Prowess 4
Coordination 6
Strength 4
Intellect 2
Awareness 7
Willpower 7

Stamina 11

*Flight 7
*Empathy 10 (Limit: Uncontrollable)
*Animal Control 8 (Limit: Only allows Meggan to communicate with animals, she can ask for their help but not command them)
*Elemental Control 8 (Extra: Detect; allows Meggan to sense disturbances in nature)
* Transformation 9 (Limit: Meggan’s appearance sometimes shifts in tune to the emotional moods of others as a result of her Empathy. If she is surrounded by people who are angry or afraid, she may shift to an appearance that reflects that. If she is surrounded by people who adore her (like her husband and child), she grows ever more beautiful.)
*Faerie Magic 4 (Meggan has enormous magical potential but is untrained)

Aerial Combat (+1 bonus)

*Empathic metamorph with faery heritage
*Proud mom and wife
*Sweet and good-natured but struggles with deeper concepts


Born to a gypsy family in Britain, the infant mutant Meggan instinctively grew a coat of fur to protect herself from the cold, as her body’s first of many metamorphosis. The travelers believed her a monster, and subconsciously she manifested the traits they imagined she possessed, such as bat wings under her arms, and webbed fingers. She was kept hidden in her parent’s van until age seventeen when reality-altering mutant Mad Jim Jaspers turned Britain into a fascist state where superhumans were hunted. Meggan and her father were placed in a concentration camp. When finally freed, Meggan was unable to locate her family. She hid until an encounter during the full moon led to a battle with Captain Britain; during this fight a young bystander and friend of Meggan’s, Micky Scott, was killed by falling debris, and Meggan fled in anguish. After the funeral she and Captain Britain both came forward to apologize to the dead boy’s family. Captain Britain offered to let Meggan stay with him and help track down her family. Meggan’s hero worship grew into attraction, though Brian failed to notice. However the telepath Alison Double, another friend, realized Meggan’s true powers and provided the clues to unlocking them. During a battle with R.C.X.’s Cherubim, Meggan finally appreciated her metamorphic abilities, transforming into a tall, blonde, beautiful woman, all traits Brian found desirable; romance blossomed soon thereafter on a lengthy overseas trip. On one of their stops, in Russia, Meggan demonstrated the ability to harness elemental and magical forces during a confrontation with the ancient witch, Baba Yaga.

A few months after she and Brian helped found Excalibur, Meggan resumed the search for her parents, traveling to Europe with Phoenix (Rachel Summers) tracking a rumor of a “magic creature” hidden in a Gypsy’s van. The story proved to be about a being belonging to a mystical race called the Neuri, who showed Meggan her true appearance. Subsequently, Brian was lost in the timestream. Meggan was devastated, becoming catatonic while she reached out with her empathic powers into the timestream, acting as an anchor so that Brian could be rescued. This helped Meggan master her powers even more, gaining control over the elements. Meggan stayed with Excalibur until the team disbanded after she and Brian were wed. They were called back into action to save Otherworld from destruction by the sentient computer Mastermind. After defeating Mastermind, Brian was crowned King of Otherworld, with Meggan as his queen. The pair then returned to their own world (Earth-616) during a reality storm, and Meggan appeared to sacrifice herself to seal an interdimensional rift, thus preventing the reality disruption from spreading across the multiverse. She was later revealed to have survived. Reunited with Brian, the two became proud to parents of an extremely precocious daughter named Maggie.

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