Yes, I’m Rambling Again. What of it?

mellisa-clarke900x675Another day at Ye Olde Blog and I have to confess, I’m feeling a bit sleepy this morning. Definitely one of those days where I wish I could have stayed in bed, snuggled under the covers. Ah, well. Gotta go make the doughnuts — or the literary equivalent, anyway.

Splitting my time between re-reading The Duende History of The Shadow Magazine (for this week’s The Shadow Fan Podcast) and the new Doc Savage: Skull Island book. Both are quite enjoyable.

Yesterday, I finished Lazarus Gray Volume Four… sent the files to my artistic collaborator George Sellas, too. George is going to do a couple of pages from the aborted Origins project, too. If you’ll recall, Anthony Castrillo was going to do a six page set of vignettes, detailing the origins of each member of the Assistance Unlimited team. That fell apart in spectacular fashion, though Anthony did turn in some mighty fine thumbnails. Anyway, the project as it once was has been set aside but George is going to be taking the Lazarus Gray portion of the set and doing those — the plan is for them to appear in The Adventures of Lazarus Gray Volume 3 and each volume thereafter, though I might beg & plead for Tommy Hancock to also include them in one issue of Pro Se Presents, just so you can see them at a larger size than you would in the novels.

I will, of course, share them here as well – especially since the Pro Se eBooks don’t include all those lovely interior illustrations. You guys are really missing out on those, though I do share most of them on the blog at one point or another.

I have to confess that I’ve had some stirrings about offering to take over All Pulp, now that Tommy Hancock has announced his retirement. If I did… and it’s still a mighty big if!… I would move the site over to WordPress, which I prefer over blogspot quite a bit. I’d also make a few changes here and there to streamline things and make it something that I’d enjoy updating daily. That would be the thing that might keep me from taking it on — I do daily updates here. If I know I’m going to be out of town or busy, I schedule a post and let it automatically update. I’d want daily updates for All Pulp, too, at least on a Monday-Friday schedule, if not 7 days a week. Do I want to spend *more* time blogging? That’s the question. What say you, faithful readers? Should I do this… or should I stand aside and hope someone else rides in on the white horse?

I haven’t done any Marvel Heroic writeups in awhile… nobody’s requested any, for that matter. I still adore the game system but the lack of print product is killing it for me. They’ve released several things as PDFs but only two of them have made it into the print format, which is my preferred method of rpg delivery. Yes, I could have an iPad at the gaming table with me but I like carrying around the books — and, yes, I know I’m old.

So… what’s next for me in the writing world? Well, I need to finish off my own entry for Tales of The Rook Volume Two. We ended up with fewer stories than we expected at the beginning but that’s okay — the ones we do have are great ones. I do think this is the final volume of this series, though. There are reasons why I’m not a publisher — I can’t stand hunting down people to make deadlines. Anyway, my story brings back and obscure villain from The Rook series and features some ideas given me by George Sellas.

After that, I need to do a Weird Western for Mechanoid Press.

And then…

Then, it’s either Gravedigger Volume Two or something completely different (cue the Monty Python music!)

New Pulp Farewells


So this morning, I get up and check my email — where I immediately see a letter from Tommy Hancock, announcing his resignation from All Pulp. Now, I’ll be honest — I’m amazed that Tommy put this off as long as he did. He’s an incredibly busy guy and All Pulp is one of the many things that he’s done that benefits the New Pulp community a lot more than it benefits him and his own company. It’s a lot of thankless work. Still — seeing him announce that he’s leaving makes me immediately think that All Pulp in general is probably going away. Oh, sure, someone will step up most likely… but my experience tells me that someone who inherits something rarely has the same level of commitment as the person who founded it. I hope I’m wrong. If I had more time, I might step up myself… but I know better!

Thanks for all the work you’ve done on the site, Tommy!

Then I head over to Facebook and see a posting from Ronna Hanna that Wild Cat Books is shutting its doors in a few days. WCB has been publishing pulp stuff since 1997 and was instrumental in kicking off the whole New Pulp craze. More personally, Ron Hanna accepted my story submissions and gave The Rook a home for five volumes, plus all the other stuff I did there (Rabbit Heart, The Damned Thing, Ki-Gor, etc.). WCB had been growing more and more quiet in recent years and I’d pulled most of my own titles so they could be repackaged elsewhere… but I’m still damned sad to see WCB gone for good. They say they’ll continue publishing limited edition works and I hope so – but given heir recent output, I wonder if that’s more wishful thinking than anything else. I hope Ron (and, by extension, WCB) the very best, though — without them, my own writing career would be quite different… and the New Pulp movement might never have gotten off its feet. From WCB eventually came Airship 27, which inspired still more companies and publishers. Ron Hanna has contributed a lot to the pulp field and I hope he’s recognized for his contributions.

