Presenting Sally Pence… Aka The Revenant!

From the incredibly talented pencil of Will Meugniot, here’s a rough sketch of Revenant, the erstwhile leader of The Claws of the Rook! Though I love all the members of the team, Sally is probably my favorite member, if you absolutely forced me to choose.

The Claws team were introduced individually in Volumes Three & Four of The Rook Chronicles before appearing as a team in Volume Five. Expect to see this team of heroes return sometime in 2012 from Pro Se Productions.

Expect more previews to come!


Got some beautiful rough sketches from Will Meugniot last night for the upcoming Claws of the Rook project. They were gorgeous! It’s got me very excited about that particular story. I can’t wait to dive headfirst into — but first I have to finish off my Richard Knight story Pulp Obscura. That’s one of the toughest things I find as a writer — when my muse is screaming for one thing but my deadlines are saying something else, lol. So Mr. Knight comes first.

Over at, Michael Brown has posted a review of Airship 27’s Mystery Men (& Women) Volume One, which includes a story by yours truly. Here’s what he had to say about the book:

Here we have another new collection of stories from Airship 27. This one has 4 original pulp heroes & heroines. Most people may not know that pulp heroines were very rare. There are a couple of jungle girls and you have the Domino Lady, but that’s it.

First up is B.C. Bell’s “The Bagman”. The Bagman has already appeared in his own novel, and this is a followup short story. Bell is apparently working on another Bagman novel as well. The Bagman is a former petty mobster who turned against the mob when they asked him to do something he didn’t want to. Now he fights crimes rather then be a criminal, his disguise a simple bag over his head.

Aaron Smith’s “Red Veil” is next, a pulp heroine. She is intended to be in the model of violent pulp heroes like the Shadow and Spider, her motivation being the murder of her policeman husband. I thought this was an original character, and be interesting to see more. Its funny that the back cover calls her an Irish immigrant, but the story seems to indicate she came from England.

David Boop’s “Gridiron” is next, more of a proto-comic book hero then pure pulp, considering his original. A former football player who goes up against the mob. He gains a metal skeleton and skin (that’s him on the cover, by the way).

And finally Barry Reese’s “Dusk”. Barry is best known for his long running Rook character. The Dusk is a new pulp heroine, also set in Atlanta. Her origin is not given, and there are some occult overtones. While there’s no mention of her in the Rook ‘universe’, mention is made of Sovereign City, which IS in the universe. And this story is set in 1933, before the Rook comes to Atlanta. The Fourth Nail does appear in a later story, so maybe it wasn’t destroyed (or can’t be).

All of these characters are interesting. I hope we see more of them. A second volume of this series is out, with all new characters. Check it out.

Thanks for the review, Michael! Glad you enjoyed Dusk. I don’t consider her a real part of The Rook Universe, though I may change my opinion if a storyline develops. 🙂

What Lies Ahead

I hope to finish Richard Knight and the Stones From Heaven next week. Then I’ll have a brief period to work on my Rook story for the Tales of the Rook anthology before I start on my Thunder Jim Wade story for Pulp

And in 2012… Expect to see a new edition of Conquerors of Shadow, ebooks, Rook omnibuses and Die Glocke!

We’re going back to a classic image with the post today: comics legend Frank Brunner’s cover to The Rook Volume Two!


A Great Day!

Sold like gangbusters the two hours I was at Heroes and Villains this morning – oddly, I didn’t sell a single copy of any of The Rook volumes. There was a lot of interest in Rabbit Heart, The Damned Thing and The Adventures of Lazarus Gray, though! Sold out of all three!


Heroes and Villains

I’ll be at Heroes and Villains in Warner Robins, Georgia this morning, signing copies of All-Star Pulp Comics # 1! Come out and say hello!


