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Pulpy Recommendations

Been reading some stuff lately that I thought I’d recommend to fans of pulp-style adventure:

1) Warlord of Mars – The first collection of Dynamite’s comics series is a blast to read. It starts kind of slow but it really picks up the pace and becomes the best comic book adaptation of the Edgar Rice Burroughs classic that I’ve seen. I haven’t made it past the first trade yet but it’s a lot of fun.

2) Indiana Jones Adventures Volume 1 and Volume 2 – These were marketed as all-ages books and they are that — but please don’t dismiss them as “kiddie books.” They’re great fun for grown-ups, too, and are the best Indy adventures in comics form that I’ve ever read (and I’ve read them all). Thrill-a-minute adventures with chases, romance and humor. They’re really fun.

3) Green Lama Unbound by Adam Garcia – I recently reviewed this for the All Pulp website. It’s a great novel that’s made all the more impressive by the fact that it’s the author’s first.

4) The Phantom # 1602 – Published by Frew, you might have to go to some trouble to get t his in the United States but it’s worth the effort. Collecting the longest Phantom storyline ever, this book features the best work of DePaul and Ryan’s tenure on The Phantom… and that’s really saying something. I loved this story – great art, super characterization, a classic hero.