Artsy Friday

Gravedigger loresIt’s Friday here at Ye Olde Blog and I, for one, could not be happier. It’s been a long week but from a writing perspective, I’ve been getting a few things done. I’m close to 5,000 words into the Lazarus Gray/Brother Bones short story (it will be the second of five stories in Lazarus Gray Volume Five) and I think it’s going very well. Just had a big action scene and the introduction of our villain is looming. Plus, we get to see the surprising date night between Samantha Grace and (name removed to maintain the surprise).

In other news, I’m in talks with one of my favorite comic book artists about doing an image featuring my “big three” — Lazarus Gray, The Rook and Gravedigger. At this point, it might be used as a promo image for my pulp adventure universe and/or as the cover to a novel that would pair all three into one giant adventure. I don’t want to give too much away but it would involve The Warlike Manchu and Walther Lunt as villains. But wait, you say, isn’t Lunt dead? Well, yes, but of course so was The Warlike Manchu. He got better! Besides, as you’ll see in Lazarus Gray v. 3 & 4, Lunt doesn’t have to actually be around to still loom large — and his legacy can be just as deadly as the man ever was. Stay tuned.

Staying on the artistic track, George Sellas is one image away from completing work on The Rook Volume Three Special Edition. I’ve also sent him the comics script for the Gravedigger ‘Origins” strip that will run in Volume Two.

After he finishes up The Rook Volume Three, George has plenty of Reese Unlimited stuff to keep him busy – Lazarus Gray Volume 4, Gravedigger 2, Rook Volume 4 Special Edition, etc. If you love his work as much as I do, you’ll be pleased to note that we’ll hopefully be working together for quite awhile to come!

Our art today is by the amazing Jen Broomall. It shows Gravedigger (sans mask) about to kick some ass. Hope you like it as much as I do! George Sellas will be back as cover artist on Volume Two (which has already been written) but this image will probably make it onto the back cover or as an interior piece.

Hump Day Musings

jen_artIt’s been a busy week so far and there’s only more to come. It can sometimes be a challenge to balance my writing with my day job and my home life but I feel that if something is really important to you, you’ll find a way to get it done – somehow, some way. The second Gravedigger novel is in the stretch run now – I could possibly complete it sometime tomorrow but early next week may be more likely. After that, I need to talk to George Sellas about how we can approach the cover and whether or not we want any interiors for it. George is currently working on The Rook Volume Three Special Edition and then he still has to look over the fourth volume of Lazarus Gray in preparation of the that book’s cover. Yes, I keep him busy.

Speaking of art, I got another sketch from Jen Broomall, who will be working on a Gravedigger image for me. I’m not sure what it will be used for (possibly the back cover of volume two?) but it’s looking gorgeous so far. I’m a big fan of Jen’s work and I’m thrilled to have her depicting Charity Grace.  Our art for today is a piece by Jen and I think you’ll agree that her style is very well suited for Gravedigger.

The New Pulp world has been fairly quiet lately with a lot of folks gearing up for Pulp Fest. I wish everybody a fun time – one of these days I’ll make the trip, I promise.

I released a new episode of The Shadow Fan Podcast this week, which was the 41st in the series. Wow… it’s hard to believe I’ve done so many!

Also, I’m a guest on this week’s episode of The White Rocket Podcast. It’s always fun talking with Van Allen Plexico and our discussion ranged from my influences to the writing process and beyond. Definitely check it out!

Wish me luck in putting this newest Gravedigger adventure to bed. I have a lot of other commitments that are beginning to press upon me and I’ve got to start hitting the keys to avoid a deadline crunch!

See you guys tomorrow.

‘Tis Tuesday! Huzzah!

lg04_walther_lunt_smallWent to the Georgia Renaissance Festival this weekend – my family goes at least once a year and it’s always fun. Definitely have to recommend that you check out the Tortuga Twins if you get the chance. Hilarious every time.