Pulp Obscura Press Release – Barry Reese on Richard Knight & Thunder Jim Wade

Pro Se Productions, a leading Publisher in the New Pulp Movement, and Altus Press, the foremost Publisher of quality Pulp reprints and new works such as THE WILD ADVENTURES OF DOC SAVAGE, announced a partnership in November, and revealed today specifics to what has become known as the PULP OBSCURA Imprint.

The concept behind Pulp Obscura is that Altus Press and Pro Se Press will work in conjunction to produce related products.   When Altus Press publishes specially selected titles featuring rare and largely forgotten Pulp characters’ original stories, Pro Se will bring together the best writers of New Pulp today and simultaneously release a collection of newly written tales starring the same character. This stunning partnership will showcase both the classic adventures of some of pulp’s lost treasures while simultaneously allowing New Pulp’s finest to bring those characters back to life.

“This,” Tommy Hancock, Partner in and Editor-in-Chief of Pro Se Productions, “is no easy task.  First to provide New Pulp stories, brand new exciting adventures of rare classic Pulp Characters and to coordinate that with Altus Press.  But then finding the write creators, the authors who can breathe new life into these concepts and on top of that, deciding and planning which books will come out in the coming year.  It’s a heck of a task and one that has been rewarding on so many levels.”

Thirteen books in the Pulp Obscura line from Pro Se have been planned.   At least eight of these will be timed to release simultaneously with the reprinted adventures of the same characters as produced by Altus Press.  Five more will be published by Pro Se that will feature characters Altus Press has already published the available adventures of in the past.

“We are extremely proud,” Hancock stated, “to be able to announce a fantastic line up of writers for Pulp Obscura.  Some of the creators involved are well known figures in the Pulp Community, others are prestigious in other genres and literary fields, and there’s even a blossoming new author or two thrown in the mix.  It shows a project has great promise when you as a Publisher simply put a call out for authors who might be interested in participating and you get not only a flood of interest, but also writers who stay on through the selection process of what will be written and who will write it.   Pulp Obscura could not have a better line up of creators for both their skill and their commitment.”


“It’s going to be great to see this new material. Interest in the series has been huge and the enthusiasm by the writers will certainly result in plenty of enjoyable reads,” added Matt Moring, publisher of Altus Press. “I cannot recall such a publishing plan ever in the history of the pulp community.”

The writers involved in the Pulp Obscura Line in 2012 are-

Howard Hopkins                        Allan Gilbreath                        Barry Reese

Derrick Ferguson                        Joshua Reynolds                      Andrew Salmon

Nick Alhelm                               Jon Edward Klement               Bobby Nash

Ian Watson                                 Teel James Glenn                     Nancy Hansen

Lee Houston, Jr.                        Chuck Miller                             R. P. Steeves

Don Thomas                              Adam L. Garcia                        Van Allen Plexico

Frank Schildiner                        Mike Bullock                            Sean Taylor

Andrea Judy                              C. William Russette                  Phil Bledsoe

Ashley Mangin                          Russ Anderson                         Brad Mengel

Terry Alexander                        BC Bell                                     James Palmer

Andrew Hind                            Stefan Dogaru                           Kevin Noel Olson

Just as exciting and important as the lineup of writers involved in PULP OBSCURA is the list of characters and volumes that the Imprint will have in 2011.  There are 13 planned volumes from Pro Se for the first year of PULP OBSCURA and the books, along with the writers contributing to them for the first quarter of the year include-

THE NEW ADVENTURES OF RICHARD KNIGHT VOLUME ONE-Adventures of a daring pilot/detective who encounters lost worlds and oddities galore!

Writers- Josh Reynolds

Barry Reese

Adam Garcia

Ian Watson

Frank Schildiner

Terry Alexander


THE NEW ADVENTURES OF THE EAGLE VOLUME ONE-Classic Two Fisted Spy Stories! Pulpy Espionage and Intrigue!

Writers- Rich Steeves

Bobby Nash

Teel James Glenn

Lee Houston, Jr.

