Doctor Solar, Podcast of the Atom: The Meteor from 100 Million B.C.!

As we move to July 1965, Doctor Solar must contend with a rock from space — a rock that contains larvae! Yes, thanks to comic book science, the meteor lands in the swamps and soon enough, we’ve got dinosaurs! The Man of the Atom speeds off to battle a T-Rex alongside Dr. Clarkson and Gail! Well, sort of — Gail only has two lines of dialogue this issue but she looks really good delivering them!

Doctor Solar, Podcast of the Atom: The Sun Giant!

The January 1965 issue of Doctor Solar pits the Man of the Atom against a geological threat: a massive earthquake has created fissures in the polar ice caps, threatening the world! Doctor Solar travels to the sun to amass enough power to do what must be done. Unfortunately, there is a terrible side-effect for Solar, one that leaves him both giant-sized… and a target for fear and hatred from humanity!

Doctor Solar, Podcast of the Atom: Transivac!

The October 1964 issue of Doctor Solar, Man of the Atom (# 9) features the debut of Transivac, a super-powerful computer capable of detroying the Man of the Atom! It’s so evil, in fact, that Nuro is forced to call upon the Man of the Atom for help! With the evil genius of Nuro working with the power of Solar, can even Transivac stand a chance? Plus: letters column fun!