11746dcd0c65886c_Kate-Upton-Elle-2Hello, folks — sorry for the delay in updating the blog but I’ve been pretty busy lately. I did want to give everyone an idea of what’s going on and what will be coming out soon, though.

  • The Adventures of Lazarus Gray Volume 7 is about to move into formatting. I’ve approved the edits, turned in an author headshot and done all of the back-end stuff that I’ve been asked to do. Hopefully you’ll see it soon.
  • Nightveil: The Quiet Girls is also coming soon. I haven’t seen any edits on it yet but I do know that Pro Se is trying to fast track this one.
  • I’ve been working on The Second Book of Babylon and should be finished with this novel within the month! What’s that? You don’t remember the First Book of Babylon? That’s part of the fun! I’ll tease more about this one soon.
  • I’m about halfway through the writing of The Adventures of Lazarus Gray Volume 8 and I’m also looking forward to starting Assistance Unlimited: The Silver Age Volume 1 when I’m finished with Babylon.
  • No ETA on the publication yet, but The Adventures of Gravedigger Volume 3 is in the hands of my publisher and hopefully editing work will begin on it soon.
  • My Captain Action novel is likewise in the hands of that respective publisher — I think we’re waiting on Rob Davis’ schedule to clear so he can do interiors on that one.

If you’re curious about a specific project or character, feel free to let me know!

The lovely lady adorning this post is model Kate Upton.

Updates & Avalon Comics Appearance

11746dcd0c65886c_Kate-Upton-Elle-2Hello, folks!

I just uploaded the 46th episode of The Shadow Fan Podcast, so you can head over and download that one if you’re a fan of pulp’s greatest crimefighter. At the end of the episode I reveal who will be joining me on the 50th episode! I think people will really enjoy the conversation I had with this famous Shadow creator.

Work continues on the Lazarus Gray/Brother Bones crossover story. I’ve crossed the 6,000 word mark so I think we’re making good progress. Once I’m finished with it, I’ll pass it on to Brother Bones’ creator, Ron Fortier, for his approval and comments. If he gives it the green light, then I’ll have knocked out two of the five stories that will run in Lazarus Gray v. 5. It all adds up, doesn’t it? It’s interesting to note that once that book is released, I’ll have written almost as many Lazarus Gray books as I have The Rook.

I’ll be at Avalon Comics this Saturday from 11:30 am to 1:00 pm so if you’re in the Macon, Georgia area, please stop in and say hello! I’ll be there selling and signing books. Avalon is a great store and it’s located down the road from a Red Lobster so you can do what I’m doing and grab lunch afterward. Pulp fiction and cheddar bay biscuits… where could you go wrong?

I’ll be exchanging emails with my frequent collaborator George Sellas this morning, firming up our schedules for the next few months. Even though Chris Batista and Jen Broomall have been doing work with me lately, don’t think I’m letting George slip away. He’ll continue defining the looks of my characters for a long time to come, if I have anything to say about it!

Our accompanying photo today is of the lovely Kate Upton. She’s obviously doing some reading in bed, which makes it appropriate for inclusion on this blog. ‘Cause we promote literacy and stuff.

Plus, it’s Kate Upton.