forgotten about. I could stop writing today and still be appearing in print with “new” material for awhile to come.

Of course, I’m not doing that, am I?

Hopefully sometime soon I’ll have something new from George Sellas to show all of you — it’s not for publication but I plan to get a lot of mileage out of it on social media! Plus, it’s going to make one hell of a desktop wallpaper for my laptop 😉

Please don’t forget that my Rabbit Heart novel is now back in print. Set in my hometown of Milledgeville, Georgia, this novel is an R-Rated horror novel that has some pulpy connections. Ascott Keane, longtime foe of Doctor Satan, is a major character in this one. If you think you know my writing, you really need to check out Rabbit Heart… and prepare to be blown away, if I do say so myself.

And bring the puke bucket!

Georgia Literary Festival & My Favorite Pulp Comics

literary_festival_2013_logoSo today is the Georgia Literary Festival, which will be held in Milledgeville, Georgia. I’ve been the co-chair of the planning committee for this event over the past year and it’s been a lot of work.

A lot of work.

Did I mention that it has been a lot of work?

Anyway, we’re finally here on the big day and I’m hopeful that it will go smoothly and we’ll get a nice turnout. I was happy to be able to draft some of my New Pulp buddies into the mix – Bobby Nash, Van Plexico, Sean Taylor and Andrea Judy will all be on hand. Honestly, I’m most looking forward to getting together with those folks for dinner after the day is over!

As I mentioned yesterday, Rabbit Heart is back in print so I hope that all of you who have heard about it but never had the chance to read it will go pick up a copy. Given that it’s set in Milledgeville, as well, it’s very appropriate that it’s making its return!

The past few weeks I’ve doing lists of “favorites” — so this week I’m listing out my Top 10 Favorite Pulp Comics. The rules are simple: it has to be a comic book based upon an actual pulp character. So The Rocketeer doesn’t count and neither does Will Eisner’s Spirit. Both may be pulp in “spirit” (Hah!) but they’re not based on actual classic pulp heroes.

10. John Carter, Warlord of Mars (1977, Marvel)
9. Tarzan (1972, DC)
8. Doc Savage Magazine (1975, Marvel)
7. Conan the Barbarian (1970)
6. Savage Sword of Conan (1974, Marvel)
5. The Shadow (1973, DC)
4. The Shadow: Blood and Judgment (DC, 1986)
3. The Shadow Strikes! (1989, DC)
2. The Shadow/Green Hornet: Dark Nights (2013, Dynamite)
1. The Shadow: Year One (2013, Dynamite)

What are some of your favorites, folks?

Rabbit Heart is back!

rabbit_heart_newAt long last, my most infamous work is back in  print! RABBIT HEART is here! We’re still waiting on the eBook version to go live but you can buy it in print — and that’s the best way to enjoy that gorgeous Jason Levesque cover! This new edition has been completely re-edited by the Pro Se staff and graphic designer Sean Ali has done a wonderful job laying out the book and making the graphics look even better than before.

Rabbit Heart is my most personal creation and it’s set in my hometown of Milledgeville, Georgia. Our main character, Fiona Chapman, discovers that the world is a much stranger place than she’d ever been led to believe… it’s home to the living dead, to demons who have a primal and sexual lust for humanity and to occult detectives who have found immortality. Unlike most of my other work, this is very much an adult’s-only kind of thriller. If you think you know my writing from The Rook, Lazarus Gray or any of my other pulp publications, you haven’t seen anything yet! I’ve honestly gotten more feedback about this novel than anything else I’ve ever written. There are people who have told me that they don’t care for pulp adventure… but this one really turned their crank. I’ve also heard from people who said they couldn’t make it past the first chapter because they were too disgusted and didn’t think they’d ever be able to look at me the same way again.

How could you not want to sample this for yourself?

Here’s what past reviewers have said about the book:

“Delightfully deviant. I’ve simultaneously wanted to laugh my ass off and puke my guts out while reading this. That’s pretty impressive.”

“Okay, I’m halfway through Rabbit Heart and that is GROSS, Barry!”

“Almost done with Rabbit Heart and it’s compelling. Pornographic but compelling.”

“Rabbit Heart was like a train wreck: horrifying and disturbing, but you just couldn’t look away. While this book is definitely not a part of my normal genre reads (humor, adventure, nonfiction), I found it very interesting and couldn’t put it down.”

“I finished your book Rabbit Heart and I must say I was quite entertained—you have quite a vivid imagination. Well done!”

“Rabbit Heart is extremely graphic. It’s brutal, gruesome, and strangely erotic—sometimes all at once. Sex and violence mix together in a way that may be disturbing to some, but is nonetheless gripping. I found it impossible to tear myself away from the book—I was disgusted and shaken to my core and I say these things as compliments.”

