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Lots O’ Stuff!

Strange-Trails-coverMy weird western tale has been published by Mechanoid Press in their newest release, Strange Trails. Here’s how the publisher describes the book:

Strange tales from the Weird West

A mechanical Pinkerton man…a comely ghost…a lady knight errant in search of adventure…a mummy on the loose aboard a speeding train…these are just a few of the colorful characters you’ll meet in Strange Trails. Come with us now on a ride through a West that never was, where dangerous gunslingers encounter steam-powered robots, and Native Americans do battle with Lovecraftian entities. All brought to you by the hottest names in New Pulp.

So saddle up with Josh Reynolds (Mr. Brass), Tommy Hancock and Morgan Minor, Barry Reese (The Rook), Joel Jenkins (Dire Planet), Edward M. Erdelac (Merkabah Rider) and editor James Palmer (Monster Earth) as they take you on a wild ride through the Weird West as only they can guide you.

So what are you waiting for, partner? Put on your spurs, grab your six-shooter, prime your ray gun and get ready to ride off into the sunset with these six incredible tales of the Weird Wild West!

I had a lot of fun writing it and there’s actually a teeny-tiny connection to my ongoing pulp adventure universe… but none of you will be able to spot it until Lazarus Gray Volume 5 comes out (which probably won’t be until 2015!). Anyway, check it out — those other authors listed above are all high-quality entertainers.

The 42nd episode of The Shadow Fan’s Podcast was uploaded earlier today. This week I talk about a recent Will Murray interview where he mentioned the possibility of a Doc Savage/Shadow novel. I also review two books – Destination: Moon (1967) and the fourth issue of Dynamite’s Year One series. Good stuff!

An Amazon reviewer by the name of Randy Grim posted a brief review of The Avenger: Roaring Heart of the Crucible. Here’s what he had to say:

For those of us who have been long time fans of the Avenger this book as well as the first two short story collections has been thoroughly enjoyable. I am confident that anyone who enjoys the pulp heroes will find this a satisfying return to that thrilling era of yesteryear and for those who are curious about the character a fast paced and accurate introduction.

Thanks, Randy! I love The Avenger and I’m glad that you enjoyed the book. It was definitely an honor to work on the character for a second time.

On another topic, I have begun writing my Box Thirteen story. It’s off to a good start but it’s definitely in it the infancy stages.

I’ll be back tomorrow with more pulp goodness!

Things That Fall Out of My Head

b_gangster-squad-emma-stoneAnother Monday? Yep, that means we’re starting yet another new week at Ye Olde Blog. I’ve kept up my streak of a-post-a-day for a long, long time now… when I know that I can’t be at my computer, I schedule a post ahead of time to keep the streak going. I want you guys to have something to read/look at/be annoyed by every single day. ‘Cause I love you so much!

I’ve got the beginnings of an idea for my Box Thirteen story and I should be starting on that this week. It’s only a 10,000 word piece so it shouldn’t take too long but since it’s a new character for me, it will take longer than it would if it were a Lazarus Gray or Gravedigger piece. I always have a few starts-and-stops with licensed work-for-hire stuff because it’s not a matter of *me* being happy with something… I’m using someone else’s character and so I have to take extra care to abide by their rules and restrictions, plus I have to find the character’s “voice” and make sure it’s accurate.

Currently reading one of the “Belmont Shadows,” the series that Belmont published in the Sixties. The first book in the series was written by Walter Gibson but after that, the books moved The Shadow and his friends firmly into a new decade and ramped up the spy stuff that was so popular at the time. In the one I’m reading right now, The Shadow is trying to make sure that the United States reaches the moon first in the Space Race. I’ll give it a full review on this week’s episode of The Shadow Fan’s Podcast. We’ll also be discussing The Shadow Year One # 4 from Dynamite Comics.

The 24-hour free offer on the first Lazarus Gray book was a big success last week and I’ve heard from a few people who have started reading it since. Hopefully we’ll get some new reviews of the book and a couple of those folks will stick around to try the other books in the series. Fingers crossed!

I think that our next release from Reese Unlimited will be the new edition of Rabbit Heart… that’s what I’ve been told anyway but things might always change. That’s a book that’s always kind of stood apart from the rest of my work — I have fans who love it who are cold to everything else I’ve written and then there are those who buy all my pulp work but grow very silent when Rabbit Heart comes up. It really comes down to how you feel about hardcore sex and violence, I suppose. Anyway, I look forward to having that and The Damned Thing back in print — The Damned Thing is a little gem that rarely gets mentioned, I think. Heck, All Pulp once called it “a masterpiece” so there’s got to be something there.

Our image today is of the lovely Emma Stone, as she appeared in Gangster Squad. Not quite pulp, perhaps, but definitely rocking the right look.

I’ll be back tomorrow with more weirdness. Take Care!



lg09_eun_jiwon_smallYesterday was a big day — I finished work on Gravedigger’s second novel and sent it off to my collaborators. Finishing a novel is always awesome — equal parts thrilling, exhausting and sad.

Pro Se also decided to make the first Lazarus Gray book available in various eBook formats for *free* for 24 hours (there’s still a little bit of time left, details are on the previous blog entry). There have been many downloads of it since. On the one hand, I have a natural aversion to giving away something that I spent many months on for nothing at all… on the other, perhaps some of these folks will read it and enjoy it enough to buy the second and third volumes. We’ll see — I’m curious to see if it eventually leads to a bump in sales for the later books in the series.

Now I’m taking a couple of days off from actual writing — I’ll be doing a little bit of research, though, so it’s not like I’m taking a total vacation. Next up for me is a 10,000 word story for Radio Archives. It’s going to be based around the classic radio series Box 13, which debuted in late 1947 and starred Alan Ladd. This won’t actually see print, though — my story will be converted into an audio version and included on an anthology collection of such. I’ve never had one of my stories done in that manner so it’s kind of interesting. The premise of the Box 13 series is quite nifty, too, so click that link earlier in this paragraph and check it out.

Once I’ve finished off the Box 13 story, I’ll be doing another 10,000 word piece for Pro Se as part of its Pulse Fiction project and then I have to begin work on a 30,000 Sherlock Holmes novella. It’s very daunting to be writing Holmes as the original Doyle stories are such classics. But I do love the character and I’ve been instructed to handle it in my usual style, as opposed to trying to mimic Doyle’s style. I like that better as a pastiche would only draw inevitable comparisons to the originals and I’d definitely lose in that regard!

Currently reading an old Shadow novel, one of the more “interesting” ones from his 1960s revival. I’ll definitely be talking about it on the next episode of The Shadow Fan’s Podcast. We’re closing in on episode 50 of the podcast series and I’ve been kicking around some ideas of how to make the 50th a special installment. Details to come.

Our art today is by the amazing George Sellas and depicts Eun Jiwon, a member of Lazarus Gray’s Assistance Unlimited.