Monday Stuff: New Interview, Django Unchained and More

djangoLots of things to talk about as we start a new week — and the first order of business is to direct you to Hidden Face Crime Fiction where you can read an interview with yours truly, conducted by the talented Michael Famiglietti. Michael and I had a great phone conversation about a wide range of topics, including The Rook, New Pulp, The Shadow and a lot more. Check it out and while you’re there, look around at the rest of his site. It’s good stuff.

Went to see Django Unchained this weekend and I LOVED it. I like Tarentino’s films but this one is right up there with Kill Bill as my favorite. Christopher Waltz does a stunning turn as Dr. King Schultz, a German bounty hunter with allies himself with Django, played by Jamie Foxx. All the performances were fantastic — Foxx was particularly impressive, as was Leonardo DiCaprio, Don Johnson and Samuel L. Jackson. It’s violent, yes, but it’s also funny, sad and touching. I can’t recommend it highly enough.

Still working away on Lazarus Gray Volume Four — I probably won’t be able to finish it this week but by the end of February, it should be off to my publisher. Fingers crossed, people!

If you came here today looking for the New Pulp Bestsellers List, it will return next week  at its new home, which will be over at All Pulp.