“There is plenty of gore, sexual brutality and blatant acts of depravity all meticulously embellished with not a gruesome detail omitted. If you’ve the stomach for it, Rabbit Heart is a savage reading experience but it is not for the timid.”

“When I first picked up this book I thought “Oh my… Whoa…. Holy Crap! NO WAY!” Haha this story continuously surprised me! It is not for the faint of heart nor children at all! But I can tell you that I absolutely loved it! It is a must read!”

“Reese is good at showing the action from a variety of characters. You may not like being in the head of a horny college student, but he forces you to see the world from those eyes. It’s a difficult trick, showing multiple viewpoints, but he neatly pulls it off.”

“The book has a very strong sexual and somewhat violent context, but it grabs hold of you from the beginning and doesn’t let go till the end, and if you are like me, you will be wanting MORE!”

This was a wonderful birthday present for myself (my b-day is Monday)… having Rabbit Heart back on the market makes me very, very happy — and I hope you enjoy it.

Expect a full press release coming from Pro Se Press soon!

Lots o’ Stuff

lg01_lazarus_solo_with_text_smallWelcome back to Ye Olde Blog!

Sometime in the next 24-48 hours, the new Pro Se Press edition of Rabbit Heart should go live. The cover is by Jason Levesque and the graphic design on the book is by the amazing Sean Ali. When I wrote this book back in 2010, it was meant to exorcise some demons I had rattling around in my soul but along the way, it became something more. It’s not only the most person of my works but I’ve found that in the eyes of many, it’s my best. I’m not sure I’d say that myself as I’m very proud of my various pulp adventure novels and I think The Damned Thing is a Damned Fine Novel but I can understand why Rabbit Heart resonates as it does with a segment of the audience. It’s violent, it’s nasty, it’s filthy, it’s full of degradation… but I also think people recognize a certain Truth to the story and its characters. If you’ve never read it before, I hope you’ll give it a shot… and if you have read it before, this one will be completely reformatted and edited so the experience of enjoying it again should be all the better.

For folks who enjoy The Shadow Fan’s Podcast, I’m aiming to record an episode on Friday of this week. I’m currently reading a really, really good Shadow novel and I plan to review it on the next podcast.

I continue to work hard on the newest Lazarus Gray story. This one is the third short I’m planning for the fifth volume of the series. Book one contained multiple short stories but with books 2-4 I did two novellas in each one, all of which eventually formed a grand story that spans all three books. The fifth volume will contain five short stories as I sort-of return to the way the first book was laid out. I say “sort-of” because this one has elements introduced in the first story that pop up again in later ones, until they take center stage in the last tale. So it’s five separate stories, all tied together by a steadily growing subplot.

Anyway, once I’m finished with this current story, I’ll be working on a Sherlock Holmes novella for Pro Se… then I have several things waiting for me on the other side of Holmes: completing the last two Lazarus stories for Volume Five; Working on a Phantom Detective project; and writing the big crossover novel that will bring together Gravedigger, Lazarus Gray and The Rook.

I either need more time in the day or a clone of myself to get  it all done…

This Saturday will see the Georgia Literary Festival take place in Milledgeville, Georgia. I’ve been co-chairing the Planning Committee for what feels like the last ten years so I’m anxious to have it over and done with. I will enjoy seeing some of my New Pulp buddies at the event but I’m not sure how much time I’ll have to hang out with them since I’ll be running around all day, frantic and worried about this or that. Give me strength!

I hope to get the colored Chris Batista cover from Tom Smith soon — Batista did an amazing job on the crossover book’s cover & I’ll definitely share when I’ve gotten the finished piece.

Our art today is by George Sellas!

Halloween Treats – No Tricks!

vampirella_2_cover_by_paulrenaud-d2zjprzHappy Halloween, folks!

In a totally self-serving entry, I’m going to post links today to my scariest works. A couple of them are currently out of print, with new editions on the way from Pro Se Productions. I do apologize for that but you’ll still be able to scare up copies from second-hand vendors.

Anyway, let’s see what terrifying Barry Reese books you could be reading right now:

Rabbit Heart – Probably my most infamous work, this one features more blood and sex than you can shake a machete yet. I went all out on this one, in a story that really kicks off when our heroine dies. It’s that kind of tale. A new edition should be out any day now.

The Damned Thing – All Pulp once reviewed this and called it a masterpiece. I’m not sure it’s that good but there will be a new edition coming next year and I do think that I successfully crafted a terrifying homage to The Maltese Falcon. Everything from zombies to Aleister Crowley to the world premiere of Gone With the Wind factors into this one.

