The Occult Forces Project

One of the background elements that has featured in a lot of my pulp adventure stories is the Geheimnisvolles Kraft-Projekt, also dubbed The Occult Forces Project or OFP. Founded in the late 1930s, the OFP was dedicated to utilizing super-science and magic in the name of The Reich and was a subset of The Ahnenerbe.Continue reading “The Occult Forces Project”

Lazarus Goes to War!

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE SOVEREIGN CITY’S HERO GOES TO WAR IN ALL KINDS OF WAYS!‘THE ADVENTURES OF LAZARUS GRAY VOLUME TEN’ DEBUTS! “The only clue to his identity was a small medallion with the words ‘Lazarus Gray’ stamped upon it.” Since his debut, Barry Reese’s Lazarus Gray has been one of the most popular New PulpContinue reading “Lazarus Goes to War!”

The (Fictional) Women In My Life

I’m mostly known for my male creations — The Peregrine & Lazarus Gray, for instance — but I’ve spent a good bit of my career writing female leads. The Damned Thing, Rabbit Heart and Gravedigger all feature strong female characters. I’m proud of those books, especially since the pulp field is still so testosterone-heavy. NewContinue reading “The (Fictional) Women In My Life”

The Strange Tale Of… Catalyst!

Catalyst, at least in the form of Nathaniel Caine, is one of my oldest characters. I created him way back in 1985 and he went through several permutations, popping up in various stories, comic book scripts, fanfiction and roleplaying campaigns over the years. When I finally became a professional writer, it was only a matterContinue reading “The Strange Tale Of… Catalyst!”

Grave Matters

The following is an essay that ran in the first Gravedigger book. It’s an interesting look at the steps to the character’s creation and serves as a sort of literary time capsule. Hope you find it interesting! GRAVE MATTERSOR…HOW I CAME TO WRITE THIS BOOK Hello, Faithful Readers! I hope you enjoyed the introduction toContinue reading “Grave Matters”

Christmas Treats?

Had a brief conversation with Pro Se’s head honcho yesterday and he said that both the tenth volume of Lazarus Gray and the Grimarr sword & sorcery collection are throught the editing and formatting stages, meaning that we’re just waiting on Amazon to finish whatever magic they work behind the scenes. So it’s possible thatContinue reading “Christmas Treats?”

A recent look at Lazarus Gray

Paul’s Scribblings recently took a look at the Lazarus Gray series. You can head over here to see what Paul had to say about the series and the manner in which he’s been consuming it. The art accompanying this post is by George Sellas and was the cover to the fourth book in the LazarusContinue reading “A recent look at Lazarus Gray”

Casting My Various Series

One thing that every writer does is perform a ‘dream casting’ in their head. For my Gravedigger series, I’d go with actress Ana de Armas for Charity Grace. She’s beautiful and has the physicality for the role. As for Lazarus Gray, he was initially based on a young Kirk Douglas but if I had toContinue reading “Casting My Various Series”

Reese Unlimited

Over the years, most of my New Pulp writing has ended up at Pro Se Productions and they’ve even given me my own imprint, Reese Unlimited. That’s where my Lazarus Gray, Gravedigger, and Peregrine stories have seen print and the majority of my writings connect to that same universe. The logo for Reese Unlimited wasContinue reading “Reese Unlimited”