Hobgoblin IV (ICONS Writeup)

aka Jason Macendale

Prowess 5
Coordination 5
Strength 5
Intellect 3
Awareness 4
Willpower 4

Stamina 9

*Body Armor – Damage Resistance 5
*Goblin Grenades 7 (Extras: Plain Smoke, Knock-Out Gas, Explosive, Spider-Sense Clouding)
*Razor Bats – Strike 4
*Glove Blasters 6
*Goblin Glider: Handling 6, Speed 6, Structure 4, does Strike Damage 6 when used for charging with horns

Aerial Combat, Martial Arts, Military, Pilot (Expert +2), Weapons – Guns, Weapons (Hobgoblin equipment)

*The ‘replacement’ Hobgoblin
*Low Self-Esteem
*Formerly Jack O’Lantern

Background: Jason Macendale worked for the CIA and was dismissed when his methods were getting too extreme. He decided to use his skills for profit as a mercenary, later adopting the costumed identity of the Jack O’Lantern adorned with a flaming pumpkin for a head, green body armor, and a bouncing pogo platform for transportation. His first target as Jack was to take control of a prototype super-embassy and people in it. He took over the building fast by infiltrating it in the middle of a Halloween party. His bad luck was that Machine Man was among the guests and he quickly foiled Jack’s plans. Jack was taken to a hospital and seemed to be in coma. In reality he had taken a drug after he lost to Machine Man that made him fall in the coma, so he would be taken to a hospital rather than a prison. He quickly took the hospital over with his henchmen. When Spider-Man learned about this. He immediately headed to the hospital. He soon found Jack and after a short fight, Jack O’Lantern realized that he wasn’t any match for Spider-Man and decided to escape. Spider-Man stopped him in the hospital’s yard, knocking him out with a single punch.

He tangled up with Spider-Man some time later and was again beaten, but this time was able to escape. After Spider-Man had gone missing Jack O’Lantern stumbled into Silver Sable, and after a short fight she managed to destroy Macendale’s pumpkin helmet forcing Macendale to retreat. Macendale then went to free Flash Thompson from jail as he thought that he was the real Hobgoblin. When Hobgoblin heard about this he went to find Jack. He crashed in Jack’s hideout and attacked him blaming him for ruining his plan. The fight ended in a stalemate and both villains went their separate ways. Flash managed to escape when Jack and Hobgoblin were fighting.

These two later joined with the Kingpin to fight against Hammerhead and his troops. Jack and Hobgoblin, now allies were sent to fight against Hammerhead’s troops, but their alliance didn’t last long when they had a run-in with Spider-Man. Jack bailed out of the fight and left Hobgoblin to fight him alone. When Kingpin returned he fired Jack O’Lantern explaining that he “didn’t meet his standards.” Hobgoblin hunted down Jack O’Lantern for revenge for his betrayal, but because of outside interference, the conflict ceased and Hobgoblin took off.

Not long after last encounter with the Hobgoblin, Macendale hired the Foreigner to kill him. Foreigner pulled some strings and got hitmen to kill Ned Leeds. Macendale then acquired Hobgoblin’s equipment and paid a visit to Rose and Kingpin. He then attacked Spidey again and managed to give Spider-Man a hard landing. He was just about to finish him off with a pumpkin bomb when Flash Thompson intervened. He caught the bomb and threw it back at Hobgoblin. It exploded and Hobgoblin ended up with broken rips and retreated.

Later, the Hobgoblin was given a job by Hammerhead to kill Joe Robertson. Hobgoblin attacked Robertson at his home but didn’t count on Puma being there and Spider-Man soon joined the fight. With a little help from Tombstone they managed to drive Hobgoblin away. He then decided to release Carrion from prison and attacked the prison transport that was transporting him. He freed him and convinced him to ally with himself against Spider-Man. Carrion and Hobgoblin succeeded in capturing Spider-Man, but Spider-Man eventually escaped. Carrion then sacrificed himself to save his mother by taking Hobgoblin and himself out with one of Hobgoblin’s pumpkin bombs.

