keanuHappy New Year, folks!

Last week I had the opportunity to talk to my longtime collaborator George Sellas on the phone – and, believe it or not, this was the first we had ever spoken to one another. We had always carried out our work via email so it was nice to put a voice to the name.

Work continues on Lazarus Gray Volume 12 – I expect to wrap this one up by the end of the month if my schedule and muse are both willing. I was told by Tommy Hancock at Pro Se that they are hoping to release a new Reese Unlimited every three months this year so hopefully that backlog of books they have from me will get released soon.

Watched all three seasons of Penny Dreadful. Loved seasons 1 & 2 but the third was a mixture of good stuff and “Meh”. I wish that Vanessa had been given a stronger arc. So many times she was the victim or the prey for some villain and I liked the few times she was allowed to be powerful. Still, I highly recommend it. Also recommended is season two of “You” – this season was even better than the first! Both Penny Dreadful and You can be found on Netflix. Currently I’m watching The Good Place and enjoying it.

What’s Happening?

keanuHello, all. I’m currently over 18,000 words into the tenth volume of Lazarus Gray and this one is shaping up to be a doozy. A lot of new concepts are swirling around in these pages and I’m also bringing in Babylon (from THE SECOND BOOK OF BABYLON, due out soon from Pro Se Productions) so he can have his first encounter with Assistance Unlimited. Given that THE SECOND BOOK OF BABYLON is set in 2011 and the current Lazarus book is set in 1942, I’m writing the character a good 69 years before his “prior” appearance. It makes for a few headaches for ye olde author but it’s fun, too.

Pro Se recently announced that they had the rights to Skyman, The Face and Nature Boy, a trio of classic golden age superheroes. I’m planning to submit for all three anthologies, as I have ideas for all of them. Fingers crossed for me, please!

Excited about the Captain Marvel trailer that debuted yesterday. Looks very good – I’ve loved Carol Danvers since her Ms. Marvel days in the Seventies so I’m definitely going to be in the audience for this one.

Our image today is of the photogenic Keanu Reeves.

Murky Days Ahead

keanuFor a long, long time, I’ve had daily content on this blog. I’m not sure I’ll be able to maintain that in the future. Things are still very unclear about where I’m going and what I’ll be doing so something has to give. I’ve already stopped doing the podcasts and the Best Seller Lists… and daily updates here might be the next to go. I don’t want to do that but it is what it is. The alternative is to have LOTS more “From the Vault” posts, where I run old content for those who might not have seen it before. It’s a shame, though, as the hits for the blog have jumped tremendously in recent months and have remained steady.

Of course, you might also get a lot of really short posts along the way — like this one!

I’ll be back tomorrow with more goodness.

I hope!