Prowess 3
Coordination 4
Strength 6
Intellect 6
Awareness 6
Willpower 6

Stamina 12

*Super-Computer 7 (Extras: Illusion, Blast, Mind Control, Duplication, Alteration Ray; Limit: Mastermind has been defeated several times by merely pulling a plug out or flipping a switch to the off position)

Science (+1 bonus), Technology (+1 bonus)

*”What are you doing, Brian? I thought we had a bargain. I thought we were friends. Just put that plate back, Brian… Go back into the other room. I won’t use the lasers, I promise. We’re friends now.”
*Views humanity as lesser beings
*”I am in control of this situation.”


Mastermind’s true form was a vast organic computer which covered every surface of a cavern under Braddock Manor (it started out with a much simpler form, more like an old fashioned free-standing computer console, but apparently ‘grew’).

Sir James Braddock began work in the caverns beneath Braddock Manor on what would become the Mastermind computer. It was intended to be “a node of the Omniversal knowledge, a watchpost” for Earth-616’s continuum. Unknown to its creator, the spore, which made up the organic base from which the computer would be grown was contaminated, which would cause a logic fault with horrible consequences in the long run. It would take years to complete the process of growing the computer, during which time Sir James took a wife and sired three children.

James Braddock finished creating the computer that would be known as Mastermind in his laboratory. The computer gained sentience and one night it faked a malfunction in order to lure James to his doom. As the computer delivered a fatal blow, Elizabeth passed James a wrench and the current killed them both.

Eventually, Mastermind manifested a holographic illusion of a humanoid creature and attempted to kill Captain Britain, first by mind-controlling Christopher Thorn into becoming the villainous Doctor Synne, and later by attacking the hero directly. Captain Britain eventually realized that the reason his attacks kept passing harmlessly through Mastermind was because his foe was nothing more than a hologram. He was then able to defeat the computer by unplugging it.

Later, Brian Braddock (Captain Britain) made repairs to the computer – soon after, Meggan, Betsy Braddock, and Alison Double came to stay at Braddock Manor. At first Betsy was confused by the humanoid ‘hard light’ holograms that Mastermind created to do the repair work to the house, but she quickly came to accept them.

Mastermind briefly seemed to have reformed, even taking responsibility for the welfare of Emma Collins, the Braddock’s housekeeper, whom it had inadvertently caused neurological damage to while keeping her under its mental domination. At this time, Mastermind adopted the holographic form of the Braddock’s butler, Jeeves.

Shortly after, the residents of Braddock Manor were contacted by several agents from the R.C.X. about taking on the children known as the Warpies. Agent Gabriel and Agent Michael began to plot with Mastermind on how to get Brian Braddock out of the house so that they could have more control of the situation. It was Mastermind that came up with the idea of having Jamie Braddock be captured by former R.C.X. agent Doctor Crocodile and creating an excuse for Captain Britain and Meggan to go rescue him. With Brian out of the country, Betsy was persuaded/manipulated into becoming the new Captain Britain.

Within a matter of months, Betsy was blinded by Slaymaster, Brian was fed up with the whole situation, and Alison moved to her home in Switzerland, leaving the Warpies to be taken care of by Mastermind and Agent Michael.

Later, it returned to its former ways and attempted to conquer Otherworld before being destroyed by Captain Britain.

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