Ephemera (Icons Writeup)

Ephemeraaka Kiersten PattersonCreated by Barry Reese Prowess 2Coordination 3Strength 3Intellect 3Awareness 4Willpower 4 Stamina 7 Powers*Dimensional Travel 8 (Limit: Only allows for travel to and from Deadworld)*Darkness Control 5 (Extras: Binding, Force Field) SpecialtiesStealth QualitiesSocial Worker for the DeadMoney TroublesAlly of the Straw-Man Background: Kiersten Patterson was a normal young woman, struggling to make endsContinue reading “Ephemera (Icons Writeup)”

Recommended Link

If you’re a dedicated follower of this blog, chances are that you’re also a fan of classic and/or new pulp. If so, you owe it to yourself to check out ThePulp.Net. This site not only has news and reviews, it also has some great blogs (including my personal favorite, the Pulp Super-Fan). I’m not makingContinue reading “Recommended Link”

Writing, Writing, Writing!

I’ve been zooming along over the past few months – wrote two Straw-Man books at the end of the year I’m over halfway through a complete rewrite of Lazarus Gray Volume 14. I’ve been in a nice groove and enjoying myself, which isn’t always the case. Not entirely sure what I’ll work on once IContinue reading “Writing, Writing, Writing!”