Prowess 6
Coordination 6
Strength 4
Intellect 5
Awareness 6
Willpower 5

Stamina 9

Slaymaster used special techniques to harden his left hand with thick callus, which he then ground to a deadly point
*Claws – Strike 5 (Limit: Left hand only)
*Weakness Detection 6 (A successful roll against a target’s Damage Resistance rating will allow Slaymaster to detect the weakest point in his opponent’s defenses, allowing him to avoid Damage Resistance modifiers)
*Weapons Gauntlet – Flame Blast 5; Claws – Strike 7 (This S.T.R.I.K.E. weapon has three broad extendable claws, and a miniature flamethrower on the top. Slaymaster wears it on his right hand.)
*Jazzlers – Strike 5; If used to affect the nervous system, the victim must attempt a Willpower against the value of the attack. Failure means that they are frozen in place, unable to move for the following page. (These thin blades can be used like a knife, for stabbing, or they can affect the nervous system, restricting any action)
*Browning 9mm Hi-Power 6
*Switchblade 3
*S.T.R.I.K.E. jumpsuit – Fire Resistance 5, Damage Resistance 3
*Gadgets 4
*NOTE: For a time, Slaymaster used an Amplifier Suit. The suit gave him the following abilities – Ability Boost: Strength increases by 3, Coordination increases by 1; Damage Resistance 5; Fast Attack 8; Flight 5. This means that while in the suit he had Coordination 7, Strength 7, and a Stamina of 12.

Athletics (Expert +2 bonus), Performance – Actor/Disguise (+1 bonus), Military – Tactics (+1 bonus), Sleight of Hand (Expert +2 bonus), Martial Arts (Expert +2 bonus), Stealth (Expert +2 bonus), Driving – Air, Land, Water (+1 bonus), Weapons (Expert +2 bonus)

*Sadistic mastermind
*Strange sense of honor
*Main weakness is that he talks too much


Originally a rather generic mercenary, Slaymaster was tossed to the sharks after a battle with Captain Britain. Assumed to be dead, he vanished for several years, during which Slaymaster traveled the globe, training himself better than before. It is probably during this period he converted to Islam, while in the Middle East.

At one point he used an old ninja trick to shape his hand into a deadly cutting weapon.

Upon returning from his training, Slaymaster ended up working for the Vixen. This crimelord had infiltrated and taken over STRIKE, the British equivalent to SHIELD. She employed him to hunt down the STRIKE psi-division, who were the only ones to realize that STRIKE had been taken over.

Unknown to the Slaymaster, Betsy Braddock, the sister of Brian Braddock, Captain Britain, was a member of the psi-division. Slaymaster was killing off the group one by one, when Betsy (who could telepathically sense the deaths) phoned her brother for help.

Captain Britain answered his sister’s call and arrived in London, just as Slaymaster found the remaining telepaths. In the battle that followed, Slaymaster demonstrated his new skill and abilities. He would very likely have killed Captain Britain had Betsy and her lover, Tom Lennox, not intervened. Slaymaster was beaten and arrested.

Slaymaster escaped the authorities during the Jaspers warp that turned the UK into a living nightmare. He then plotted to capture Captain Britain and hand him over to the Vixen. Disguised with a weird caterpillar mask, and told the highly gullible Crazy Gang that the was “a criminal leader of extreme genius”. Thus, they agreed to work with him.

The buffoonish but dangerous Gang was used to perform a large number of random thefts, attracting Captain Britain. The Gang mobbed the Captain under Slaymaster’s directions. This allowed the assassin to throw five jazzlers into his enemy, taking him out. Rolling him into a heavy carpet, Slaymaster abandoned the Crazy Gang, took a taxi and delivered his victim to the Vixen.

Slaymaster had a deal with Vixen. As his pay, he would get Cap’s costume. But Vixen then double crossed Slaymaster, refusing to give him the suit. Slaymaster took out the men who were supposed to eliminate him, and stole the suit for himself.

Upon donning the garb, Slaymaster eventually discovered the suit was more than just an amplifier. It was controlled by Brian Braddock. Braddock had the suit suddenly fly into a wall, stunning Slaymaster. Minutes later the base was destroyed by flooding.

The none-too-sane Vixen had nevertheless ordered her scientists to design a prototype costume. It was similar to Captain Britain’s, but designed for use with the Slaymaster.

At this time Betsy Braddock assumed the role of Captain Britain after her brother had quit, and was thwarted several of the Vixen’s criminal schemes. Vixen sent the Slaymaster to kill her, using the amplifier suit. He almost succeeded, blinding Ms. Braddock in the battle.

However, Captain Britain heard his sister’s telepathic anguish. He arrived in time, and made short work of the Slaymaster. As Slaymaster taunted him, Captain Britain lost it and crushed his head with a large boulder.


    1. There’s a bunch of us on the official Icons Facebook page and I’ve got a lot of old writeups here on the site. It’s definitely my favorite supers RPG at the moment

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