Ashley Mangin

Nick Alhelm


PRICE OF THE MISSIONARY’S GOLD: THE NEW ADVENTURES OF ARMLESS ONEIL VOLUME ONE- Classic Pulp Adventure in Exotic Lands seeking Treasure and Action! And with a Tough as Nails Hook Handed Hero!

Writers- Sean Taylor

Rich Steeves

Ian Watson

Chuck Miller

Andrew Hind

Nick Alhelm


THE NEW ADVENTURES OF THE GRIFFON VOLUME ONE-Thrill to the adventures of Kerry Keen, the masked hero known as The Griffon! High Flying Escapades in the Pursuit of Justice!

Writers-Don Thomas

Rich Steeves

Chuck Miller

Van Plexico

Phil Bledsoe

Stefan Dogaru


THE NEW ADVENTURES OF THUNDER JIM WADE VOLUME ONE-Globe Spanning Adventures into the Darkest, Strangest Corners of the World with A Hero Like No Other!

Writers- Barry Reese

Andrew Salmon

Ashley Mangin

Nick Alhelm

Andrew Hind

Frank Schildiner


THE CASES OF MAJOR LACY VOLUME ONE –Follow The Major and his intrepid team of men as they take on crimes and criminals No One Else Can Stop!

Writers-C. William Russette

Andrew Salmon

Bobby Nash

Andrew Hind

Don Thomas

Rich Steeves

“At least seven more titles will follow later in 2012 in the Pulp Obscura line,” Hancock stated.  “We are immensely excited not only to be a part of something so great, but also because of the fantastic response this concept has received. We hope everyone joins Altus and Pro Se for the wild roller coaster ride into Pulp Obscura!”

For more information on Altus Press, go to

To learn more about Pro Se Productions, check out

Press packets and further information can be provided upon request at

New Pulp Bestsellers List

I recently made up a list of New Pulp releases and then checked their sales ranks on Amazon, making a wildly inaccurate “bestseller” list. It was so popular, I did it again.

This is not meant to be taken as a full list, mind you — it’s simply ten recent New Pulp releases that I was aware of.

Now, how Amazon calculates those things is mostly a trade secret and they vary wildly from day to day.If I checked this tomorrow, the list could be very different.

But these are the sales ranks as of Friday morning December 2, 2011. These sales ranks do not include sales from any site other than Amazon — so they don’t include Barnes and Noble or face-to-face sales or sales through any other website. It’s only sales through Amazon.

As an example, I know that Fortune’s Pawn is the bestselling book in Pro Se’s history but a large percentage of those sales obviously did not go through Amazon (at least not recently). So you have to take these sales ranks with a wink and a nod. Likewise, some things didn’t show up at all on Amazon or else had zero sales rank. That doesn’t mean that those books are not selling (I know they are!) but just that they aren’t selling yet through Amazon, for whatever reason.

Without further ado, here’s the completely and totally unofficial New Pulp bestseller list as of right now (title then sales rank):

1) Sherlock Holmes: The Crossovers by Various — 88.248
2) Doc Savage: The Desert Demons by Will Murray – 212,114
3) Halloween Legion by Martin Powell —320,960
4) Challenger Storm by Don Gates — 467,460
5) The Green Hornet Casefiles by Various — 597,465
6) The Avenger: The Justice Inc. Files by Various —769,725
7) Hugh Monn, Private Detective by Lee Houston, Jr — 1,259,354
8 ) The Adventures of Lazarus Gray by Barry Reese – 1,377,618
9) Four Bullets for Dillon by Derrick Ferguson — 1,599,540
10) Creeping Dawn: The Rise of the Black Centipede by Chuck Miller — 1,894,753

It should be noted that the Sherlock Holmes book is PRE-ORDERS. The  order is unchanged from last week, with the exception of Halloween Legion creeping up a few spots and The Avenger tumbling a few.

Take it all with a grain of salt, folks. If there’s a recent New Pulp title I seem to be forgetting, let me know and I’ll try to include it next time for a more accurate Top 10 on Amazon.

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