Spending Time in Sovereign

aidra_fox2Spent much of the past week in Sovereign City, revising and adding to the twelfth volume of Lazarus Gray. I know that some of you have gotten mighty impatient waiting for these books to be released (the seventh book was released three years ago) but I think they will be on the way relatively soon. Until then you do have Broken Empire to tide you over – it’s an Assistance Unlimited book set in 1964.

Once all twelve of the Lazarus books are out, I think I’ll be able to sit back and feel pretty proud of them. While it may not get too much (read: any) attention from the Pulp Factory Awards and it’s not considered as groundbreaking as Derrick Ferguson’s rightfully-beloved Dillon series, I think there’s a place for Lazarus and his friends in the New Pulp landscape. Besides, not many series in the New Pulp landscape reach 12 books (plus spinoffs!).

Whenever I’m feeling down, I always end up starting a new Lazarus story – so it’s unlikely that I’ll stop at 12 books. I was worried that selling the property (along with the rest of the Reese Unlimited catalog) might result in less enthusiasm but whatever doubts I had were lifted when I wrote the Lilith novel, which was the most fun I’d had writing in a couple of years. When I returned to the twelfth Lazarus book, I found that I was able to add about 3,000 words to it and really thought they were good ones.

Our Icons writeups continue to get major traffic for the site, which is an unexpected pleasure. Hopefully some of our visitors will check out my writing, as well! I’ve had a few requests to do stats for Lazarus, Gravedigger, etc. and I’m sure I’ll get around to that eventually.

Updates from Barry Land

aidra_foxWelcome back, folks. Things have been busy around here – on a personal level, my mom recently fell ill and she’s been forced to move in with me so that I can help assist her with daily living. Given that we were all afraid that she was going to pass away just a few weeks ago, we’re glad to have her around. Even so, it’s led to some disruption on the homefront. Oh, and there’s some sort of pandemic which has led to me teaching all my classes from home!

But I did manage to finish the Lilith novel and it’s been sent off to Pro Se. Speaking of Pro Se, I completed a short story for their St. Germain project and I’m hopeful that it will meet with approval.

Plus, Broken Empire: Assistance Unlimited – The Silver Age has been released! That novel is set in 1964 and features several brand new characters as well as some shocking updates on our beloved Assistance Unlimited heroes. It has a spiffy cover by Steven Novak and interior art by comics legend Chris Batista. Sean Ali and all the usual gang at Pro Se have made it a lovely book to behold so please check it out.

Next up from me on the writing front is adding to the mummy-inspired anthology I’m putting together. This one will have a cover by Mike Hoffman and I think you’ll all be just as blown away by the art as I was when I first saw it.

The Icons writeups I’ve been posting have proven to be very, very popular. In fact, they get far more hits than the ones based around my professional writings. I find that humorous but maybe one of the rpg fans that drift through here will get curious and buy one of my books. Why not, right?


Writing, Writing, Always Writing

writingSo I finished off the Lilith novel and shared it with Tommy Hancock last week. Now I’m working on a story for the St. Germain project. It’s going to be a short (no more than 10k) and I’m sitting at around 3,000 words right now. Once that’s done… I have a mummy collection of stories that I’d like to complete. I’m hoping to have 4-5 stories in the book. I’m considering it shopping it to somewhere besides Pro Se – I’m very associated with them but they also have a huge backlog of material, much of it mine. I might like to see this book in print a little earlier than it would be if it comes out through my usual channel. The Lilith book worked so well for me because while it was part of my Reese Unlimited Universe, it also felt very different. The mummy book is just an exercise in doing something I think is fun and can stand on its own. In some ways I feel that my creativity has returned and I’m interested in doing various different things that may not always fit the ‘pulp adventure’ definition.

On another topic, hope that you’re not minding the Icons writeups I’ve been posting lately, ’cause there’s more coming. It’s a fun system and I like statting up various heroes and villains. Eventually I’ll probably do some of my own original characters, too.

Timeline of My Pulp Adventure Universe (updated 4/1/20)

gravediggerMajor Events specific to certain stories and novels are included in brackets. Some of this information contains SPOILERS for The Peregrine, Lazarus Gray, Gravedigger and other stories.

