Angel (Icons Writeup)

aka Warren Kenneth Worthington III

Prowess 4
Coordination 6
Strength 5
Intellect 4
Awareness 4
Willpower 4

Stamina 9

*Flight 6
*Damage Resistance 7 (Limit: falling damage only)
*Supersenses 1 (Eyesight)
*Healing 8 (To use this power, he must bring his freshly-shed blood into contact with the target’s injuries. The potency of Angel’s blood is such that he can raise the newly dead.)
*Regeneration 4

Warren is sometimes able to tap into the Archangel powers and persona originally created for him by Apocalypse. When in Archangel mode, he has techno-organic metal wings and blue skin. His wings have Blast (neural disruption) 6.

Aerial Combat (Master +3 bonus), Leadership

*Wealthy! Like, really wealthy.
*Loves the ladies.
*Joins a lot of teams.


 Borrowed from Classic Marvel Forever:

Heir to the Worthington fortune, Warren Jr. learned to hide his mutation early. However, a fire at his private school dormitory led him to use his flying power to rescue his fellow students. To conceal his identity, Worthington wore a long, blond wig and a long nightshirt so he looked like an angel. The rescue was successful, and Worthington became a costumed adventurer in New York City under the name of the Avenging Angel, which brought him to the attention of Charles Xavier. Xavier made Warren one of the first five X-Men, though the true nature of Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters was kept secret from Warren’s wealthy parents. During this time, Warren tried to woo Jean Grey, but she chose to date Cyclops instead. Following the deaths of both his parents and the recruitment of the “new X-Men”, Warren left the team and went to the West Coast with his girlfriend Candy Southern. There he used his fortune as head of Worthington Industries to finance a super-team called the Champions. He was also a sometime member of the “non-team” known as the Defenders.

Warren later helped the X-Men infiltrate the Hellfire Club, in which he held membership, just before the emergence of Dark Phoenix, and fought with his teammates in the futile effort to save her from the Shi’ar. He stayed with the X-Men for a while after Dark Phoenix’s death, but was constantly irked by Wolverine, whom he regarded as an unstable psychotic. Finally Warren left in disagreement over Wolverine’s remaining with the team, and returned to his business dealings.

When the real Jean Grey was found in Jamacia Bay, Warren called his old teammates together and founded X-Factor, a team of purported mutant hunters who in reality captured mutants in order to train them to use their powers without harming people. They also operated as the “X-Terminators,” supposedly outlaw mutants who did the jobs X-Factor couldn’t.

During the Mutant Massacre, Angel was ambushed by the Marauders, and his wings were impaled by Harpoon. Although his wings might have been salvageable, Warren was betrayed by his friend Cameron Hodge, who had them amputated. Angel was so distraught that he attempted to commit suicide by crashing his jet. At the last moment, however, Angel was approached by Apocalypse, who offered him his wings back in exchange for service. Angel agreed, and was transformed into Death, Apocalypse’s fourth and strongest Horseman.

After a pitched battle with his old X-Factor teammates, Warren broke free of Apocalypse’s control, and returned to X-Factor as Archangel. During this phase he had razor-sharp techno-organic wings which could be folded into various configurations, and whose feathers could be thrown. The feathers were coated with a paralyzing nerve toxin. Angel has always had extremely keen eyesight, comparable to that of a hawk, as well as a unique physiology with hollow bones and an enhanced musculature that allows him to fly. Much later, during his escape from the X-Mansion, Sabretooth viciously slashed the metal wings, and Warren was out of commission for a while.

Some time later, Warren went into some wracking convulsions, and suddenly, his original feathered wings returned, as if they broke out of the metal wings. What impact this will have on his life as a hero is unknown, as is his status vis a vis Apocalypse, who may have engineered this from the beginning. Warren has retained the blue skin from the Archangel transformation. Angel basically left the X-Men after his wings returned, in order to convalesce. However, her returned to save the Mannites from Death III at Phoenix’s request.

After that mission ended, he returned home, but when he was attacked in his own home by a doppelganger who turned out to be a Skrull, he and his girlfriend Psylocke rejoined to X-Men to hunt down Death III, whom it turns out was really Wolverine. During the fight with Logan, Angel became more and more ruthless, until he was overcome by a transformation that left him with glowing wings and hair as well as psionic abilities. He used these abilities to track down War I, who had once again become a parapalegic. Meanwhile, he fought off Logan, who had broken his brainwashing but was still very angry. Warren explained that he had become the embodiment of hope, and then used all of his psionic power to heal War I. The extra power that Apocalypse had allowed him to have then dissipated. Warren then spent a few months splitting his time between running the business empire he inherited and part-timing with the X-Men teams.

After breaking up with Psylocke and her subsequent leaving the X-Men with the team hunting for the Destiny Prophecies, Warren again joined the X-Men full-time. With Professor X’s revelation to the world of his mutancy and the re-starting of the Institute, Archangel has also taken a more public role in his CEO persona, speaking to the G8 summit about mutants in the world economy as well. However, Warren still goes on missions with the team, and has taken a greater leadership role. On a recent mission, Warren was captured by a mutated Black Tom, who drained the mutants of their life energy. Somehow, this effected a genetic change, and Warren’s skin turned white again, erasing the last vestiges of his servitude to Apocalypse… More interestingly, Archangel’s blood now contains a transferrable healing factor, which he used to save Husk’s life when she was wounded by Maximus Lobo and a community of mutant werewolves. Maximus Lobo fought the X-Men and nearly killed Worthington and the junior X-Men member Husk. The two barely escaped and only survived from the brink of death with the help of Worthington’s healing powers. Maximus Lobo revealed that he was involved in the murder of Worthington’s father, in part so that he could create a dominate subspecies of mutant werewolves operating out of Lobo Tech. Maximus Lobo ultimately defeated himself by allowing Lobo Tech to explode rather than concede defeat to the X-Men.