Ki-Gor Gets Reviewed!

devilsDale has posted a 5-star review of The New Adventures of Ki-Gor: The Devil’s Domain. Here’s what he had to say:

Long regarded as the Jungle Lord, Ki-Gor was known for his ferocity and savageness as well as his love for the people and the animals of the Congo where he lived. Now two enemies have raised their banners and are threatening to take that title from Ki-Gor.

In THE IVORY GODDESS, Ki-Gor finds a local village that had been so much a part of his youth apparently abandoned without word. As he and his most trusted companion, Tembu George, begin to investigate, they are thrust into a desperate race against time with the discovery of a sole survivor of a lost safari fleeing through the jungle. Soon Ki-Gor will not only have to fight to save those lost, but will find his own world teetering on the edge of a monstrous evil.

THE DEVIL’S DOMAIN finds Ki-Gor and Tembu answering the challenge of two evil slavers while trying to restore a god’s favor to a lost and hidden people who have a terrible secret that must not be revealed into Ki-Gor’s jungle.

Ki-Gor was one of the more successful copies of Edgar Rice Burroughs’ Tarzan, Lord of the Apes. for 16 years from 1939 to 1954, his adventures in the Congo and other locales were chronicled in the pages of JUNGLE STORIES. In the author Barry Reese’s own words…

“The Jungle Heroes of the pulps have always appealed to me, both for their exotic locales and the constant dichotomy between ‘civilized’ people and their ‘savage’ brothers and sisters.”

Reese’s love for these stories comes through as he skillfully recreates the fun and adventure…and the thrill… of the stories of the jungle and its protector.

If you love the old pulp stories…and especially those tales set in the wild jungles…this is a book you will absolutely enjoy.

Thanks, Dale. I grew up as a huge Tarzan fan and discovered Ki-Gor along the way. It was great to add to the character’s legend and I’m glad that you enjoyed the stories!

Ki-Gor Returns!


Dedicated to breathing new life into classic and sometimes forgotten Pulp Characters, Pulp Obscura, an imprint of Pro Se Productions in conjunction with Altus Press, announces the release of THE NEW ADVENTURES OF KI-GOR: THE DEVIL’S DOMAN-TALES OF THE JUNGLE LORD. Ki-Gor returns to Jungle Adventure as written by noted New Pulp author Barry Reese in print and digital formats.

“Ki-Gor,” says Tommy Hancock, Editor in Chief of Pro Se Productions, “definitely came into being at a time that many jungle types populated fictional Africa and even other jungle bound lands. Something, though, that makes this particular jungle hero stand out concerned those around him more than his own existence. To have Helene, a mate who stood toe-to-toe with Ki-Gor in every way, not to his side, is exciting in stories like this. Then throw in Timbu and the supporting cast and you have more than just another guy in a loin cloth. You have a realized character capable of fantastic adventures and he definitely has a couple in this new book, thanks to the ever talented Barry Reese.”

One of the Pulp Era’s greatest heroes returns! Created by John M. Reynolds, Ki-Gor, Lord of the Jungle, battled slave traders, dinosaurs, witch doctors, and lost civilization from 1939 to 1954 in the pages of “Jungle Stories.” Assisted by his beautiful and daring wife, Helene, and their loyal allies: the powerful Timbu Jones and the diminutive N’Geesso, Ki-gor continues to protect the peace of his jungle home.

From out of the past, the Jungle Lord stalks the wild once more! Ki-Gor and Helene and return to action in two exciting new adventures presented from the imagination of one of New Pulp’s finest authors, Barry Reese, in THE NEW ADVENTURES OF KI-GOR: THE DEVIL’S DOMAIN-TALES OF THE JUNGLE LORD from Pulp Obscura, an imprint of Pro Se Productions in conjunction with Altus Press.

Featuring a stunning cover by Mike Fyles and cover design and print formatting by Sean E. Ali, is available now at Amazon at–Devils-Domain/dp/1539352285/ref=sr_1_5?ie=UTF8&qid=1475845864&sr=8-5&keywords=ki-gor and Pro Se’s own store at for 10.00. 

This thrilling collection is also available as an Ebook, designed and formatted by Michael Woods Iacono for only $2.99 for the Kindle at and via Smashwords in most formats at

For more information on this title, interviews with the author, or digital copies to review this book, contact Pro Se Productions’ Director of Corporate Operations, Kristi King-Morgan at

To learn more about Pro Se Productions, go to Like Pro Se on Facebook at

Lots of Stuff!

gravedigger_04_small_jpgThings are very busy around here so let’s give a run-down on what’s happening:

