Ephemera (Icons Writeup)

aka Kiersten Patterson
Created by Barry Reese

Prowess 2
Coordination 3
Strength 3
Intellect 3
Awareness 4
Willpower 4

Stamina 7

*Dimensional Travel 8 (Limit: Only allows for travel to and from Deadworld)
*Darkness Control 5 (Extras: Binding, Force Field)
*Detect – Undead 8


Social Worker for the Dead
Money Troubles
Ally of the Straw-Man


Kiersten Patterson was a normal young woman, struggling to make ends meet, when she got an unusual new neighbor. This neighbor was eventually revealed to be the rejuvenated spirit of a witch — and when Kiersten got too close to the truth, she was targeted as the witch’s next victim. Thanks to the combined efforts of her uncle (the town sheriff) and the Straw-Man, the witch was defeated. Exposure to the supernatural elements triggered something within Kiersten, however, and she later learned that she had a series of unusual abilities — she was now able to journey back and forth to Deadworld, where spirits go before moving on to their chosen afterlife, and she was also able to manipulate darkness. As Ephemera, she now tries to help souls that have become trapped on the mortal plane, either through their ignorance or by their attempts to avoid their proper fate. She doesn’t see herself as a hero — in fact, she’d rather avoid anything even remotely resembling fisticuffs — but she does derive some pleasure from helping spirits find their eternal reward.

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Our image today is by artist Gilbert Monsanto and depicts a character named Ephemera. She’ll be appearing in a volume of the Straw-Man series that’s launching soon. Enjoy this sneak peek!

Writing, Writing, Writing!

I’ve been zooming along over the past few months – wrote two Straw-Man books at the end of the year I’m over halfway through a complete rewrite of Lazarus Gray Volume 14. I’ve been in a nice groove and enjoying myself, which isn’t always the case. Not entirely sure what I’ll work on once I finish off the current project — I’ve considered doing Straw-Man volume 3… mainly because I have a new character named Ephemera that has some great design work by Gilbert Monsanto. She’s a modern-day character and visually she looks like she could fit into the Straw-Man canon as perhaps an ally or a supporting character. But she looks so cool that I kind of think I should do some short stories featuring her as the main character… We’ll have to see.

Television-wise, I’ve been watching Inventing Anna on Netflix… totally different from the kinds of stories that I write but so good! Highly recommended.