~ 800 Viking warrior Grimarr dies of disease but is resurrected as the Sword of Hel. He adventures for some time as Hel’s agent on Earth. [“Dogs of War” and “In the Name of Hel,” Tales of the Norse Gods].

1748 – Johann Adam Weishaupt is born.

1750 – Guan-Yin embarks on a quest to find her lost father, which takes her to Skull Island [Guan-Yin and the Horrors of Skull Island].

1776 – Johann Adam Weishaupt forms The Illuminati. He adopts the guise of the original Lazarus Gray in group meetings, reflecting his “rebirth” and the “moral ambiguity” of the group. In Sovereign City, a Hessian soldier dies in battle, his spirit resurrected as a headless warrior.

Continue reading → Timeline of My Pulp Adventure Universe (updated 4/1/20)

Sprinting towards the end…

Rebirth_Wally-West_CDThe current novel was begun in earnest at the beginning of February so in less than two months, I’ve almost completed it. I haven’t written a book this quickly in ages and it’s a good feeling. The book has flashbacks to the 19th century and the early 20th but the bulk of it takes place in the modern day – you’ll see a few familiar faces from around the Reese Unlimited universe but mostly it’s about adding to the universe. So you get an all-new villain, a lot of supporting characters that I think will grab your attention, and a lead character with only previous appearance (Lazarus Gray Volume 11).

So who are the familiar faces? I don’t want to ruin all the surprises but you can definitely expect appearances by The Peregrine and Jennifer Black (a prominent character in The Second Book of Babylon).

I shared the awesome cover with you guys awhile back and I can’t wait to see what the book designers at Pro Se are going to be able to do with it. They always make my books into works of art.

The art accompanying this post is of my favorite Flash, Wally West, and is by Brett Booth.


Breezing Along

IMG_2282Good news all around – I’ve approved the galley edits on Assistance Unlimited: The Silver Age so hopefully you’ll get to see this 1960s-era story soon. From what I’ve been told, the backlog of Lazarus Gray books will begin to roll out on a quarterly basis soon, too.

The novel I’m currently writing is flowing from my fingers onto the page like water. It’s been remarkably easy to write – I think this may be the best thing I’ve written in several years. It’s set in the modern day (though the opening is a few hundred years back) but is definitely set in the Reese Unlimited universe. In fact, it builds off an event shown in Lazarus Gray # 11 and includes a lengthy guest-appearance by a certain vigilante with a penchant for bird-inspired masks. I wonder who that could be…?

Stay tuned, folks. Exciting things await.


Cover Reveal Monday

lilithI know you guys spent all weekend on pins and needles, wondering just when I would unveil the Mike Hoffman cover to my current work-in-progress. Well, the time has finally come. Mike did a gorgeous painted cover for The Chronicles of Lilith and you’re now able to view a low-resolution version of it at left! My version of Lilith is introduced in The Adventures of Lazarus Gray Volume 11 (published eventually by Pro Se Press) and she’ll star in her own time-spanning adventure to follow. Mike’s wonderful artwork will hopefully entice fans into picking it up. What do you say, folks? Do you love it or do you love it?

Cover Reveal Coming…

surprisedI’m currently 15,000 words into the newest novel which will take a supporting character introduced in the 11th volume of the Lazarus Gray series and spin them out into a book of their own. The cover for the book is already in house, done by the amazing Mike Hoffman. On Monday March 2 I will unveil it here along with the title. I hope you enjoy the weekend tease… Stay tuned.

Zoom, zoom, zoom!

margotThe current novel is progressing well – I’m about 20% of the way through it. That may not sound like much but considering I’ve only been working on it since early February, that’s not bad. Mike Hoffman has already delivered the cover art and it’s gorgeous! This novel takes a character introduced in Lazarus Gray Volume 11 and spins her off in her adventure. Yes, I know, you’ve been waiting for those Lazarus Gray stories for quite awhile but I’ve heard from Pro Se that there are plans to start rolling these books out on a very regular basis soon.

I saw the new Harley Quinn movie recently and *loved* it. Don’t believe any of the haters – it’s a wonderful film and you really need to go see it. Highly recommended.

Also getting a recommendation is the Sonic the Hedgehog movie. After all the fuss about the speedy hero’s look early on, the movie turned out to be a fun, family-oriented action film. We dug it.

Our post today is accompanied by an image of Margot Robbie, who stars in the Harley Quinn film.