On a more positive note, I finished going over the Gravedigger edits I got from Pro Se and sent those back in. We’re steadily moving closer to its release date. I’m currently putting the final touches on the Lazarus Gray Volume Four manuscript, as well. It’s been a fun ride but I’m very close to typing THE END on this storyline, which has spanned books 2-4. I’m happy and sad at the same time, as I always am when I finish a major project.

Head over to All Pulp or the Wild Cat Books facebook group and commend Tommy & Ron for all their hard work, why don’t you? I plan to!


Monday Chatter

mellisa_clarke_waterDidn’t write anything this weekend but that’s okay — it’s good to take some time to recharge the batteries every now and then. I did watch the Super Bowl and enjoyed the outcome, since I was pulling for the Ravens.

I also got a lot of reading done — and if you’re not reading X-O Manowar and the other books from Valiant, you’re really missing out. A tightly cohesive universe that’s well-written with amazing art. Highly recommended. I also read Mars Attacks the Transformers and it was hilarious!

Still waiting on the Pulp Ark Nominations to be released but it should be any day now. I thought it was going to be Friday but I think they wanted to avoid releasing their nominations on the same day as the Pulp Factory. Hopefully you guys took part in the nomination process since only those who made nominations get to vote on the final ballot!

There was some great reaction to my first New Pulp Recommendation column — I’ll try to do those every Friday and I already have one in mind for this week. Hopefully it will translate into a few new sales for those books that I spotlight.

Two stories are in for Tales of The Rook Volume Two and two more expected to be delivered within the next couple of weeks. So if you’ve been missing Max Davies and his friends, you can expect a return flight from The Rook later this year.

All Pulp has taken over responsibility for the New Pulp Bestsellers List and it’s supposed to debut today — as I write this, it’s not up yet but you can head over to their website and count down the minutes and hours until it is. I’ll be looking for it, too! Curious to see what improvements they come up with.

New Pulp Bestseller List Announcement

Bestseller Stamp Shows Top Rated Or LeaderPRESS RELEASE

All Pulp endeavors to bring Fans of Pulp of All Types News, Reviews, and more about the medium/genres/style/method of storytelling we all love. We are proud to announce that not only will we be doing just that, especially for fans of New Pulp, with the addition of a new weekly feature, but this feature is one that has its own special impact on the New Pulp field and was developed and started by one of New Pulp’s best creators!

Barry Reese, veteran Pulp Author known for The Rook, Lazarus Gray, and many other characters and stories, began a compilation of best selling New Pulp titles based on Amazon rankings in October, 2011. Every Monday, Barry posted the top ten best sellers from various New Pulp companies on his blog and various pages, sites, and blogs picked it up. Very quickly, The New Pulp Best Seller List became a weekly standard and provided many titles with more publicity, a boost in sales, and a hallowed place in the New Pulp world.

Due to other commitments and demands on his time, Barry has decided that he will no longer be compiling and posting the New Pulp Best Seller List. Recognizing, however, the impact his endeavors have had and the importance placed on the list, Barry asked All Pulp if it would be a project that we would take on and continue, giving All Pulp the ability to make adjustments and changes if we saw fit.

All Pulp is proud to announce that beginning the Monday, February 4, 2013, The New Pulp Best Seller List, created and initiated by Barry Reese, will become a regular Monday feature on our site. All Pulp will use the same figures that Barry has used, those being the Amazon sales ratings as they appear each Monday morning. Although there will be some changes to Barry’s original rules, in essence, All Pulp will endeavor to continue the work Barry has done for over a year and to spotlight the current sales trends, taken with Barry’s grain of salt of course, of New Pulp titles.

“I loved doing the list,” Barry stated, “and I appreciate that it seemed to add something to the New Pulp community for many people. In the end, the weekly time commitment just became too much. I’m glad to see that the list is going to live on in another form and I’ll be checking it out each time, just like everyone else!”

Stay tuned to All Pulp for other announcements concerning the New Pulp Best Seller List, including possible expansions and ways Publishers and creators can make sure their books get noticed!