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Movin’ On

Finished the Lazarus Gray/Thunder Jim Wade story yesterday. It feels good to be done with it but I don’t have any time to relax — I need to get back to work on Gravedigger now!

As some of you  have already noticed from the two Lazarus books that are already out, there’s an ongoing narrative here — things that happen in one story might have greater impact later on. In Volume Four (which is the one I’m working on now), you’ll see the return of a villain from Volume One in a very different way… and you’ll see the threads left dangling from Volume Three picked up on… and it all leads to more stories down the line. I like to have my characters grow and change — the Assistance Unlimited folks haven’t had anything major happen to them yet, really… not along the lines of The Rook getting married or having kids… but big things are coming and when they get here, you’ll have seen the groundwork being laid in earlier stories. I’m currently in 1937 with Volume Four, so I’m taking my time in moving forward… but eventually we’ll see the outbreak of war and what that means for our heroes.

But that’s way down the line!

Next: more Gravedigger… I’m about 15,000 words into that story. I can announce that Will Meugniot, classic artist of DNAgents and much more, will be doing the interiors for the Gravedigger book! He’ll be working off the design done by the incomparable George Sellas. George is hard at work doing the interiors for The Rook Volume Three, which will be re-released by Pro Se in 2013. George will also continue being the artist for the Lazarus Gray series (he’s already turned in the cover and all interior art for Volume Three). I’m lucky to be working with these talented artists!

Our art today is by Will Meugniot and will be printed in The Rook Volume Five, which will be coming eventually from Pro Se Press.

Updates on Reese Unlimited Projects

It’s Saturday and I’m still busily working away on my various projects. The Rook Volume One will be released soon from Pro Se, with an all-new cover, interior art and a fresh edit. George Sellas will be doing the covers for the re-released Volumes 1-5 and will do interiors for 1-4, with Will Meugniot (comics and animation legend) doing the interiors for Volume Five. With those rolling out on a regular basis and with Tales of The Rook coming your way — *plus* the new Rook trilogy written by Tommy Hancock — you’re in a heck of a great time if you’re a fan of Max Davies and his friends.

I’m also very excited for everybody to see Lazarus Gray Volumes 3 & 4 – Volume 3 is completed and has been sent to Pro Se, while Volume Four is about half finished.

And *then* there’s Gravedigger. Our newest hero will make her debut in 2013 — I’m about 1/4 of the way finished with her debut. As with most of my books, George Sellas is attached to that one as artist.

Lazarus Gray: Origins… Mark Propst is working on this. He’s backed up with work for DC Comics’ Action Comics series right now but he’s promised me that he’ll be producing pages soon.

With Lazarus, Gravedigger and The Rook we’ll have a pretty strong triumvirate of characters based in the 1930s and 1940s.

Which means it might be time to introduce a character who will most definitely NOT fit into that time period.

Stay tuned.

Wacky Wednesdays

Progress continues on both of my current projects, with Lazarus Gray volume four topping 28,000 words and Gravedigger at just under 9,000. I’m still waiting for SyFy to come and ask me if they can do a live-action movie based upon one of my books. I imagine I’ll be waiting for awhile! 🙂

Reading an old Shadow novel right now — The Man from Shanghai. I continue to be amazed by how consistently good Walter Gibson was. It really puts me in my place as a pulp writer.

Things are feeling pretty slow in the New Pulp world to me at present but maybe that’s just because I don’t have anything on the horizon for immediate publication. I haven’t read the new Dillon book yet but I should. There are several other Pro Se and Airship 27 books that I should dive into, as well…

Our art today is a production sketch from Lazarus Gray Volume Three — if you’re wondering what the hell is about to happen in the scene, that’s good. It’s meant to whet your appetite, after all. It’s by George Sellas, who rocks the New Pulp world again and again.

Are there any topics you guys would like to see me tackle on the blog? Any questions you want answered or anything you want my opinion on? I try to update the blog every day but coming up with that much material is draining at times! Help me out!

The Rook Flies Again… In October!

The new edition of The Rook Volume One is expected to take flight in October 2012. Fans of the series have been waiting for the first five volumes to come back into print and Pro Se will start the process off next month. The other volumes will follow with a new version released every few months after. These new editions will have new covers and new interior art by George Sellas. Each book will be completely re-edited, as well.

Stay tuned!

Gravedigger Unmasked (Partially!)

Coming your way in 2013, Gravedigger will be the third “major” player in my pulp universe, joining The Rook and Lazarus Gray in headlining a series. Gravedigger was born and raised in one of Sovereign City’s roughest areas and her birth is directly tied to the past of an Assistance Unlimited member. Charity (last name withheld!) grew up doing whatever it took to survive. Hers was a spirit burdened by the sins of her actions.

Scarcely into her early twenties, she had already been hardened by life… and then she broke into the wrong house.

Suddenly faced with a power beyond death, Charity is offered a choice: accept oblivion and an eternity in Hell, or become the first woman to bear the mantle of a Gravedigger, an ancient cult of warriors who serve  a mysterious entity known only as The Voice.

Charity’s task, she is told, is to shovel dirt upon the graves of the guilty. She has three years to purify her soul, three years before she is faced with final Judgement.

Can a woman whose new life is steeped in blood and murder find redemption?

And how will the other heroes of Sovereign react to the rising body count that she leaves behind?

Featuring a design by George Sellas, Gravedigger will make her debut early next year!

Thursday Teasings

So last night George Sellas emailed me with an idea for Gravedigger that coincided with some of my own musings on the subject. As a result, Gravedigger is undergoing some changes that will better help the character fit into my pulp universe. Gravedigger will be a contemporary of Lazarus Gray and The Rook so rather than create another major male hero, we’re tweaking things and making Gravedigger a woman — and, yes, I’m well aware that the name is something generally associated with men. You’ll find out in the very first story, though, why and how she gets that monicker. Since I’m viewing Gravedigger as the final piece of my major triumvirate of heroes, it makes sense to go this route. I’ve written strong female characters before (in Rabbit Heart, The Damned Thing and Guan-Yin and the Horrors of Skull Island) so I think I’m quite capable of making her stand toe-to-toe with my previous creations. Look for more details soon… and look for the years 1937-1940 to be very important ones for both Lazarus and Gravedigger. That’s all I’m sayin’ for now.

I’m splitting time right now between writing the first Gravedigger story and Lazarus Gray volume 4. Bliss.

George has one more piece of art to turn in for Volume Three and then that one is a wrap. I don’t think it will see print until early 2013 due to how tightly packed the Pro Se schedule is — and they still have to get volumes 1 & 2 of the revamped Rook Chronicles out before the end of the year!

Dragon*Con is just around the corner. Remember that I’ll be there this year, sitting in on both of the pulp panels they’re offering. I’ll remind all of you of the exact schedule as we get closer.