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I’ll be a guest on The Book Cave next week, talking about The Rook Volume Six. It’s always great fun to chat with Ric and Art — and this time I’ll be joined by Pro Se’s publisher, Tommy Hancock. I’ll update everybody when the podcast is ready for downloading.

Slowed by a cold right now but work is continuing on my various projects.

As a little aside, the guy at left is named Catalyst. He made his Rook universe debut in a self-titled story that ran in The Rook Volume Three and later joined the loose confederation known as The Claws of the Rook. He’s actually one of my oldest characters — I created him back in 1985 and though his origin has been tweaked over time, I couldn’t resist the opportunity to finally get him into print. Maybe you’ll see Mr. Nathaniel Caine in the future in a project of his own…..

Artwork by Anthony Castrillo

Coming Soon….

Volume one in the Lazarus Gray series is going to be here soon! It’s going to be released by Pro Se Productions and is part of the Sovereign City Project, in which Tommy Hancock, Derrick Ferguson and I have heroes who share the same base of operations. It’s been a blast so far and I’m currently working on stories that will eventually appear in the THIRD volume of the Lazarus Gray series. Get in on the ground floor of a series that I think will ultimately surpass The Rook in popularity. Cover artwork is by Anthony Castrillo with interior pieces by George Sellas. The lovely lady at the left is Samantha Grace, one of the members of Assistance Unlimited! Longtime fans of my work will recognize that she’s another member of the Grace family, who pop up all through this universe of mine.

Annnnnd…. the mystery artist is…

Bob Hall! That’s right, Rook fans, the incredible Bob Hall will be doing the cover for an upcoming Rook publication! Bob Hall is probably best known for his lengthy stint on Valiant’s Shadowman book from the Nineties but he’s also done work for many other publishers. I’m really looking forward to what Bob comes up with and think that all fans of The Rook will be just as thrilled. Bob will join the ranks of artists like Norm Breyfogle, Frank Brunner, Anthony Castrillo, Storn Cook, Ver Curtiss,  Cari Reese and Bill Carney — quite a list of talented folks who have depicted The Rook and his cast! Stay tuned for more.

Weekly Sales Check

What’s moving and shaking at this week? Let’s see!

The five bestselling Barry Reese titles at amazon are:

1) The Avenger: The Justice Inc. Files

2) The Rook Volume Five

3) The Green Hornet Casefiles

4) Marvel Comics Legacy: The 1960s-1990s Handbook

5) How the West Was Weird, Volume Two

No surprise to see The Avenger and The Green Hornet up there — I got my author copies this weekend and they are beautiful. The Rook Volume Five is my least-favorite of the series. So many problems with that one. I much prefer volumes 4 and 6. The Legacy book from Marvel was a really, really weird one to work on — but fun.


Had a fun weekend at Dragon*Con -met Bernie Wrightson, Bo Hampton and Nicole De Boer. Had another wonderful chat with the amazing Don Rosa, too.

Here’s my little boy in his Boba Fett costume that his mom made. People were taking pictures of him all weekend.


The Knife of Elohim… and Dragon*Con

So I was providing some reference to a superstar comics artist who will be doing a Rook cover and I thought I’d share them with you. One of The Rook’s weapons in his arsenal is The Knife of Elohim, which was bathed in the blood of Christ. This blade now glows in the presence of evil and does increased damage against occult-powered enemies. The Knife was introduced in “Lucifer’s Cage” (the first story in The Rook Volume One) and a lot more details about its  history were revealed in “The Bleeding Hells” (The Rook Volume Three). There are runes on the side of the blade, which you can see in these two details by Storn Cook and Norm Breyfogle:

In other news, I’ll be at Dragon*Con this weekend so if you’re in Atlanta, look for me and say hi. There probably won’t be much in the way of updates until the Con is over.