Hobgoblin survived the explosion and was approached by Doctor Octopus to join his Sinister Six. He fought against Doctor Octopus and was impressed by his skill. He then agreed to join the group, but Doctor Octopus betrayed them all later and the other members ganged up against Doc Ock, but they weren’t a mach for him. Hobgoblin had encounters with Ghost Rider, Darkhawk, Hulk, Deathlok, Nova, Solo, Sleepwalker and the Fantastic Four – these heroes took him and rest of Sinister Six down. Soon after that, a demonic portion of Hobgoblin’s soul broke free of Macendale as a separate entity. The Hobgoblin and this new Demogoblin attacked Spider-Man again and eventually lost. Spider-Man managed to capture Hobgoblin with Venom and Ghost Rider. Macendale later acquired a modified version of Kraven’s strength-enhancing formula and then killed Demogoblin. He also fought Green Goblin (Phil Urich), Thing, Kaine and Scarlet Spider before he altered his body with cybernetic enhancements from Gaunt.

He was later put on trial for a series of crimes he committed as the Hobgoblin. During that trial it was revealed that Ned Leeds was the Hobgoblin before Jason Macendale. Soon after, the original Hobgoblin (Roderick Kingsley) broke in Macendale’s jail cell and killed him, declaring himself the only Hobgoblin who deserved the title.

Macendale was one of the many villains resurrected as a clone during the Jackal’s Clone Conspiracy. Based on his physical appearance, Macendale’s clone doesn’t have any of the cybernetic enhancements that he possessed prior to his death. Since his resurrection, Macendale hasn’t been seen — he may be laying low so that he doesn’t draw the attention of Kingsley or any of the later Jack O’Lanterns.

Hobgoblin (ICONS Writeup)

aka Roderick Kingsley

Prowess 6
Coordination 6
Strength 7
Intellect 4
Awareness 5
Willpower 5

Stamina 12

*Goblin Formula – In addition to boosting his physical attributes, the Goblin Formula also gives the Hobgoblin Regeneration 3.
*Body Armor – Damage Resistance 5
*Goblin Grenades 7 (Extras: Plain Smoke, Knock-Out Gas, Explosive, Spider-Sense Clouding)
*Razor Bats – Strike 4
*Glove Blasters 6
*Goblin Glider: Handling 6, Speed 6, Structure 4, does Strike Damage 6 when used for charging with horns

Hobgoblin also has made extensive use of a piece of mind-controlling equipment known as Winkler’s Device. This piece of machinery has Mind Control 7 and is generally used to brainwash others into wearing the Hobgoblin outfit so that Roderick can remain safely elsewhere.

Aerial Combat (Expert +2 bonus), Art – Fashion (Expert +2 bonus), Business (Expert +2 bonus), Pilot – Goblin Glider (Expert +2 bonus), Technology (+1 bonus)

*Specializes in taking the ideas of others and improving them
*Always has an escape route
*”You pathetic fools! Your combined strength is nothing when compared to the power of the Hobgoblin!”

Background: Roderick Kingsley was a successful fashion designer and millionaire who had built his empire through underworld ties and unethical practices. One of his criminal associates, George Hill, had stumbled upon one of the secret lairs of the original Green Goblin. He relayed this information to Kingsley, who killed him to ensure the secret would remain hidden. Reading through Norman Osborn’s journals and examining the various “goblin” paraphernalia and weaponry, Kingsley found himself enthralled with the idea of becoming a costumed criminal. Therefore he forged a new identity, with an altered costume as the Hobgoblin.

Using information he acquired from journals left behind by Norman Osborn, Kingsley intended to blackmail several key figures including J. Jonah Jameson and Osborn’s son Harry. Inevitably, this drew him into conflict with Spider-Man, who Kingsley saw as only a nuisance and had only planned to deal with him in afterthought. After being beaten soundly by the web-slinger several times, Kingsley became obsessed with reproducing Osborn’s original strength enhancing formula so he could deal with Spider-Man more effectively. Not wanting to suffer the insanity that plagued Norman Osborn as a result of exposure to formula, Kingsley decided to test it on a small time thug named Arnold “Lefty” Donovan. After exposing him to the formula, Kingsley had Donovan attack Spider-Man in the guise of the Hobgoblin. Kingsley monitored Donovan’s vitals from afar, checking for anomalies. Spider-Man defeated Donovan and unmasked him, but before he could compromise Kingsley’s identity, he remote-controlled the goblin glider to crash, killing him.

