Knighthawk (ICONS Writeup)

KnighthawkDr. Scott Pike Prowess 4Coordination 5Strength 5Intellect 6Awareness 5Willpower 5 Stamina 10 Powers*Armored Battlesuit – Damage Resistance 5 (increases to 6 if using the wings as a shield), Claws 6, Knockout Gas 4, Handguns (Explosive Bullets) 5, Flight 4, Supersenses (Night Vision, Enhanced Hearing) 3, Interface 4 SpecialtiesAerial Combat (+1 bonus), Science (Expert +2 bonus),Continue reading “Knighthawk (ICONS Writeup)”

Dekko (ICONS Writeup)

DekkoArthur Dekko Prowess 3Coordination 3Strength 3Intellect 4Awareness 4Willpower 5 Stamina 8 PowersThe only part of Arthur Dekko that remains is his brain. The rest of his body has been replaced with mechanical parts, giving him the following abilities:* Damage Resistance 5* Life Support 3 (Eating, Sleeping, Toxins)* Interface 8* Gadgets 4 SpecialtiesArt (Master, +3 bonus),Continue reading “Dekko (ICONS Writeup)”

Zot! (ICONS Writeup)

ZotZachary T. Paleozogt Prowess 4Coordination 5Strength 4Intellect 4Awareness 4Willpower 5 Stamina 9 PowersAll of Zot’s abilities come the equipment made for him by his Uncle Max. Here’s his standard arsenal:*Anti-Gravity Jet Boots – Flight 7*Gadget Wristbands – Gravity Decrease 6, Invisibility 6, Radio Communication 8*Raygun – Blast 7*Gadgets 5 SpecialtiesAerial Combat (Expert +2 bonus), AthleticsContinue reading “Zot! (ICONS Writeup)”

Death Rider (ICONS Writeup)

Death RiderDaniel “Danny” Ketch, aka the Spirit of Corruption Prowess 4Coordination 4Strength 6Intellect 3Awareness 5Willpower 5 Stamina 11 Powers*The Bright Blade 7 (Extra: Anybody stabbed by the sword will be consumed by every corrupt thing they’ve committed in their life from the inside out, being reduced into a pile of sludge if they fall toContinue reading “Death Rider (ICONS Writeup)”

Eternal Warrior (ICONS Writeup)

Eternal Warrioraka Gilad Anni-Padda/Gilad Abrams Prowess 6Coordination 6Strength 6Intellect 5Awareness 6Willpower 7 Stamina 13 Powers*Spiked Glove 4*Retractable Whip 4 (Extra: Binding)*Medium Caliber Semi-Auto 4*Combat Knife 4*Dense Flesh – Damage Resistance 3*Immortality 8 SpecialtiesAthletics (Expert +2 bonus), Drive (+1 bonus), Investigation (+1 bonus), Leadership (Expert +2 bonus), Linguistics (Expert +2 bonus), Martial Arts (Master +3 bonus),Continue reading “Eternal Warrior (ICONS Writeup)”

Calavera (ICONS Writeup)

CalaveraValerie Graycreated by Barry Reese Prowess 3Coordination 3Strength 3Intellect 4Awareness 4Willpower 6 Stamina 9 Powers*Blast 8 (Extra: Magical)*Immortality 1*Servant 5 (Valerie can raise the dead, which function as shambling warriors at her control)*Postcognition – Speak with the Dead 8 (Valerie can revive the recently deceased – they are compelled to answer her questions until theContinue reading “Calavera (ICONS Writeup)”

Geist (ICONS Writeup)

GeistMordecai Graycreated by Barry Reese Prowess 6Coordination 5Strength 5Intellect 4Awareness 5Willpower 5 Stamina 10 PowersAll powers are derived from his suit and equipment:*Damage Resistance 5*Binding 4*Strike 6 (Taser Gloves)*Gadgets 4 SpecialtiesAthletics, Drive, Investigation, Leadership, Martial Arts, Military, Pilot, Stealth, Weapons – Handguns (Expert +2) Qualities“I’m a better hero than I am a father.”Unusual familyA manContinue reading “Geist (ICONS Writeup)”

Singularity (ICONS Writeup)

SingularityDr. Gail Sanderscreated by Barry Reese Prowess 2Coordination 3Strength 3Intellect 6Awareness 8Willpower 5 Stamina 8 Powers*Cosmic Power 8 (Extras: Blast, Dazzle, Flight, Force Field, Life Support, Phasing, Transmutation) SpecialtiesScience – Physics (Expert +2) QualitiesScience is my religionDon’t call me a superheroI have three Master’s degrees and a PhD – but my mom thinks I’m aContinue reading “Singularity (ICONS Writeup)”

Catalyst (ICONS Writeup)

CatalystLogan Jenkinscreated by Barry Reese Prowess 3Coordination 3Strength 3Intellect 5Awareness 7Willpower 8 Stamina 11 Powers*Magic 8 (Extras-Mastery: Blast, Flight, Healing) SpecialtiesOccult (Expert +2) QualitiesSorceress SupremeI’d rather talk this out than have to fight youI don’t like to talk about my past Background: The title of Catalyst is given to the most powerful magician in theContinue reading “Catalyst (ICONS Writeup)”

American Crusader (ICONS Writeup)

American CrusaderJada GrantOriginal American Crusader is public domain; Jada Grant version created by Barry Reese Prowess 4Coordination 3Strength 8Intellect 3Awareness 3Willpower 4 Stamina 12 Powers*Flight 6*Damage Resistance 6 SpecialtiesAerial Combat, Art (fashion design) QualitiesLegacy HeroThere’s not much I can’t solve by hitting things.It’s time for someone to remind America of what makes it great… mightContinue reading “American Crusader (ICONS Writeup)”