  1. The Peregrine Omnibus series is continuing with the release of the third volume. I’ve already approved the galleys so it should be out soon!
  2. My Ki-Gor stories that were originally published years ago by Wild Cat Books will be re-released in a new edition by Pro Se. I’ve seen the cover and it is lovely! It’s by Mike Fyles.
  3. Currently about 20% into the third volume of Gravedigger. This one is set in 1939 and resolves the matter of Charity Grace’s three-year tenure as the title hero. Will she be found wanting or has she done enough to remove the burden of sin from her soul? I’m hoping that George Sellas will be back onboard for cover and interiors.
  4. I’m taking some old fanfiction stories of mine and rewriting them to star a new hero, Babylon. I have the interior art pieces by Steven Wilcox already and George Sellas did a nifty color piece of the hero.
  5. Talking to Chris Batista about doing some design work on a new female hero that will debut soon.
  6. Submitted a mummy story to Flinch Books for inclusion in an upcoming anthology – if it meets with their approval, you can expect to see it appear in print before too long!

Our art today is by Will Meugniot and comes from the first volume of the Gravedigger series!

New Pulp Recommendation: Exciting Pulp Tales by Tom Johnson

EPTTom Johnson is simply not as famous as he should be. He’s one of those guys who really kept the pulp fiction flame burning during the long period between the end of the traditional pulps, their transition into men’s adventure paperbacks and finally the current New Pulp movement.

In this collection, he revives a handful of classic pulp heroes – some of whom were virtually unknown to me – and crafts new stories around them. In all cases, his writing is thoroughly pulp, with fast moving storylines and characterizations that perfectly reveal the characters without diving into the kind of depth that would detract from the real purpose of the tale: action.

My favorite stories were those featuring The Cobra, The Purple Scar, the Jungle Queen and Ki-Gor. The characters of The Angel and Funny Face were ones that I wasn’t familiar with but Tom Johnson does enough here to make me want to seek out more information.

If you like classic pulp action, this is perfect for you and can serve as a wonderful introduction to some characters that most pulp fans probably aren’t familiar with.

July 2015 Updates

RU Ad smaller_smallerFinished off the first story in what will eventually be The Adventures of Lazarus Gray Volume Six – it turned out quite well, adding a new member to Assistance Unlimited, dealing with the fallout from the “crossover novel” and even tying in to several old Lazarus stories.

Now I’m doing research for the second story – the history of the NSDAP Office for Enlightenment on Population Policy and Racial Welfare is dominating my reading at the moment. Interesting – and scary! – stuff. I hope it will translate into a good story for you guys.

Posted a mini episode of The Shadow Fan’s Podcast a few weeks ago. Hopefully I’ll do more soon. We’ll see – cross your fingers for me!

I’ve heard from the guys at Pro Se that not only will my Ki-Gor stories (originally written for Wild Cat Books) be coming back in some form but the crossover novel is indeed scheduled to appear before the end of the year. I had hoped that Mark Propst would be doing some interiors for the big crossover book but unfortunately that won’t be the case. Sorry, my friends.

The first omnibus edition of The Peregrine is flying off the shelves — it’s a doozy in print form. You can use this thing to prop open doors or even as a weapon. Look for the second volume (collecting the old volumes 4-6 of Max Davies under his “other identity”). I continue to get asked why Max is now known as The Peregrine — suffice to say, legalities were involved and we’re all fine with the new identity.

My old buddy George Sellas will be contributing some new images for Lazarus Gray Volume 6 so those of you who missed his work on volume 5 should be quite pleased with that news.

Stay pulpy!

Lazarus Gray — Unleashed!

lazarus_batista_smallWelcome back, my friends!

Today I’m sharing with you the black and white version of Chris Batista’s newest Lazarus Gray image. Chris previously depicted the character in the cover to the upcoming crossover novel, Gotterdammerung. I really like this one, from the lean but deadly looking Lazarus to the lovely Samantha Grace looming behind him. Good stuff — I hope you agree. Look for a colored version soon. I’m not 100% sure where you’ll see this in print: it might slide into the fifth volume of the series or it may come to life on a t-shirt or poster. What do you think?

Things are proceeding well on all fronts, though work on the novel is still moving slowly. I did get an update about the upcoming release of a story I did for Pro Se last year, though, so I’m anxious for you guys to see it. More details coming.

Also, the audio version of Box Thirteen is finally out so if you enjoy listening to your adventure fiction, please head on over to Radio Archives and buy a copy. My story features a killer known as the Plague Doctor and I had a blast writing it.

There’s also been some movement on getting my Ki-Gor stories back out into the market and possibly my Grimarr (The Sword of Hel) stuff, as well. So lots of things are going on behind the scenes.

I’ll be back tomorrow with more — until then, feel free to ooh and aah over the new Lazarus image!

Friday Fun

lady_writerIt’s Friday! The weeks have been very long for me lately, with a lot of information being driven into my brain on a daily basis. As such, I’ve been looking forward to the weekends — I’m still studying on Saturday and Sunday but I can still relax a little bit more than during the week.