Convinced that the test was a success, Kingsley immersed himself in the new formula and emerged with strength that surpassed even the original Green Goblin’s. Sometime later Kingsley discovered that the reporter Ned Leeds had followed him to his lair and learned of his secret identity. Through hypnosis, Kingsley was able to brainwash Leeds into becoming a new Hobgoblin that Kingsley could manipulate from the shadows, particularly as a stand-in during negotiations with The Rose (Richard Fisk) in an elaborate plot to bring the Kingpin’s empire down. To further protect his identity and deflect the attention of his enemies, Kingsley at one point framed Flash Thompson as the Hobgoblin. Thompson was arrested, only to be freed by Jack O’ Lantern (Jason Philip Macendale). Macendale learned that Thompson was not the real Hobgoblin, which infuriated him. Thompson was subsequently exonerated.

Eventually, Hobgoblin and the Rose had a falling out, with the latter enlisting the Jack O’Lantern to dispatch the former. Hobgoblin defeated him, forcing Macendale to pursue an alternative method of destroying his enemy. As Kingsley had gone to great pains to convince everyone that Ned Leeds was the real Hobgoblin, it was Leeds that ultimately paid the price. Macendale had the mercenary called the Foreigner arrange an assassination of Leeds in his hotel room while on assignment overseas with Peter Parker. Kingpin then told Parker’s alter-ego, Spider-Man that Leeds was the Hobgoblin, illustrating this fact with photos of the assassination, showing Leeds in full Hobgoblin costume. Kingsley, satisfied that his identity had been protected and that the underworld believed the Hobgoblin dead, retired to Belize.

Macendale then took the opportunity to take up the mantle of what was then thought to be the “deceased” Hobgoblin. After his tenure as the Hobgoblin, and corruption into a demonic form (resulting in the emergence of the Demogoblin), Macendale was ultimately arrested. During his trial Macendale publicly revealed that Ned Leeds was the “original” Hobgoblin – even though many people (including Macendale) had reason to believe that wasn’t true.

The true Hobgoblin, Kingsley, returned from retirement, his first act being to kill Macendale whom he deemed unworthy of his title. He then kidnapped Betty Brant as part of a trap for Spider-Man. However, during the battle, Kingsley’s brother Daniel was captured and Kingsley was unmasked. Finally, the true and original Hobgoblin was revealed and Ned Leeds’ name was cleared.

When Norman Osborn was revealed to be alive and well, the imprisoned Kingsley became furious at Osborn’s denial of being the Green Goblin. He claimed the existence of a lost journal of Osborn’s that proved that he was indeed the Green Goblin. Osborn had Kingsley broken out of prison and provided him with new Hobgoblin equipment while a mysterious new Green Goblin (a genetic construct created by Osborn) kidnapped Daniel Kingsley, the only person who supposedly knew where the last journal was. After capturing both Daniel and Spider-Man, the two Goblins returned to Osborn who revealed the truth – that he knew there was no other journal and he had bought Kingsley’s empire out from under him. Infuriated, Hobgoblin attacked and a climatic battle between both Goblins and Osborn ensued. Spider-Man was able to take Daniel to safety as the entire building began to collapse and burn down. All three villains escaped, and although Osborn believed himself to be victorious, Kingsley had safely stowed away several millions of dollars in various overseas accounts. He then quietly retired to the Caribbean for some time before boredom led him back into super-villainy. In recent years, he has created a business for himself whereby he outfits would-be supervillains in abandoned identities for a fee. His brother Daniel was murdered by Phil Urich at one point and Urich used the Hobgoblin identity himself briefly before moving on to the identities of Goblin Knight and Goblin King. Kingsley battled Urich and defeated him, claiming revenge for his brother’s murder, and Urich was later slain by Osborn during his Red Goblin phase.