Prowess 5
Coordination 5
Strength 8
Intellect 4
Awareness 5
Willpower 4

Stamina 12

Captain Britain’s uniform is an essential part of his abilities during most of this period. His abilities are powered by interdimensional energies which are concentrated around the British Isles of each reality and also in Otherworld; moving too far away from the field will cause eventual power loss unless a power-enhancing costume is worn. His costume acts as an antenna and battery, allowing him to retain his powers wherever he goes. Note: the helmet is a key part of the uniform at this point – reduce his strength to 6 (Stamina drops to 10) and all powers drop by 2 when he attempts to use his powers without the helmet. Cap’s powers during this era include:

*Flight 6
*Force Field 6
*Ability Boost – Strength 2

Athletics (+1 bonus), Business (+1 bonus),  Leadership (+1 bonus), Science – Engineering, Physics (Expert +2 bonus)

*“I’m in a parallel universe fighting an alternate version of myself alongside a group of parahuman mercenaries who want me to help the wrongly accused Majestrix of… do you ever get halfway through a sentence and find yourself unable to believe that you’re actually saying it?”
*Often acts without thinking first


Brian was a graduate student in physics, in advance of his years, at London’s Thames University. His parents had been killed years before by a creation of his father, the Mastermind computer. Working under his mentor Dr. Travis at the Darkmoor Research Centre during the holidays, he was present when the mercenary Reaver and his men raided the facility to kidnap the scientists there. Escaping with the intention to get help, Brian fled on a motorbike, but was run off the road.

Bleeding to death, Brian was approached by Merlin and his daughter Roma, who told him that he could live if he became Britain’s next great champion. They offered Brian a choice: The Amulet of Right (Life) or the Sword of Might (Death). Being a scholar and not conceiving of himself as a warrior, Brian chose the Amulet.

He then became Captain Britain, complete with costume and super-powers, as well as a staff. Moments later, the Reaver arrived and, claiming the sword, was transformed into an armored knight with tremendous strength. Captain Britain nonetheless defeated him, meeting his first challenge as a hero with courage and surprising skill.

Over the next few months, Brian battled such foes as the Vixen, Hurricane, the Mastermind computer, Lord Hawk, Doctor Claw, Dr. Synne, the Highwayman and the Manipulator, the Lurker from Loch Ness, Nykonn, the Black Baron, and the assassin Slaymaster, as well as teaming up with Steve Rogers against the Red Skull. His activities made him popular with the public, which became especially apparent when he was believed killed in an air raid, though he was considered a vigilante by the police. This was especially true for Chief Inspector Dai Thomas, who dedicated himself to capturing and unmasking Captain Britain. Thomas’s subordinate, Detective Inspector Kate Fraser, was more sympathetic to the novice hero.

Eventually, Brian faced more and more mystical enemies. That, along with the fact his powers were also mystical in origin, pushed his rational scientific mind over the edge. He turned quite mad.

During an adventure with the Black Knight shortly after, Brian accepted the existence of magic alongside science, and regained his mind. Merlin decided he was ready for his first true test and sent him and an elfin companion, Jackdaw, to Earth-238. Captain Britain now had a costume which enhanced his physical abilities, gave him a force field and allowed him to fly.

However, Earth 238 was a violent twisted place. All the superheroes had been wiped out by a controlling government, and Captain Britain met resistance from the local forces. Brian met a powerful reality controlling mutant, Jim Jaspers, who was to blame for the state of Britain.

Both Brian Braddock and Jackdaw were killed by Jaspers’ creation, the unstoppable Fury. Captain Britain had failed.

Merlin brought Brian back to life, and returned to his Earth. Captain Britain became a hero again. He battled Mastermind, Slaymaster, the Fury (who had followed him to this Earth). He also fought in another dimension with the Special Executive, where he learned of the Captain Britain Corps.

Shortly after, the James Jaspers of his Earth took control of the country with his reality powers. Captain Britain faced him once more, and was again defeated. Jaspers was killed by the Fury, and the Fury was in turn defeated. The battle, however, had taken the life of Merlin, whose place was taken by Roma, his daughter.

After it appeared that his sister Psylocke and the rest of the X-Men were dead, Brian briefly descended into alcoholism. He was pulled out of his depression by his lover Megan and by his association with a new group called Excalibur. In the early days of the group, Brian was the de facto leader of the team.

A word on the stats: during this period, Brian’s strength greatly increases but his Intellect and Willpower both take a hit. This is based upon his portrayal during this era.

One comment

  1. I liked most of Alan Davis’ work on the character but didn’t like the idea that he turns out to be of Otherworld blood. Retconning ordinary human heroes into someone destined for glory by their blood always goes down poorly with me.

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