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Thursday Musings

Rest in peace, Steve Jobs. I’m typing this on my Macbook Pro, listening to a podcast on iTunes and preparing to read some comics on my iPad.

Still working on a new Lazarus Gray story and trying to pimp the first book (that’s now for sale on Amazon! Go and buy it!)

Just finished reading Four Bullets for Dillon by Derrick Ferguson. Good stuff and highly recommended.

Looking forward to the pending release of All-Star Pulp Comics # 1, which Airship 27 will be publishing next month. The Rook makes his comics debut in that one and it’s got some gorgeous artwork. I’ll make sure all of you know when it’s released.

The Joys of Writing

So in the current Lazarus Gray story I’m writing, it’s been a series of connected scenes so far with no real plot… I had only a vague idea of what I wanted to do here and I started with two scenes that I wanted to write, then spent a few thousand words with people reacting to the events of those scenes. But this morning while writing, it all came together. I now know what’s happening… and it’s very exciting! I love it when the characters can surprise me. This may end up being a seminal story in the Lazarus Gray saga.

I’m very much a by-the-seat-of-the-pants writer. I hate outlining a story and only do that to a minimal degree if the story is very complicated. I almost always have the beginning in mind, a few story beats and then a vague idea of the ending before I start but beyond that, it’s a journey of discover for me. I love it when it works.

The image here is by George Sellas and features Femi, a character first introduced in “The Corpse Screams At Midnight” from The Adventures of Lazarus Gray. She will pop up again in Volume Two: Die Glocke.

Table Talk Time

Bobby Nash, Mike Bullock and I take on the complicated issue of public domain vs. copyright ownership in this week’s edition of Table Talk. Check it out and then tell me how wrong I am 😉

As always, it is was a blast chatting with the guys — and if you have a topic in mind that you’d like to see us tackle in future installments, be sure to let me know. We’re up for just about anything!

Words To Remember

This quote perfectly sums up my goals as a New Pulp writer:

I have wrought my simple plan if I give one hour of joy to the boy who’s half a man or the man who’s half a boy. – Arthur Conan Doyle


Another Day, Another Blood-Soaked Adventure

Still working on another Lazarus Gray story — it’s going well and really getting into some exciting territory. This one should run in the eventual third collection. No reviews in yet for The Adventures of Lazarus Gray but the book is selling well so hopefully someone will review it soon.

Tonight I will be co-hosting the new episode of the Pulped! podcast. We’ll be talking with New Pulp legend Derrick Ferguson about his new book, Four Bullets for Dillon.

Had to turn down a couple of offered projects in the past few days. I don’t have the enthusiasm at present for new tasks — I’m focusing on my own stuff for right now and maybe when things lighten up, I can afford to look into new characters and projects for other folks.

Looking forward to The Rook’s comic book debut, but that’s probably a month or so from now. Bear with me — it’s gonna be cool!

The artwork for this post is by Anthony Castrillo and depicts The Rook alongside the lovely but dangerous Revenant.

All Kinds of Things (aka It Must Be A Monday)

So I spent Saturday at the Crossroads Writers Conference. Had fun at two different panels and sold a few copies of Rabbit Heart and The Damned Thing plus one of The Adventures of Lazarus Gray. Crossroads was also selling The Rook Volume Six but I don’t know what kind of sales they were experiencing. Still, it was an awesome experience and major props to Chris Horne and all the Crossroads gang for putting on a great show. I got to meet Gail Simone (really briefly) and chatted for a few minutes with my buddy Nathan Edmondson.

Read Creeping Dawn by Chuck Miller over the weekend. Starts off very strong, with a definite H.P. Lovecraft influence. It then moves on to more hero pulp stuff but it’s always infused with elements of horror. I found it an intriguing read. Give it a try if you’re looking for something a bit different in your pulp reading.

Also had to scrape off a troll on Facebook — a would-be writer with an axe to grind. It can’t all be sweetness and light, I suppose.

Since it’s Monday, it’s time to check on what’s moving and shaking in the sales department. These are the top five Barry Reese titles on

1) The Green Hornet Casefiles (Moonstone Books)

2) The Avenger: The Justice Inc. Files (Moonstone Books)

3) The Adventures of Lazarus Gray (Pro Se Press)

4) Savage Tales of Ki-Gor, Lord of the Jungle (Wild Cat Books)

5) Mystery Men (& Women) Volume One (Airship 27)

Wow. Five titles, four publishers. A nice variety there. The Ki-Gor book is always an interesting one to me — over the years it’s been a steady seller but nobody’s ever reviewed the sucker. It makes me assume that the people buying it aren’t “Barry Reese fans” (if there are such creatures) but rather Ki-Gor fans, which explains why I never hear back from them. Anyway, it’s nice to see an old title pop up into the Top 5.