Various and Sundry

So my day job is working as a high school English teacher – and we’ve just wrapped up our first week with the students. With so much of my time being spent on learning my new students and keeping up with meetings, I’ve found my writing time to be severely curtailed!

Still, I’ve been splitting time between the fifteenth volume of Lazarus Gray and a new book starring a character named Calavera. The latter is set in the modern day but it will have… strong… ties to not one but multiple series in my Reese Unlimited universe. I’d love to share an image of Calavera — because the one I have is gorgeous but I don’t want to tip my hand too much.

I hope you guys take to her. I’ve spent a lot of time over the last year creating a whole modern-day side of the universe, with Lilith, the upcoming Straw-Man books, and Omnium Gatherum (also waiting to be published) and Calavera will join them. So far, reaction to Lilith has been mixed… hopefully the others will strike a great chord with the readers. And maybe Lilith will find her audience in future years. You never know!

Been splitting time between two roleplaying game systems lately: Prowlers and Paragons and Tiny Supers. PnP is a highly cinematic system that uses lots of 6-sided dice. TS is a rules-lite system that uses no more than three 6-sided dice. Both have their strong points and it’s tough for me to choose one over the other. PnP is better at creating nuanced characters but TS is incredibly easy to pick up, especially for younger players.

Our image today is a gorgeous photo of a young Jessica Lange. She’s a fantastic actress and I had quite a crush on her back in the day. Enjoy!