How Far Is Too Far?

I keep most of my New Pulp writing in the PG-13 range but I’ve been known to cross “the line” on occasion… some of you may remember when Sun Koh mutilated a rapist in an old Peregrine story, for instance. And my novel Rabbit Heart is basically a study in excess! Whenever I thought that I mightContinue reading “How Far Is Too Far?”

My Year in Review

We’re nearing the end of 2021 and while it was much better than the past few years, it was still a stressful one. On the plus side, my mental and physical health are greatly improved. On the negative side, I lost my mom this year and I continue to sometimes make poor life choices (forContinue reading “My Year in Review”

What’s Happening?

I continue to work on the second volume of Straw-Man stories — I’m currently on story # 5 out of 6. Once I’m done with this volume, I haven’t quite decided what I’ll work on next… perhaps Lazarus Gray Volume 15 or a modern-day Catalyst story. Whatever it ends up being, I’m sure I won’tContinue reading “What’s Happening?”

The Black Terror

The Black Terror is a character that dates all the way back to Exciting Comics # 9, published in January 1941 by Nedor Comics. His secret identity was pharmacist Bob Benton, who formulated a chemical he called “formic ethers”, which gave him various superpowers. He used these powers to fight crime with his sidekick, Tim Roland, togetherContinue reading “The Black Terror”

What A Month!

Two books released in December! It’s been an exciting time around Reese Unlimited and hopefully a few folks will end up with one or both of them under the Christmas tree. One of them is a new addition to my long-running Lazarus Gray series while the other is a one-off starring a sword and sorceryContinue reading “What A Month!”

Sword of Hel press release

A VIKING WARRIOR BECOMES THE RIGHT HAND OF DEATH!BARRY REESE’S ‘SWORD OF HEL’ DEBUTS IN PRINT AND DIGITAL Award Winning Author Barry Reese, known for such iconic New Pulp Heroes as Lazarus Gray, The Peregrine, and Gravedigger takes readers back to supernatural, ancient history of his Reese Unlimited universe with the adventures of Grimarr inContinue reading “Sword of Hel press release”

The Pulp Super-Fan Reviews Lazarus Volume Nine

Michael Brown posted this five star review of Volume Nine on Here’s what he had to say: “Just before the end of 2020, we got a new Lazarus Gray book, volume nine, from Barry Reese. I was expecting both volumes nine and 10 to come out in 2020, so it was a bit late.Continue reading “The Pulp Super-Fan Reviews Lazarus Volume Nine”