Characters I Love: The Huntress

huntressEvery now and then, I focus on a character from adventure fiction (film, comics & prose) that I simply adore. This week we’re talking about: The Huntress. Now, there have been several versions of this character over the years but I’ve liked them all. Here’s a handy-dandy guide to the various Helena Wayne/Bertinelli Huntresses we’ve been presented with:

The Original – This was Helena Wayne, the daughter of the pre-Crisis Earth-Two’s Batman and Catwoman. This Huntress was a member of the Justice Society and carried on her father’s work in Gotham City. She was a strong female character in an era where too many women were still treated as secondary to the male heroes. She was best friends with Power Girl and the two of them later went on to become members of Infinity, Inc.

Post-Crisis – After the multiple Earths were seemingly done away with in DC’s big Crisis on Infinite Earths series, Helena was reborn as Helena Bertinelli, a mafia princess. Turning against the crime that had made her family wealthy, Helena began hunting criminals as The Huntress. This version of the character was a little more hard-edged than the others and she frequently sparred with Batman over her methods. She had romances with both Nightwing and The Question (Vic Sage).

New 52 – The current version is very similar to the original, hailing from a new Earth-Two and being the daughter of that world’s Batman and Catwoman. She is currently trapped on the main DC Earth, along with Power Girl. It’s interesting to note that even though she’s once again Helena Wayne, the Bertinelli identity has not been completely discarded, as it’s been used as an alias for her. This current Huntress is, once again, very intelligent and capable, which I really like.

I’ve always liked the fact that Helena didn’t become Batwoman or Batgirl or anything along those lines (though she did wear the Batgirl costume briefly during the No Man’s Storyline during the post-Crisis era & in the New 52 she was Robin before graduating to her own identity). She’s basically been her own woman from the start.I like her friendship with Power Girl and, to be honest, she’s probably my favorite member of the Bat-family. I’d much rather see her pushed to the forefront than Batgirl.

Our art today is by Marcus To, one of my favorite Huntress artists.

The Huntress (Marvel Heroic RPG Stats)

huntressThe Huntress
Helena Wayne
New 52 Universe

Affiliations: Solo D8 Buddy D10 Team D6

Distinctions: D4 (+1PP) or D8
Daughter of the Bat & the Cat
Displaced Hero of Earth-2
Worlds’ Finest

Power Sets:
Heir to Greatness
Enhanced Reflexes D8
Senses D6
Stamina D6
SFX: Second Wind – Before you make an action including a Heir to Greatness power, you may move your STRESS TYPE die to the doom pool and step up the Heir to Greatness power by +1 for this action.
SFX: Focus -If a pool includes a Heir to Greatness power, you may replace two dice of equal size with one die +1 step larger.
Limit: Exhausted – Shutdown any  Heir to Greatness power and gain 1 PP. Recover power by activating an opportunity or during a Transition Scene.

Crimefighting Equipment
Body Armor D6
Crossbow D8
Grappling Hook & Swingline D6
Utility Belt D8
SFX: Tracer – Use an effect die to create a TRACER complication on a target
SFX: Immunity -Spend 1 PP to ignore stress, trauma, or complications from Gas Attacks.
Limit: Gear -Shutdown a Crimefighting Equipment power and gain 1 PP. Take an action vs. the doom pool to recover.

Acrobatic Expert D8 or 2D6
Combat Expert D8 or 2D6
Covert Master D10 or 2D8 or 3D6
Crime Expert D8 or 2D6
Menace Expert D8 or 2D6
Tech Expert D8 or 2D6

Character Background:

The current Huntress is the daughter of Batman and Catwoman from Earth-Two. As Robin, she was present when Batman sacrificed his life against the forces of Darkseid. Alongside Power Girl (the Supergirl of Earth-Two), she was thrown into the primary DC Universe five years ago, forcing her to adapt to a strange new reality.

Now calling herself The Huntress, Helena has created a number of different identities for herself and forged a new life. She and Kara have become best friends and taken part in numerous adventures. She became close to Damian Wayne before his death and considered him her brother, despite the differences in realities.

Beautiful, capable and extremely dangerous, The Huntress has the potential to become the equal of her illustrious parents.