Random Thoughts

laz3coverHello, folks!

Got confirmation yesterday that I’ll be presenting at this year’s Crossroads Writers Conference in Macon, Georgia. I’ll be there the first weekend in October, presenting at least talk and also serving on at least one panel. You can head over to their website to register for the conference, which is always great fun. There are writers from many different disciplines who do presentations, including non-fiction, comics and a lot more. Definitely worth your time, whether you’re a novice or an experienced pro.

I read over a Kindle Worlds yesterday and not to sound arrogant but I think I can do better than that. So at some point I do plan to contribute something to the Valiant side of Kindle Worlds. Right now, I’m going to stay focused on driving forward with Gravedigger and then I have to do the mystery project that I teased last week. THEN, maybe I can belt out a Kindle Worlds short before returning to Lazarus Gray. Oh, and then I need to start work on that Thunder Jim Wade novella for Pro Se’s Pulp Obscura line.

Okay, now I’m tired from thinking about all the stuff I have to do! Ugh.

I’ve been really enjoying Defiance on Scy-Fy, though I wish they’d stop killing characters in every episode. They actually teased the season finale by saying that someone’s journey would come to an end. Isn’t that every episode? Death loses its impact if you’re continually killing off the supporting cast.

Don’t forget that I have a couple of recent releases that are for sale (and badly in need of more reviews!!!) – if you’re interested, please check out The Adventures of Lazarus Gray Volume Three: Eidolon and The Adventures of Gravedigger Volume One. I appreciate getting your feedback but I also love it when you leave reviews on Amazon as they spur more sales from others.

Take Care, Everyone!

Random Thoughts

emma-watson-elle-2011-8_thumbWelcome back to Ye Olde Blog!

Nothing too dramatic to report on this morning so I’m just going to throw out a few things that are running through this brain of mine. Strap yourselves in — my head can be a scary place sometimes.

I did a little experiment this weekend – you see, last Monday I posted a picture of a pretty girl in a catsuit and the hits went through the roof. So on Sunday, I ran another image of the same actress in another catsuit… and, once again, my hits were nearly double what they usually are for an average Sunday! I’m not sure yet if it’s the popularity of Jenna-Louise Coleman or of pretty girls in catsuits but it seems I’ve stumbled upon the key to driving up hits to the blog! I don’t plan to do Catsuit Mondays or anything but I certainly find it amusing – as well as the fact that I’m now getting multiple hits each day from people looking for “catsuits”. Forget New Pulp – I apparently need to be writing spicy stories featuring cute brunettes in tight outfits.

Wait! I do that already — it’s called Gravedigger! Of course, her outfit isn’t really designed for massive sex appeal. An obvious flaw in her creation….

Anyway, this week’s episode of The Shadow Fan Podcast should be a Dynamite show! See what I did there? We’re going to be talking about the solicitations for Dynamite’s July 2013 comics, Masks # 6 and The Shadow # 12. Fun times. Look for it either tomorrow or Thursday, depending on how my schedule goes.

I’ve been watching and enjoying Defiance on Sy-Fy. It’s a fun little show and I think it has a lot of potential for future storylines. If you’re looking for a new science fiction show to geek out about, I recommend it.

Read the first issue of Jupiter’s Legacy. Very enjoyable! The hype on it has been a little extreme but the story was good and the art was freakin’ gorgeous. Highly recommended.

Reading Wayne of Gotham, a Batman novel written by Tracy Hickman. So far, I haven’t decided if I like it or not. I’ll do a full review soon.

Well, I should get back to writing Gravedigger Volume Two — see you guys tomorrow, when I’ll have another installment of “Characters I Love.”

Monday Mumblings

mellisaclarke_sweaterAnother week begins here at Ye Olde Blog and I have to confess, there are days where I’m not sure what I want to write about. I try to have content on this site 365 days a year and I think I’ve been pretty darned good at that — I can’t remember the last time I missed a day. But sometimes I stare at the screen and think “Okay, what *now*??” — that usually leads me to do one of my scatter-shot “things that are on my brain” kind of posts.

Which is what we’re doing today 🙂

I’ve been really enjoying Orphan Black, a television series airing on BBC America. It’s sexy and entertaining, always a great combination. I’m really impressed by the show’s star, Tatiana Maslany, and her ability to play multiple characters so seamlessly. I’m also a huge fan of the Felix character, played by Jordan Gavaris. There’s only been a few episodes so far but I’m really hoping it gets picked up for a second season.

In other television news, I watched the first episode of Defiance and really liked that, too. There are definitely influences from other shows that could be seen (I spotted things that reminded me of Firefly, Babylon 5, Fifth Element, etc.) but I think the mix is still a unique one and there are so many directions that they could go with this. I’m definitely looking forward to more.

I’ll be reviewing The Shadow # 11 from Dynamite on this week’s episode of The Shadow Fan but I will say this: I’ll miss The Black Sparrow. Definitely the best original comic book villain for The Shadow *ever*. I hope she’ll return, written by Victor Geischler. I have tremendous fears for Chris Roberson’s run on the series, given how weak Masks has turned out to be.

Currently reading the first book in the Ethan Gage series by William Dietrich. The novel’s titled Napoleon’s Pyramids and it’s been fun so far. The time period is one that I haven’t seen in much adventure fiction and the main character is an enjoyable one.  I’ll let you guys know how it goes from here. I was lucky enough to find the first four books in terrific shape at a used book sale so I only paid $1.50 for the whole lot!

I’m off to write more Lazarus Gray.

Take care, folks.

The Monday Grumps

robert_downeyHad a pretty good weekend — watched Wreck-It Ralph again, which is a great kids’ flick, and tried to come up with an idea for the Weird West story I’m supposed to be writing. I’ve set my Rook tale on the back-burner for now. It’s not that the story is going poorly — it’s actually off to a fine start. I just don’t feel like writing about Max Davies at the moment. Or the near future. If I get the two new stories from the latest Tales of The Rook recruits (one being David White, the other still a potential surprise), that would give me five stories without one from me… and we might just go with that.  I’ve learned to never say never when it comes to giving up a series & I recently wrote The Rook as a guest-star in Gravedigger… and quite enjoyed doing that. But I really don’t feel the connection to those characters the way I do Lazarus Gray & Gravedigger at the moment.

Perhaps the particular muse that inspires me to do The Rook will return soon.

I also read a stack of comics & finished reading Foxhound, an old Shadow novel written by Theodore Tinsley. I’ll be reviewing it and Masks # 4 on The Shadow Fan Podcast this week.

I might have to turn in my Geek card. I’m done with The Walking Dead, Doctor Who & Game of Thrones. I plan to replace them with Defiance & Under the Dome, when those series start, so I’m gonna keep trying genre television… but I’m not coming back to Who until Matt Smith’s character hits the big regeneration moment. TWD is just a stupid, amoral show. And GoT… Given how each book in the series is not as good as the one before, I just think it’s time to bail before they get to all the stuff I really disliked from the novels. When’s True Blood coming back? I’m looking forward to its return. And The Newsroom (though that’s not really a geeky kind of show, I still love it).

Almost forgot — there was a HUGE article about me in the local newspaper, talking about my recent Best Novel win in the Pulp Ark Awards. Very flattering and I was really thrilled with the amount of coverage it gave. In lieu of huge checks, attention is always nice. 😉

Today’s picture is of Robert Downey,  Jr. Why? Because it’s Robert Downey, Jr., that’s why!