Lots Of Stuff!

dark_gentlemanWelcome back, my friends, to the blog that never ends!

The new Pro Se edition of The Damned Thing should be out very soon. This edition will sport a brand new cover plus a fresh set of edits so I hope people who may have missed the book in its Wild Cat edition will check it out. I like to think it’s one of the best things I’ve written.

I also hope to put the finishing touches on The Dark Gentleman short I’ve been working on for many months. It’s a little thing but with my schedule being the way it is, I haven’t had time to focus on it the way I should. Plus, I’ve been working on the crossover novel lately and that’s taken time away… But superstar artist Jeffrey Hayes has delivered the amazing image you see at left, using yours-truly as the model for The Dark Gentleman. I love it! With that image serving as inspiration, I’ll be focusing on the tale for the duration and getting it completed so you can all enjoy it.

On the review front, Mat Nastos delivered the following review of Lazarus Gray Volume Three:

I’m a long time fan of Reese’s pulp-adventure work, having started with volumes of his Rook adventures before checking out the Lazarus Gray collections. Volume 3 introduces one of the most interesting characters Reese has created in the conflicted/mentally unstable Eidolon. I can’t wait to see more of this character in the future. The work is very well-written and moves along at a great clip. If you like short story collections filled with action-adventure and pulpy heroes, then you should check out the Adventures of Lazarus Gray.

Thanks, Mat! I’m glad you enjoyed Eidolon… most readers seem taken with The Darkling more than Eidolon but I enjoyed writing both. Please be sure to check out Mat’s latest, Man With the Iron Heart, if you’re in the mood for some good New Pulp reading!

Hope everyone in the United States had a great Thanksgiving holiday last week… now we’re in the stretch run for the end-of-the-year celebrations! Stay safe and happy, my friends.

Liberty Girl!

2013-09-27 17.43.18A new week begins!

After taking last week off from The Shadow Fan’s Podcast, I’ll be recording Episode 51 later this week. I’ll be reviewing a novel from 1939 and the 2nd annual from Dynamite’s ongoing comic book series. Look for it to be uploaded over the next few days.

It looks like the next book from me to be released will be Liberty Girl. This was an unusual project for me as I took a graphic novel and converted it into prose — I also added a brand-new short story to the mix. This kicks off a line for Pro Se Press where they deal with prose versions of characters from Heroic Publishing. I know Eternity Smith and Flare are both lined up for future books, as well as more Liberty Girl. The art today is from Jeff Hayes and will be the cover to the Liberty Girl book — it’s GORGEOUS, don’t you agree? Anyway, if you like traditional superhero action, I think you’ll enjoy the stories I’ve written with this character.

After that, a new edition of Rabbit Heart will be coming from Pro Se Press. I’m excited to have this one back in print as it’s my most popular work with a small but very vocal segment of fans. With hardcore sex and violence, it’s not like any of my other work (though The Damned Thing is close) and if you think you know my writing… you might pick this one up and see that I’m capable of more than pulp adventure.

Have a good day, folks!