The Adventures of Gravedigger Volume One – She has three years to redeem her soul… and she’s willing to kill anybody who stands in her way! Part of the Sovereign City Project, this one features Lazarus Gray, The Headless Horseman and features a scene where our heroine has to crawl out of her grave. Oooh! Seriously, though, it’s good.

The Adventures of Lazarus Gray Volume Two: Die Glocke — This book won the 2013 Pulp Ark Awards for Best Novel, Best Cover and Best Interior Art! Just look at the cover and you know you’re in for some fun (and spooky) times: mummies! Yes, mummies. There’s also a gorilla who smokes cigars in this one.

Hope you find a book that you can huddle up under a blanket with!

Our art today is by Paul Renaud and features the lovely (but deadly!) Vampirella!

Back in Sovereign

lg09_eun_jiwon_smallSo with my Pulse Fiction story in the rear-view mirror, I was able to start work on the third story in Lazarus Gray Volume Five. Feels really good to be back on the mean streets of Sovereign City. I enjoy doing work-for-hire from time to time as it forces me out of my comfort zone and introduces me to new readers but I feel much more comfortable when I’m in total control of the product, from plot to characters. Working with other people’s creations forces you to be creative within their constraints but it’s nice to be able to decide if someone should die, switch allegiances, etc.

Heard from George Sellas last night — he’s about ready to show me some sketches for the cover to Lazarus Gray Volume Four. Can’t wait to see them! George has really defined the looks of so many parts of my universe and it’s a joy to see everything new that comes from him.

I’ve been toying with the idea of doing an Assistance Unlimited anthology, where I’d contribute one story featuring the team without their leader for an adventure. Then I’d let other writers do solo stories for the other members of the group — one would do a Samantha Grace tale, another Morgan Watts and so on. Maybe even slip in an Eidolon or Abigail Cross story, too. Would you folks have any interest in that? Or do you think these characters work best in conjunction with Lazarus?

Got a lot of positive feedback about my most recent episode of The Shadow Fan’s Podcast. I appreciate all the kind words and wish I had managed to find more upbeat things to talk about on the show. Still, I have to be honest.

I think I may have the galleys to the new Rabbit Heart edition soon and I’m excited about having that one back in print. Because it’s set in the area where I live, it’s always very popular when I do book signings around here. Plus, once I start telling people how filthy it is, it has the effect of making them all very excited to read it! It is one of the works that I’m proudest of so having a new edition will be great — and, yes, Jason Levesque’s wonderful cover will still adorn the book.

I have several exciting things that I wish I could announce… one related to The Claws of The Rook and another to a work-for-hire project.

Alas, the time is not yet right to share them!

Take Care!

Tuesday Teases

revengeWelcome back to Ye Olde Blog!

I definitely want to thank I.A. Watson for yesterday’s guest blog — I thought it was a pretty cool essay on the history of pulp covers, taking into account the way society has changed over the years. Good stuff. I’ve been very happy with both of the guest blogs we’ve run and I hope to do more in the future. I don’t want to overdo it, of course… spacing them out will make them a bit more special, I believe.

Got some AMAZING news about the Liberty Girl book yesterday. You can’t believe how much I want to share it with all of you… but I can’t. Tommy Hancock warned me of dire consequences if I revealed it too soon. Suffice to say, it’s really awesome and some of you will have your jaws hit the floor when you hear it. I know mine did! While I haven’t gotten exceedingly rich doing this, I have had a lot of my childhood dreams come true… from getting to work with people like Will Meugniot to having my characters appear on posters and toys… it’s been an amazing, thrilling ride. I honestly don’t think I deserve it — but I’ll certainly take it! This news is that kind of thing… it just boggles my little fanboy mind.

Anyway, I”m still working on this Pulse Fiction story. I’m about 3,000 words away from the end and it can’t come quickly enough. Fun characters, fun plot, but I’ve struggled with every word. You guys know how fast I usually write but these 10,000 words have moved like molasses. Anyone want to finish off this story for me? LOL

I’m expecting to get the edits back on the new edition of Rabbit Heart any day  now. Hopefully I can go through those and knock it out, allowing Pro Se to move into production. Liberty Girl and Tales of The Rook Volume Two are both in the works, as well, so you might get a bunch of Reese Unlimited stuff in time for the holiday shopping season!

Oh, and for you Shadow fans out there — The Shadow Fan’s Podcast Episode 52 was just released and is ready for downloading. This week I gush about the announcement of a Shadow vs. Grendel series before reviewing an old radio episode and a 1943 novel pitting The Shadow against The Black Dragon. Good times.