All Kinds of Updates!

into_darknessThings are really busy lately so I figured I’d update you on a few of the projects I’ve got in the works.

First, the cover to my upcoming novella for A Song of Blades and Heroes game world is presented here today. It’s by Andrea Sfiligoi and I think it’s a gorgeous piece of work! Assuming the Kickstarter gets funded – and it looks like it will – you should see this sometime in early 2016. The world is high fantasy and features intelligent fungi, powerful warriors and lots of the supernatural.

In other words, it’s just my cup of tea!

Also, I’ve gotten a couple of great images that play into Lazarus Gray Volume 6 – one by Ted Hammond and the other from Chris Batista. I’m currently writing the second story that will make up Volume 6 and hope to be finished with the writing of the entire book before the end of the year.

I’m on page 28 of the edits for Götterdämmerung, the crossover novel that features Lazarus, The Peregrine and Gravedigger (plus many more!). Pro Se Press hopes to get this one out before the calendar flips over to 2016.

Once I’m finished writing the current Lazarus story, I have to jump over to do a Warden story and then I’ll be back to finish off Volume 6.

Beyond that… what would folks like to see? Something entirely new? Gravedigger Volume 3? A new Peregrine story?

Let me know, folks!

Stuff and Things

lg09_eun_jiwon_smallThings continue to be quite busy in Barry Land — I’m hard at work on the second story in what will eventually be Lazarus Gray Volume 6 and I’ve agreed to write a high fantasy novella that will tie in to the Hammer and Forge supplement to Ganesha Games’ Song of Blades setting. I’m also going to be doing a story for Steven Hudkins featuring his great New Pulp hero, The Warden.

Plus, I turned in the second Dark Gentleman short to Pro Se a few weeks ago!

So, yes, even when I’m not updating the blog, please be assured that new projects are in the pipeline.

So what will Lazarus Gray Volume 6 bring? How about: a quest dealing with resurrection and loss; a new member of Assistance Unlimited; the return of a former member of the team; new villains; old villains; and special guest-stars aplenty! It picks up right where the big crossover novel leaves off but hopefully you’ll be able to follow along even if you jump straight from Volume 5 to this one.

Stay tuned, true believers! Good stuff is on the way!