Continuing to write away on Lazarus Gray Volume Five – yep, I’m working on volume *five*! This one will return to the format we had in volume one, with a handful of shorter stories. Books 2-4 featured two novellas in each volume, all with an overarching storyline that tied them into a trilogy. With Volume Five, I’m loosening up and just having some fun stories for the team — in the first tale, we have a lost pirate treasure and a zeppelin crewed by beautiful (and dangerous!) women. I can tell you’re excited already!

The past few weeks, I’ve been recording The Shadow Fan’s Podcast a little earlier than usual, as my schedule has forced me to move the show to Tuesdays. This week, we’re returning to our traditional Thursday… so expect a new episode to be released on April 25, 2013! Should be another exciting one.

This weekend is Pulp Ark 2013 in Arkansas — sadly, I won’t be there. But I hope that you’ll be able to make it. It’s the world’s biggest and best New Pulp convention and this year’s schedule is truly packed! My novel Die Glocke won Best Novel, Best Cover and Best Interior Art (those last two awards were given to the amazing George Sellas!) so I wish I could be there to accept the awards on mine and George’s behalf… but it just wasn’t possible. Still, I hope it’s a HUGE success and that I’ll be there in 2014!

Waiting on the last story to roll in for Tales of The Rook Volume Two. This one will be the last in the series – but probably not the end of The Rook. Tommy Hancock is still supposed to write volumes 7-9 of the series and the plot he’s come up with is an epic one. Not sure when I’ll return to write more Rook, though. Most of my focus is definitely on Lazarus and Gravedigger at the moment. Pro Se’s formatting and design guru Sean Ali is currently working on The Rook Volume Two Special Edition – you can expect that one very soon! We’re slowly working on getting all these books back into print and I appreciate the patience you guys are showing!

By the way, Jen Broomall is doing a Gravedigger image for me so I’m very excited to see what she will come up with!

In other artistic news, George Sellas is working on finishing up the Lazarus Gray Origins pages – as I’ve mentioned before, we trimmed the original script down to just the two page Lazarus sequence. Samantha, Morgan, Eun & the Assistance Unlimited team will all have to wait for their respective days in the sun.

Our art today is by George Sellas and features the evil Walther Lunt, who fought Lazarus repeatedly in the first two volumes. He met his demise in Die Glocke but his shadow still looms large over volumes 3 & 4.

Busy on Multiple Fronts!

gravedigger_cover_low_res_cropped_with_copyWelcome back to Ye Olde Blog!

I’m going through the edits I received from Pro Se on The Rook Volume Two – Special Edition. Hopefully it’ll be complete and in the hands of graphic designer Sean Ali soon… I’ve heard from multiple people that they’re really waiting for the eBooks for Volumes 3-6, since those have been never been available. All I can say is that you have to be patient. I have to be patient, too. I don’t like having my books out of print or unavailable any more than you do. But Pro Se has a schedule to keep and artist George Sellas doesn’t work on my stuff 24/7 (though I keep him plenty busy! lol).  Everything will come in due time, I promise.

What should be out very soon is Gravedigger… I understand that Sean is working on that book right now! That usually means we’ll see it for sale within a few weeks. I can’t wait for you guys to meet Charity Grace, aka Gravedigger. I really, really think you’ll enjoy this book… and with that gorgeous Sellas cover and some wonderful Will Meugniot interiors, it’s gonna be one fine looking tome!

In other Gravedigger news, artist Jen Broomall will be doing a Gravedigger image for me soon. Not sure if it will be a print or a cover (or both) but I’m sure it’ll be beautiful. I’ve really liked Jen’s work in the past and can’t wait to see her take on this character.

Started work on my Weird West story that will be published by Mechanoid Press. My heroine is a cool character and I’m enjoying the story so far. Hopefully that will translate into some fun for the readers, as well. Since this will be my first work for Mechanoid, I’ll try to make it a special one.

Looking forward to tomorrow’s episode of The Shadow Fan, which should be action-packed. Hopefully we’ll have another segment of Calling Burbank, then I’ll be covering some Dynamite comics news and reviewing Masks # 4 and “Foxhound,” an old Theodore Tinsley Shadow novel. Should be tons of fun so be on the lookout for it.