Icons Roleplaying Info


The Icons Superpowered Roleplaying Game was created by Steve Kenson and has become my go-to superhero rpg. I’ve loved many games in the past – DC Heroes, the ‘FASERIP’ Marvel game, DC Universe, Champions, Marvel Heroic, etc. – but Icons manages to capture what I like about a good superhero game with a modern flair. It’s fast-paced, the stats are easy to absorb, and the emphasis is on heroic fun. I’ll be adding writeups here over time, sometimes of my own characters, sometimes of characters from other media that I wanted to stat up. Hopefully you’ll enjoy it.

For those new to the system, characters have several abilities that they are ranked in – Prowess, Coordination, Strength, Intellect, Awareness and Willpower. In addition to a number value, some players like to use an Adjective to help describe them. The adjectives we use in our game match up with those from the old TSR Marvel game. If you don’t like those, you can use the recommended ones that the Icons rulebooks suggests or you can simply ignore them and just focus on the numbers.

LEVEL                  ADJECTIVE                 DESCRIPTION
1                          Feeble                           Weak, minimum human
2                          Poor                               Below average human
3                          Typical                          Average Human
4                          Good                              Above Average Human
5                           Excellent                      Exception Human
6                           Remarkable                 Extraordinary Human
7                           Incredible                    Low Superhuman
8                           Amazing                       Superhuman
9                           Monstrous                    High Superhuman
10                         Unearthly                     Godlike, maximum superhuman

Icons Conversion Tables (helps you convert heroes from the FASERIP Marvel game and the DC Heroes Megs game): Icons Conversion Guide