A New Review for The Damned Thing

The Damned Thing was reviewed on Amazon by “Baloo” and he gave the book 4 out of 5 stars:

“Having read a few of the Rook books, I wanted to try something else by Barry Reese. I wasn’t disappointed. More adult than the Rook series, it was still a very good read. There’s a linkage to the Rook books, but you don’t need to have read the Rook to enjoy this book. A character from the Rook series is an important character here, but his past appearances make no impact on this story. Good supernatural fun. I wish you could give .5 stars because I’d score this a 4.5 instead of a 4.”

Writing Update: The Killing Games

I’m over halfway through with “The Killing Games,” which will be part of Pro Se Productions’ Cinematic Pulp series. Set in 1937, this story is early in The Rook’s marriage to Evelyn and is proving a real blast to write. There are two main villains in the story: Baron Werner Prescott and his hulking bodyguard Klaus. I take The Rook out of his usual Atlanta stomping grounds for this one and the setting goes a long way towards making this one a fun story. I don’t have any art from the story to show you yet (plans are for Pete Cooper of YESTERYEAR fame to handle the artwork duties) but here’s an old Anthony Castrillo piece that should tide you over. This one features The Rook with one of his allies, Revenant.

Weekly Sales Update

I’m not sure if any of you out there care about such things, but I certainly do! So every Monday we’ll check to see what’s selling on Amazon. Currently, the five bestselling Barry Reese titles on Amazon.com are:

1. The Rook Volume One

2. Savage Tales of Ki-Gor, Lord of the Jungle

3. Tales of the Norse Gods

4. How The West Was Weird: 9 Tales From the Weird, Wild West

5. The Green Hornet Casefiles

Interesting! Ki-Gor always sells well but it has no reviews and I’ve never met anyone who commented on it. The first volume in the Rook series reclaims the # 1 spot, which isn’t all that unusual. The newest book in the series (Volume Six), was the bestselling book last week but this time around, it tumbles all the way to # 6.


Favorite Pulp Heroes

When it comes to classic pulp, I love The Avenger, Conan, The Shadow, Doc Savage, Tarzan, John Carter, Ki-Gor, The Moon Man and Seekay. There’s really no point to this post other than saying that. πŸ™‚

The Killing Games

I’m currently working on a short story set in 1937, shortly after Max Davies (aka The Rook) married Evelyn Gould. Featuring an island that shouldn’t exist, Nazi weather-controlling machines and a healthy dose of romance, I think fans will enjoy this. It’ll be part of Pro Se Productions’ Cinematic Pulp series – and as for what Cinematic Pulp means, stay tuned πŸ™‚