Edits? Edits!

Pro Se, always a busy place, has been really percolating behind the scenes lately with a lot of books in various stages of production — and among those are Lazarus Gray Volumes 11-13, plus the first Lilith novel. In recent days, I’ve approved edits on Lazarus Gray 11 and on Lilith, plus I’ve heard fromContinue reading “Edits? Edits!”

Murdering My Babies

Over 15,000 words into the apocalyptic 14th volume of Lazarus Gray. So far, I’ve killed off one member of Assistance Unlimited, badly wounded three others, and I’m about to torture and then kill a recurring supporting character. Dark days for our heroes…! I’m having a blast writing this one. It’s been fun putting our heroesContinue reading “Murdering My Babies”