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A New Rabbit Heart Review!

An user with the handle of Agent posted a review of my novel, Rabbit Heart.

Thanks, Agent! This is what they had to say:

Absolutely Amazingly Awesome 🙂 On my list of favorite stories 🙂

When I first picked up this book I thought “Oh my… Woah…. Holy Crap! NO WAY!” Haha this story continuously surprised me! It is not for the faint of heart nor children at all! But I can tell you that I absolutely loved it! It is a must read!


Writing Is A Harsh Mistress

Splitting time between a Lazarus Gray story, my Claws of the Rook novel and doing research on Thunder Jim Wade. I need to clone myself….

The lovely but dangerous lady that accompanies this post is depicted by the legendary Will Meugniot. She’s the featured villainess in the Claws of the Rook novel… And she’s eeeeeevil. Wait until you see some of the stuff she does!


Ye Olde Updates

I hope to get a little bit of writing done today. The Claws of the Rook project (working title “1945”) will be twelve chapters, each covering a month in 1945 (duh!). With a cover and interior pieces by Will Meugniot. I’m working on that right now but I’ll soon turn my attention to the third story in Lazarus Gray v3 and my Thunder Jim Wade story for Pulp Obscura. And I need to finish off my Rook story for the Tales of the Rook anthology.

I’m too busy – but that’s a good thing, right?

Anyway, tonight is the season finale of Dexter, one of my favorite television shows. Can’t wait! I also saw Sherlock Holmes: Game of Shadows yesterday and it was wonderful. Just as good as the first effort from this crew. Jude Law is perhaps my favorite Watson of all time, though Jeremy Brett remains the ultimate Holmes.

I’ll have some big news coming on the ebook front… be patient, guys! I think you’ll like what I have to say.

The next book release from me will be Die Glocke, the sequel to The Adventures of Lazarus Gray. It should be out in March 2012 so mark it on your calendars now.



Check out this awesome Will Meugniot image of Catalyst! I created this guy back in 1985 and the costume design is by my lovely wife Cari. Originally, he sported a more uninspired look but Cari fixed him up quite nicely! And now he’s a member of The Claws of the Rook!

Going to see the new Sherlock film today. Hopefully it will be as good as the first.

I have a mystery project with Anthony Castrillo that I can’t wait to share… Very exciting!


My Favorite Pulp Sites

There are a lot more pulp sites out there than there used to be and no longer are they all obsessed with simply doing reviews of books from the 1930s. There’s a huge variety of pulp sites out there now and I check the following on a daily basis, to see what’s moving and shaking. Enjoy!

The Pulp Book Store has most of the major pulp publishers and is a great one-stop shopping area for pulp fans.

Pulp Fiction Reviews is Ron Fortier’s review column. He doesn’t seem to update as often as he used to but Ron’s turned me on to many good books over the years. He does both mainstream releases and small press titles.

New Pulp focuses on, as its name would suggest, New Pulp. Columns and reviews are posted almost daily. I contribute to the Table Talk discussion column that runs here.

All Pulp was really the first major site to focus on New Pulp and I was there at the beginning, as one of the “Spectacled Seven.” I used to be much more active there but now I just contribute the occasional book review. I’d argue that the New Pulp site might have actually replaced it as the # 1 New Pulp-related website out there.

The Coming Attractions site was, for the longest time, the only place where you could see all the new pulp releases listed in one place. With the other sites that are up now, it’s not quite as essential but it’s still a blast to visit weekly and see just how much pulp stuff is being released!

Those are the big ones but there are also a number of great author-centered blogs out there: Derrick Ferguson, Percival Constantine, and Sean Taylor are just three of the sites that I frequent. Many others — from Mike Bullock to Bobby Nash to Ron Fortier to Josh Reynolds have blog, as well. And then there are all the greats writers and artists on Facebook…!

It really is a good time to be a pulp fan!

The art accompanying this post is by Ver Curtiss and shows The Rook and The Domino Lady in “Bloodwerks” (The Rook Volume Two)

Sneak Peeks @ Claws of the Rook

A couple of weeks ago, I posted a few details about the origins of The Claws of the Rook team and revealed that Will Meugniot was going to be involved in their upcoming return. For those who are curious about the group, I figured I’d let you know where you could find out the full details:

  • Revenant (Sally Pence) first appeared in “Death From the Jungle” in The Rook Volume Four. The story is set in 1943.
  • Catalyst (Nathaniel Caine) first appeared in “Catalyst” in The Rook Volume Three. The story is set in 1942.
  • Esper (Rachel Winters, later Rachel Caine) first appeared in “Catalyst” in The Rook Volume Three. As stated before, the story is set in ’42.
  • Vincent (aka Frankenstein’s Monster) first appeared in “Satan’s Trial” in The Rook Volume Four. This story occurs in late 1943, after “Death From the Jungle.”

The group comes together as The Claws of the Rook in 1944, operating out of a two-story house on Peachtree Street nicknamed The Aerie. The group’s meeting room was in the finished basement and there was an extensive library and armory on the second floor. The team first appeared together in “The Diabolical Mr. Dee” before teaming up with several other pulp heroes in “A Plague of Wicked Men.” Both of those adventures were set in ’44. In 1946, they took part in the missions dubbed “The Devil’s Spear” and “The Ivory Machine.” During the latter story, their ranks swelled with the additions of The Black Terror and his partner Tim, Miss Masque, and The Flame. All of those stories were recorded in The Rook Volume Five.

Nothing is known about the majority of the members past ’46, though in one possible future (“The Four Rooks,” The Rook Volume Four) we see that Catalyst is still alive into the 21st Century, having outlived his wife. Given that everything shown in the series post 2006 is just a potential future, it’s not carved in stone that this is anyone’s ultimate fate, however.

The upcoming return of The Claws team will be set in 1945, revealing what happened during that ‘missing’ year. Given that it takes place well before “The Ivory Machine,” we’ll be dealing with the four founding members of the team.