Electroso (Icons Writeup)

aka Unknown

Prowess 3
Coordination 3
Strength 3
Intellect 2
Awareness 3
Willpower 3

Stamina 6

*Electricity Control 5 (Extras: Blast)


Electric Evil
Brain Emperor’s Henchman
An ordinary man given superpowers


Electroso was one of several henchmen the Brain Emperor gathered together to fight the Mighty Crusaders. He challenged the Comet to battle (apparently forgetting that the Comet is famous for KILLING VILLAINS), gloating that his Electric-Touch could destroy anything. There wasn’t much of a battle, as the Comet transformed a tree to metal, forming an electric rod which caused Electroso to disintegrate when he used his electric powers.

This is another of those disposable bad guys that the Crusaders fought a lot in the Sixties. He has a decent visual, though, so maybe he could be updated to the modern day.

Bombor (Icons Writeup)

Bombor the Living BombBOMBOR

Prowess 3
Coordination 4
Strength 5
Intellect 2
Awareness 2
Willpower 2

Stamina 7

*Blast 5 (Bombor’s headpiece fires “knob projectiles”)
*Explosive Blast 8 (Limit: Bombor takes damage from this attack)
*Life Support 10


“You see, in me, a living bomb! I was designed to explode both myself and my target upon contact! You will be that target!”
A big dumb machine
Loyal to the Brain Emperor

Much of the following comes from mightycrusaders.net:

Bombor was one of several henchmen the Brain Emperor gathered together to fight the Mighty Crusaders. He challenged the Black Hood to battle, gloating that he was a living bomb and could explode both himself and his target upon contact. When Bomber leaped towards his opponent, Black Hood’s mechanical horse, Nightmare, sacrificed himself and jumped in the path of his owner and exploded when Bombor hit.

This character appeared on two pages of a comic book published in 1966. On the first page, he just stood there. On the second, he introduced himself and then blew himself up. Considering that his major power results in his own demise whenever he uses it, Bombor is just as much of a threat to himself as he is to others. Still, something about this character strikes me as fun. He’s a robot so he could be rebuilt whenever The Brain Emperor (or whatever villain you’re using) wants him to reappear. Let the guy blow himself up every few adventures as a running gag? Maybe he develops an irrational glitch where he assumes an existentialist fear of blowing up? Or maybe a master villain mass produces Bombors so your heroes have to fight a horde of suicidal robots?

Brain Emperor (Icons Writeup)

Brain Emperor

Prowess 2
Coordination 3
Strength 2
Intellect 5
Awareness 8
Willpower 8

Stamina 10

* Telepathy 8
Extras: Mind Control, Mental Blast
* Extra-Sensory Perception 5
* Teleportation 5
* Dimensional Travel 3

Mental Resistance (Expert, + 2 bonus)

Mind over Matter
I’m through playing games with you, Crusaders!
Go forth, my minions!


Originally from the planet K-Shazor, Brain Emperor’s brain was modified to be hyper-efficient. These modifications, along with the Brain Emperor’s own mutations, gave him vast mental powers which he used to become ruler of his world. After being overthrown by his own people, he fled his planet and set his sights on Earth.

On Earth, he has become the world’s most feared super-villain. He has repeatedly clashed with The Mighty Crusaders and is responsible for many of their greatest tragedies. Long thought dead, the Brain Emperor’s return led to the formation of the New Crusaders and when several of their members fell in battle against him, he cemented his position as the most dangerous foe any hero has ever faced. His current whereabouts are unknown but it is only a matter of time before he returns.

The Brain Emperor is not a particularly nuanced villain – he wanted to take over the world for his own amusement and is willing to kill, maim, or mind-control anyone to accomplish this. He often uses small armies of super-villains to wear down his enemies before arriving on the scene himself. These minions often serve out of fear but if need be, he’ll mind control them into working for him.