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Feeling Chatty Today

pulp_lovelyIt’s the start of a new week and I’m dedicating myself to making a lot of progress on Lazarus Gray Volume Four. I’m just over 50,000 words into the book and I definitely want to wrap it up before the end of the month. Given the Pro Se schedule, you probably won’t see Volume Four until sometime in 2014 but I do love being ahead of schedule. Speaking of which, Volume Three should see print in either March or April of 2013 — they’re not sure if they’re going to roll out Gravedigger first or the next Lazarus. If you have an opinion, let me know. I asked this question on Twitter and got only one response – they voted for Gravedigger to come out first.

Received a nice royalty check from Pro Se in the mail this weekend — definitely puts a spring in my step as it was more than I was expecting! I love feedback and so forth but I have to confess — occasionally getting money for one’s efforts is also quite nice 😉

Finished reading “The Star of Delhi” this weekend, a classic Shadow novel from 1941. I’ll be reviewing that and The Shadow # 9 (Dynamite Comics) on this week’s episode of The Shadow Fan. Good feedback so far on the Calling Burbank segment by Tommy Hancock, though some people have reported a 30 second portion where Tommy’s voice is overlaid on itself. I’ve listened all the way through multiple times and haven’t heard this — so perhaps it’s something I did when mixing the files together. If so, I apologize and will take extra precautions next time!

Just started The Fifth Assassin by Brad Meltzer. Some of this author’s books I really love, some I really… don’t. But this one brings back the main character from one of my favorite Meltzer books (The Inner Circle) so I’m excited to see where it leads.

The Walking Dead returned to TV last night and it was a good episode though I hate how batshit crazy Rick has become. When the show started, the image of him as the lone lawman in a world that had lost its way was very strong to me. I loved seeing him on horseback riding into Atlanta, standing for the old ways of law and order. But over time, he’s become a jerk and a nutcase — it’s almost like the writers are afraid to have a truly heroic character in the midst. In the name of “reality,” everybody has to have their morals ground down into the dirt. Now, I stopped reading the comic book after about 20 issues so I’m sure this portrayal of Rick is in keeping with how Robert Kirkman sees him — but for me, as a viewer, I’m disappointed. I still love the show but my favorite characters are Daryl, Maggie and Glenn. Rick… Ugh. I’d be okay with him taking off and joining his wife in the great beyond.

Reaction continues to be strong to the New Pulp Recommendation feature that I do on Fridays now — I’ve read so much great New Pulp that the only problem I have is picking just one each week!

The lovely lady adorning this blog post isn’t anyone in particular — she’s just lovely and is dressed appropriately for the pulpy time period I favor. Enjoy!



Friday’s Here!

rook_v2_cover_mock_up_smallIf you’re like me, the arrival of the weekend is considered a good thing — it offers a chance to unwind and hang out with the family, get some reading done and momentarily forgetting the stresses of work. Friday is also a time when I can look over some of my writing responsibilities and get a sense of what’s working, what’s not working and what I never should have agreed to do in the first place! Here’s an update on various projects that I’ve talked about in recent months:

Gravedigger – In the hands of the folks at Pro Se. Should be out for sale in March or April.

Lazarus Gray Volume 3 – See Gravedigger.

Lazarus Gray Volume 4 – I’m about 47,000+ words into the writing of this right now.

The Rook Special Edition Volume 2 – See Lazarus Gray Volume 3. And Gravedigger. Should be out for sale in May, though. The cover mockup is here with this post. George Sellas did a great job on it!

The Rook Special Edition Volume 3 – George Sellas is working on the cover and interiors now.

G-8 and His Battle Aces – Moonstone has approved it, not sure when it will see print.

The Avenger – My newest Avenger story will be out in The Avenger: Roaring Heart of the Crucible, due out in April from Moonstone.

The Phantom Detective – Started on this story but got sidetracked by Lazarus Gray.

Sherlock Holmes – I’m supposed to do this for Pro Se… Maybe I can get started once Lazarus 4 is in the can.

The Rook – I need to do a short story for Tales of The Rook Volume 2 – I have an unfinished Claws of The Rook tale that’s been sitting in my Dropbox account for quite awhile. Maybe dust that off and complete it for this?

Publishing Updates, Pulp Ark Awards & The Evil of Leviathan

20120512-185602.jpgI’m now over 5,000 words into the second story for Lazarus Gray Volume Four, which means the entire book is over 43,000 words long at this point. I think it’s going to end up being a great book, carrying on themes I introduce in Volume Three. It also features appearances by Thunder Jim Wade, Doctor Satan, The Darkling, Eidolon and lots more. It’s pretty freakin’ epic, if I do say so, myself. The scary guy accompanying this post is named Leviathan and he’s the central bad guy in the Thunder Jim Wade crossover story (and if you’ve read the story that ran in The New Adventures of Thunder Jim Wade you’ve already seen some of what Leviathan can do).

I had a conversation with Pro Se EiC Tommy Hancock and got some semi-confirmed dates for things. He isn’t sure if Lazarus Gray Volume 3 or Gravedigger will be out first, but one of them should be here in March. The other will debut in April. Then, in May, we’ll get The Rook Volume Two – Special Edition. So it could be quite the Spring for Reese Unlimited! There was some talk about debuting one of those books in February but Pro Se has another major launch going on in that month and Tommy doesn’t want my book to get lost in that hoopla.

