Book Signing Today!

banner01_smallIf you’d like to meet me, I’ll be at Avalon Comics in Macon, Georgia today! I’ll be appearing there from 11:30 am to around 1:00 pm. The store is located at 2384 Ingleside Avenue and is a great place to come and hang out. It’s also just down the road from Red Lobster, which is always a good thing, right?

I’ll be bringing along copies of all three Lazarus Gray books, plus The Adventures of Gravedigger and several other items. And if you already own one of my books, I’d be glad to personalize it for you for free.

The last time I was there, I had one of the best days ever in terms of moving product — so I’m hoping for a similar turnout this time around. Of course, last time was for Free Comic Book Day but you never know. This particular promotion is their “5th Annual We Couldn’t Afford to go to Dragon*Con Sale” and everything in the store (aside from snacks) will be 50% off. Normally I’m actually at Dragon*Con but I elected not to submit an application this year. While I love Dragon*Con, it’s getting so expensive and so huge that I decided to skip it this time around.

If you miss me at Avalon, you can still catch me at the Crossroads Writers Conference on October 5, 2013 and at COMO on October 10, 2013, plus at the Georgia Literary Festival November 9, 2013.

Hope to see you soon!

End of the Week Madness

It’s Friday! Thank god.

Last night was the COMO Author’s Reception. Went pretty well and it was nice to be there. I ended up selling several copies of the Lazarus Gray series – it would be nice to make some new fans for the Assistance Unlimited team!

This weekend I hope to put some more work into Lazarus Gray Volume 4 — now that I can sense the ending is in sight, I’m picking up speed in hopes of getting there soon. I have lots to do and this particular story needs to be put to rest.

Finished off The Great Pulp Heroes by Don Hutchison. Since he wrote so persuasively about The Spider, I’m going to give that character another shot — I’ve read 5-6 stories featuring The Spider before but maybe I need to look at him in a new light. Worst that could happen? I confirm that I don’t like The Spider. LOL

Any Spider fans want to give me a recommendation for a “classic” story that I should try?

Book Signing Tonight!

I’ll be at the COMO Authors Reception in Macon, Georgia tonight. I’ll have copies of Lazarus Gray Volumes 1 & 2, Rabbit Heart and All-Star Pulp Comics # 1 with me so hopefully a few books will go home with others.

Loving The Great Pulp Heroes by Don Hutchison. I’ve never cared for The Spider but this book has made me want to give the character another look.

I can see the end of the current Lazarus Gray story in the distance… Looking forward to reaching the finish line!