Got an interesting job offer yesterday — a chance to work with a writer that I really respect. We’ll see if it comes together but it might help introduce me to a new audience and seems like a potentially fun experience. I’ll have to take a few days to look over some things to see if it’s something that we could bring together but… possibilities.

Added a little more to the crossover novel and things are going well, if very slowly.

I should be getting the new Chris Batista image any day now and I will eventually share it with all of you… not sure if I’ll do it right away or make you guys wait.

Yes, I’m a tease!

I’ve gotten a number of requests lately to bring my Ki-Gor stories back into print. I’ll approach Tommy Hancock and see if Pro Se might have any interest in this — maybe as part of their eBook line? We’ll see.

I hope everyone has a great weekend out there! Take care and have some fun.

New Pulp Farewells


So this morning, I get up and check my email — where I immediately see a letter from Tommy Hancock, announcing his resignation from All Pulp. Now, I’ll be honest — I’m amazed that Tommy put this off as long as he did. He’s an incredibly busy guy and All Pulp is one of the many things that he’s done that benefits the New Pulp community a lot more than it benefits him and his own company. It’s a lot of thankless work. Still — seeing him announce that he’s leaving makes me immediately think that All Pulp in general is probably going away. Oh, sure, someone will step up most likely… but my experience tells me that someone who inherits something rarely has the same level of commitment as the person who founded it. I hope I’m wrong. If I had more time, I might step up myself… but I know better!

Thanks for all the work you’ve done on the site, Tommy!

Then I head over to Facebook and see a posting from Ronna Hanna that Wild Cat Books is shutting its doors in a few days. WCB has been publishing pulp stuff since 1997 and was instrumental in kicking off the whole New Pulp craze. More personally, Ron Hanna accepted my story submissions and gave The Rook a home for five volumes, plus all the other stuff I did there (Rabbit Heart, The Damned Thing, Ki-Gor, etc.). WCB had been growing more and more quiet in recent years and I’d pulled most of my own titles so they could be repackaged elsewhere… but I’m still damned sad to see WCB gone for good. They say they’ll continue publishing limited edition works and I hope so – but given heir recent output, I wonder if that’s more wishful thinking than anything else. I hope Ron (and, by extension, WCB) the very best, though — without them, my own writing career would be quite different… and the New Pulp movement might never have gotten off its feet. From WCB eventually came Airship 27, which inspired still more companies and publishers. Ron Hanna has contributed a lot to the pulp field and I hope he’s recognized for his contributions.

On a more positive note, I finished going over the Gravedigger edits I got from Pro Se and sent those back in. We’re steadily moving closer to its release date. I’m currently putting the final touches on the Lazarus Gray Volume Four manuscript, as well. It’s been a fun ride but I’m very close to typing THE END on this storyline, which has spanned books 2-4. I’m happy and sad at the same time, as I always am when I finish a major project.

Head over to All Pulp or the Wild Cat Books facebook group and commend Tommy & Ron for all their hard work, why don’t you? I plan to!


A Mixed Bag of Rambling Thoughts

The cover to The Shadow Year One # 2, from Dynamite Comics. Art by Alex Ross.
The cover to The Shadow Year One # 2, from Dynamite Comics. Art by Alex Ross.

Welcome back to Ye Olde Blog! I have a lot of things rattling around in my brain today so let’s get to it, shall we?

Uploaded episode 22 of The Shadow Fan Podcast this morning — if you’re a fan of The Shadow (and if you’re not, why the hell aren’t you?), you can join me in reviewing “The Devil Master” (September 15, 1941) and the first issue of Dynamite’s The Shadow Year One series. It’ll be a fun 40 minutes, I promise you. It actually ends up being a heavy “Margo Lane” episode because of the major role she plays in both of the featured reviews this week. I like the Margo character but I have mixed feelings about how important she’s become to the overall Shadow mythos.

Ordered Doc Savage: Skull Island by Will Murray yesterday. I’m curious to see this match-up between Doc and Kong. I’ll post a review once I’ve read it.

I’ve started writing the final chapter of Lazarus Gray Volume Four, though there may be a wrap-up chapter or epilogue to follow.

Agreed to take part in a Weird Western anthology that Mechanoid Press is putting out so I’ll be working on that as soon as I’m done with Lazarus Gray and Tales of The Rook 2.

Rabbit Heart & The Damned Thing will both be back in print within three months and both will be coming out from my Reese Unlimited imprint at Pro Se Press. After talking to Ron Hanna of Wild Cat Books, it was decided that my Ki-Gor book for them will also fall out of print. There are not plans to bring it or Guan-Yin back into print so you need to order ’em soon if you want ’em. I do want to make it clear that I wish Wild Cat Books the very best and hope that they’ll get back to printing new books soon. The New Pulp market misses them!