Writing, Writing, Writing!

I’ve been zooming along over the past few months – wrote two Straw-Man books at the end of the year I’m over halfway through a complete rewrite of Lazarus Gray Volume 14. I’ve been in a nice groove and enjoying myself, which isn’t always the case. Not entirely sure what I’ll work on once IContinue reading “Writing, Writing, Writing!”

Edits? Edits!

Pro Se, always a busy place, has been really percolating behind the scenes lately with a lot of books in various stages of production — and among those are Lazarus Gray Volumes 11-13, plus the first Lilith novel. In recent days, I’ve approved edits on Lazarus Gray 11 and on Lilith, plus I’ve heard fromContinue reading “Edits? Edits!”

Monster Aces Review

Amazon user Doctor Panic posted a 5-star review of Monster Aces, an anthology that I contributed to way back in 2012. Here’s what he had to say: Wow what a great book, really enjoyed it. The book consist of 5 stories all together, with two of them being by Jim Beard and serving as bookContinue reading “Monster Aces Review”

Be Careful What You Wish For…

So many of my favorite comic book characters are of the obscure variety — and one of the most obscure of all is Pariah, the tragic hero introduced by Marv Wolfman and George Perez in Crisis on Infinite Earths. I’ll freely admit that the first thing that drew me to the character was that costumeContinue reading “Be Careful What You Wish For…”

Omnipresent Sunlight: Doc Savage’s archenemy – Part 9

Originally posted on Doc Talos:
Time is strange. It doesn’t feel as if almost 20 years passed after Millennium Productions’ fine Doc Savage comics story The Monarch of Armageddon, before the character of John Sunlight would appear anywhere again. And yet it was 2010 that DC Comics (who had held the comic book rights to…

What is the New Pulp and why do we want one? — Damien Walter

Some weeks back I penned a column on the phenomenon of the New Pulp, and since then I’ve enjoyed watching the term continue to emerge as a zeitgeist from the group mind of genre fiction. David Barnett, author of the upcoming Gideon Smith novels, talks here about the Nu Pulp. Geek Syndicate provide a nice […]Continue reading “What is the New Pulp and why do we want one? — Damien Walter”

My Life in the Roleplaying Game Industry

I’ve always loved tabletop roleplaying games. I’ve played literally dozens and dozens of different systems but my all-time favorite is the D6 system invented by West End Games. They used it most famously in their Star Wars games from the late 80s through the 1990s. Elegant simplicity. So after I’d been writing at Marvel forContinue reading “My Life in the Roleplaying Game Industry”

Murdering My Babies

Over 15,000 words into the apocalyptic 14th volume of Lazarus Gray. So far, I’ve killed off one member of Assistance Unlimited, badly wounded three others, and I’m about to torture and then kill a recurring supporting character. Dark days for our heroes…! I’m having a blast writing this one. It’s been fun putting our heroesContinue reading “Murdering My Babies”