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The Black Terror

The Anthony Castrillo Black Terror image (colors by Tom Smith) will be used for one of Pro Se’s magazines, an issue that will feature a major Lazarus Gray/Terror teamup and a Terror solo story – both of which set up the Terror’s previously published appearance in The Rook Volume Five (the first Terror/Lazarus story is set in 1936, the solo story is 1943, and the Rook appearance was 1946). All part of my ongoing world building in The Rook Universe.



Been working on the new Lazarus Gray story a bit more. It’s going well. The plan might be for this one to appear in a Pro Se magazine first, before being reprinted in Lazarus Gray V. 3.

Saw that Doc Hermes reviewed Desert Demons for All Pulp. He said ” $24 is a bit of a gouge for a trade paperback this size…” and I had to chuckle. Given the grief I took from the guys at Altus Press when I dared question their pricing, I’m curious as to whether or not they’ll say anything to Doc. I doubt it, since they probably expended their vitriol on me. For the record, I agree with Doc’s overall view: the book is very good and well worth supporting (though I wish it wasn’t at $24.95 for a paperback book — still, that’s better than the $34.95 (!) they’re charging for their collection of Will Murray’s essays, so maybe I should be happy with that). Looking forward to more Doc — great character and Will Murray has nailed capturing Dent’s voice on the series.

TV-wise, I’ve been watching Torchwood: Miracle Day. It’s been… good. But I’ve been disappointed overall. It feels like this should have been at most a 5-part serial. The pacing is glacial. I love Captain Jack but it might be time to put Torchwood to bed.

Loved Rise of the Planet of the Apes. Highly recommended. Reminded me how much I loved the series back in the 70s.

About to start reading Nancy Hansen’s novel Fortune’s Pawn. I don’t read much fantasy these days but I have high hopes for this one.



When I was a kid, I wanted to be a writer. I filled notebooks with scribbled fantasies and doodles of characters that I wanted to write about. Eventually, I put those dreams aside and focused on more practical goals. But over the past ten years, I’ve worked for Marvel Comics, wrote classic heroes like The Green Hornet and The Avenger, had my own creations depicted by folks like Norm Breyfogle, Anthony Castrillo and Frank Brunner… and become father to an awesome little boy. It’s been one hell of a creative run. I hope my son gets to see his dreams fulfilled like I have.

I hope that all of you do, too.

Coming up next month you’ll see my newest hero, LAZARUS GRAY, make his debut. Down the line you can look forward to The Rook: The Killing Games, another volume of Lazarus Gray and a number of other really cool projects coming down the pike. Not sure if the murderous guy to the left, Stickman, will pop up again… but you never know. Artwork by Anthony Castrillo.

The Writing Blahs

Periodically (at least once a month, it seems), I go into a “Blah” period with regards to my writing. Everything I’m currently writing is crap and most of what I’ve written in the past is the same, or so I tell myself. Maybe I should just retire from writing and find a hobby, I say.

Sometimes I even try to do that for a bit… but it never sticks. Writing is a compulsion for me and it’s not always a pleasant one. There are definitely times where I hate the act of writing and the process of creation — I wish I could take a hammer to my laptop and escape the pressures to produce. The pressures are almost always internally driven — sure, I have deadlines I need to meet, but for the most part, if I quit tomorrow, there wouldn’t be any empires toppling, if you know what I mean.

My compulsion isn’t to the point where it negatively impacts the rest of my life… I don’t think. But there are times I think it will drive me insane. I can feel the tingling in my fingertips that says I need to type. I need the repetitious pounding of my fingers on the keys, coupled by the clicking of the keyboard. I have to spew forth the words that are are racing through my veins or it’ll kill me. That’s what it feels like.

So I’ll close Microsoft Word and try to focus my attention elsewhere… but it’s inevitable. The urge will get too strong or something will spark a scene in my head….

And the typing will begin again.

Which is good… right?

TOC for The Avenger: The Justice Inc. Files

Yes, I know you’re all going to buy the new Avenger anthology from Moonstone because A) It’s got a story by me in it and B) It’s the freakin’ Avenger! But for those of you curious about the book’s overall contents, here’s the full list of stories and authors:

  1. “East Wind, Rain” by Paul Kupperberg
  2. “Invisible Empire” by Matthew Baugh
  3. “Vengeance, Inc.” by Howard Hopkins
  4. “Whiteout” by Robyn Wayne Bailey
  5. “Happy Death Men” by Win Scott Eckert
  6. “Vengeance is Mine” by Ron Fortier
  7. “The Devil’s Workmen” by Barry Reese
  8. “Dead Man’s Vengeance” by Eric Fein
  9. “The Breath of Destruction” by Frank Schildiner
  10. “Devil’s Dark Harvest” by Christopher Paul Carey
  11. “Snow Blind” by Mark Ellis
  12. “The Changeling” by Will Murray
  13. “The Medicine Murders” by B. Chris Bell
  14. “The Blood Moons” by David Michelinie

Back to Work

An interesting job offer came my way on Friday (which I’m not at liberty to discuss yet), so I spent the weekend “auditioning” for that one. But now it’s back to work on Lazarus Gray and my other mystery project, a horror novel.

By the way, with all the excitement over The Green Hornet and Avenger releases, don’t forget to grab a copy of The Rook Volume Six! It’s the best yet.