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Friday Fun — And Another Pulp Ark Reminder!

glassesSo I sent off what I hope will be the final version of Liberty Girl to Pro Se last night — of course, since it’s a licensed deal, there may be changes that are asked for. We’ll see. Overall, I think it turned out okay. With the main story, there were definitely times where I felt somewhat constricted, since I was adapting someone else’s story and wanted to stay true to that. In some ways, it was easier than writing my own stuff because I didn’t have to worry about where the plot was going but on the other hand, there were times I felt I could have improved upon it by doing my own thing — ’cause, of course, my own ideas would be better LOL A writer’s ego — there’s no stopping it. But if you’re a fan of Liberty Girl (and I am!), I hope you’ll like seeing her in a new form.

So for the next day or two I’m working on the second Lazarus Gray story that will run in Volume Four. I bring back The Darkling in this one (don’t worry – you haven’t missed anything. He’ll be introduced in Volume Three, which isn’t out yet) and we get to see a lot more of his back-story before moving into the a tale that will, in many ways, wrap up the arc I began with Volume Two. I think that when it’s all said and done, you’ll be able to view books 2-4 as one long story. I’m not quite cocky enough to deem it a ‘trilogy’ but I’m sure others will.

The Pulp Ark Award Nominations close on the 15th, which is only a few days away. I’ve posted the instructions on how to nominate things, as well as what my eligible works are. If you enjoy my writing, please consider filling out a nomination form — you’ll then have the opportunity vote for the actual winners. If you don’t nominate, you can’t vote. I’d certainly appreciate it. I’ve done very well in the Pulp Ark Awards in the past, winning Best Author in 2011 and Best Short Story in 2012 and I appreciate that sincerely. I love these awards because they’re primarily fan-driven, unlike other New Pulp Awards that are voted upon mostly by people inside the industry.

And don’t JUST nominate *me* — don’t forget my collaborator George Sellas, who deserves Best Cover & Best Interior Art awards for the work he’s done on my books!

Just started reading a new Star Wars novel by Timothy Zahn — it’s called Scoundrels and is basically Ocean’s 11 in the Star Wars universe. Should be fun.


The Work Never Ends!

die_glocke_cover_LOW_RES_mockup_croppedGot a good plot in mind for my Phantom Detective story (“The Iron God”) and also got some feedback on my Liberty Girl story — my editor really liked it. Hopefully I’ll be able to finish off LG soon and then I can focus on getting this Phantom Detective piece finished for Airship 27.

I’m pushing hard for George Sellas to repeat as Best Interior Artist in the Pulp Ark Awards and I also think he should win for Best Cover — in both cases, for The Adventures of Lazarus Gray Volume Two: Die Glocke. George is a tremendous artist and deserves the recognition. I think he’s made my books the best looking in all of New Pulp. Please consider nominating him in those two categories.

Got my Rook and Lazarus Gray figures from Marshall Made Collectibles. They are GORGEOUS. If you’re a fan, please consider buying one for your home. You won’t regret it and will be just as blown away by the quality as I was. Trust me.