Prowlers and Paragons Ultimate Edition Review

So I got my copy of Prowlers and Paragons Ultimate Edition. The folks who told me that this felt like an improved version of WEG’s DC Universe were spot on. I loved that flawed little game and this really does feel like they took the best parts of that system and gave it some necessary tweaks. It’s easy to understand and the mock combats I ran were fun — I’m one of those that enjoy grabbing a dozen dice and rolling them all at once so that’s right up my alley. If I wasn’t already madly in love with ICONS, I think this would be my default game system. The only thing that separates the two for me is that with ICONS, character modeling is super-easy and intuitive for me whereas with P&P I feel like I’d have to “build” each character with the point-buy system and that seems like it would take a little bit longer for me to do. It wouldn’t be bad at all if I were writing up new heroes but most of what I do with ICONS is model characters and stat them up for posting online. Anyway, P&P is well worth the money – the book is beautiful, too, with great artwork and a smooth layout.

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