The Fall

Last night I watched The Fall, directed by Tarsem Singh. Set in the 1920s, it alternates telling us about injured stuntman Roy Walker’s friendship with a little girl named Alexandria and an epic fantasy tale that Roy relates to Alexandria. The fantasy incorporates elements of the real world and illuminated Roy’s inner struggles. It’s beautifully shot and wonderfully told. It’s so good that it depressed me a little – I don’t think I’ll ever write anything this powerful…

So do yourself a favor and get ahold of this film – ASAP!


Saturday Updates

Mailed my Richard Knight story to the editor – there were a few great scenes in it but the aviator genre is certainly not my favorite.

Next up: working on The Tales of the Rook anthology and The Claws of the Rook project that Will Meugniot is involved with. I’m reading some Thunder Jim Wade stories on the Kindle Fire before I do a Pulp Obscura story on that character.

Please don’t forget to make your nominations for the 2012 Pulp Ark Awards! My novel The Damned Thing is eligible, as are The Adventures of Lazarus Gray, my Avenger story and my Green Hornet story!


R.I.P. David Burton

David Burton passed away today. He was a talented artist who did several New Pulp covers, including one that featured the three Sovereign City leads – he was actually the first artist to do a published Lazarus Gray image as a result. I didn’t know him well but he seemed like a great guy and he went far too young. The image below was nominated for several awards.


Hump Day Updates

Playing with Kindle Fire. It’s niiiiice. I’m not reading pulp on it yet, though. I’m reading Wayne Gretzky’s Ghost. Great book if you’re a hockey fan.

I’m a few thousand words away from wrapping up Richard Knight for Pulp Obscura. Yay!

Today I give you Will Meugniot‘s sketch of Catalyst – this magical hero was introduced in The Rook Volume Three and is a key member of The Claws of the Rook, who return in 2012! I created Catalyst way back in 1985… Makes me feel old. LOL


Another Day, Another Set of Explosions

Still trying to finish off my Richard Knight story for Pulp Obscura — should be soon! After that, I only have like twenty other assignments that I have to get to. A writer’s job is never done, my friends.

The reaction to yesterday’s post was incredible — a lot of folks seemed to really enjoy seeing Will Meugniot‘s take on Revenant. To further whet your appetites, here’s another preview image for you: a sketch of Frankenstein’s Monster, who has taken the name of Vincent in the modern day. A monster with the soul of a poet, Vincent is both the heart and the brawn of The Claws of the Rook team. Expect the newest adventure of The Claws team to come your way in 2012 from Pro Se.

And finally, for all those who are asking, Pro Se will be bringing out ebooks editions of not only Lazarus Gray but also of my old Rook volumes from Wild Cat Books! Yep, soon you’ll be able to enjoy all six of the Rook titles on your ebook reader of choice. Who says life isn’t grand?