Today is the last day for Pulp Ark Awards Nominations! If you haven’t sent in your nominations, PLEASE do so today. Only those who nominate will get to vote on the final ballot. Whether you vote for me or not (though I hope you do), please send in your nominations and celebrate the works of your favorite writers & artists! All you have to do is send your nominations to If you want to cast your nominations and votes for me, I’d really appreciate if you nominated Die Glocke for Best Novel, The Adventures of Lazarus Gray Volume Two for Best Collection/Anthology and me for Best Author. Don’t forget to nominate George Sellas for Best Cover and Best Interior Art for The Adventures of Lazarus Gray Volume Two! I’d really appreciate it if you guys would take five minutes to submit these nominations — and then you’ll be able to vote on the final ballot!

A Bloody Good Year

rabbit_heart_smallAs we slowly approach the new year, all of us are looking back over the past twelve months and wondering what the next 12 will bring. For me, I hope it’s continued good health (I’ve lost 71 pounds this year), much happiness with my family and more writing opportunities. I know I’ve got gigs lined up with Airship 27, Pro Se and Moonstone but maybe I’ll branch out to some other publishers this year – I’ve never done anything for Pulp Empire or White Rocket, for instance, so maybe it’s time to send them a pitch. We’ll see — I have enough projects already lined up that it’s dangerous to commit to anything new.

I recently looked back over the 10,000+ words I wrote on the Rabbit Heart sequel a few years back. It’s damned good stuff but it’s very intense — if you’ve read Rabbit Heart, you might be shocked to learn that this one is far more violent and sexual. That’s why I’ve held back on it. But maybe I can tweak it… maybe it’s time for Fiona to slash her way back onto readers’ shelves (and eBook readers!).  We’ll see… What say you, faithful readers?

Wild Cat Books seems to be mostly out of business — it’s been awhile since they’ve published anything and I’ve seen no announcements about more things coming so any sequel would probably come through Reese Unlimited… maybe it’s time for a reprinting (with a fresh coat of editing) for Rabbit Heart, too?


Looking Ahead to 2013

Gravedigger & Mitchell from 2013's Gravedigger novel. Art by Will Meugniot
Gravedigger & Mitchell from 2013’s Gravedigger novel. Art by Will Meugniot

So yesterday we talked a lot about what stories had been published in 2012 — now let’s talk at length about what’s coming up in 2013! I have no idea about dates on any of this, sadly — I’m at the whims of my publishers!


I should have three stories coming from Moonstone in 2013 – a Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar tale; my second Avenger story and a G-8 story.

Pro Se

A bunch of stuff! The Adventures of Lazarus Gray Volume 3 – Eidolon; Gravedigger; Tales of The Rook Volume 2, The Rook Special Editions 2-4.

Airship 27

I’ll be doing a Phantom Detective story for Airship 27.

So you should have quite a bit from me stocking the shelves next year.

Our art today is by the amazing Will Meugniot and will be featured in Gravedigger!

Press Release: Mystery Project Revealed!

Two Companies known for independent creations and innovative storytelling in two different media combine their ideas and creators together for one fantastic series of books! Pro Se Productions, a leader in New Pulp and Action/Adventure Fiction, and Heroic Publishing, a force in independent comics since the mid-1980s, have announced that beginning in 2013, new adventures as well as adaptations of past comic books featuring Heroic flagship characters Liberty Girl, Flare, and Eternity Smith will be written and published by Pro Se!

Tommy Hancock, Partner and Editor in Chief of Pro Se stated, “Pro Se is always interested in crafting new tales of concepts that deserve them and the universe that Heroic Publishing has created more than qualifies. Eternity Smith is a character that has always occupied a space in my comic collection, and one of those that I’ve always wanted to take a crack at writing. Thanks to the effort of Pro Se Submissions Editor Barry Reese and the man behind Heroic, Dennis Mallonee, that dream is coming true. Not only with Eternity Smith, but with two stellar heroines from Heroic:-Flare and the Liberty Girl!”

Liberty Girl, a World War II heroine ripped from her glory days and rocketed forward in time to today, where she’s needed more than ever! Flare, fashion model and brightly shining super heroine! Eternity Smith, time-tossed scientific genius fighting against a future full of horror! These legendary characters from Heroic will be featured in prose novels and anthologies, both adapting past comic work into prose as well as new stories, written by some of today’s newest and best talents in New Pulp!

“Some writers,” Hancock said, “have already been attached to specific projects. Others have been approached. There will also be opportunities for open calls as well, to bring in writers who have an interest in these characters. And after the first year, there exists the possibility of bringing even more Heroic characters into HEROIC PROSE!, the Pro Se/Heroic line , such as the Champions and other popular characters.”

The first Heroic Prose book is scheduled for early 2013, an adaptation of the first Liberty Girl comic book by noted author Barry Reese. Hancock will be helming an adaptation of as well as new tales of Eternity Smith. Other titles will be announced as they become reality for 2013 and beyond.

For more on Heroic Publishing, go to

To learn more about Pro Se, go to


The Rook Flies Again… In October!

The new edition of The Rook Volume One is expected to take flight in October 2012. Fans of the series have been waiting for the first five volumes to come back into print and Pro Se will start the process off next month. The other volumes will follow with a new version released every few months after. These new editions will have new covers and new interior art by George Sellas. Each book will be completely re-edited, as well.

Stay tuned!