A New Lazarus Review

laz3coverDale Russell continues to move his way through the Lazarus Gray series. He recently posted a review of Volume Three on Goodreads.com. Here’s his 5-star review:

Sovereign City never rests easy. The corruption and crime that runs rampant throughout touches the lives of every one of its citizens. The only glimmer of hope in the darkness are the heroes who have made it their mission to fight back the rising tide of evil. The Dark Gentleman…Doc Daye…Fortune McCall, and others, these are a few of those willing to fight and die for this city. But, perhaps those who present the biggest threat to the ones who would take down the city are the members of Assistance Unlimited (AU) lead by the enigmatic Lazarus Gray.

In the first story set in this volume, a new criminal organization has risen to mirror that of the AU team. Calling themselves MURDER UNLIMITED they plan to end the lives of Lazarus and his team and take the city for themselves. Old enemies join with new as the fight for Sovereign City begins anew.

The second – and significantly longer – story, while not a direct continuation of the first, is influenced by some of the action that results from the opening adventure. Lazarus’ activities from his prior life as Richard Winthrop are never left in the past as an unspeakable evil may find its way out of the mists of myth and folk tales and become a reality. Lazarus Gray and the team of Assistance Unlimited will travel the world to prevent it from becoming so. But, there are other forces and beings who want to control that evil for their own purpose and the conflict that ensues will soon lead to a loss that is perhaps even more painful.

Volume Three of THE ADVENTURES OF LAZARUS GRAY by Barry Reese brings the hero and his team back to the streets of Sovereign City as well as sending them out into a unknowing and unprepared world once more. As with all of Barry’s amazing pulp type adventures, these two have that feel and atmosphere of those great stories of heroes and villains from the 30s and 40s with world spanning adventures and evil both human and supernatural.

In this volume, Reese introduces several new characters on both sides of the good and evil ledger…and some that blur the line of each. The DARKLING combines some of the elements of great pulp heroes from the past with specific nods to the Shadow and the Spider. The introduction of the EIDOLON, while painful in creation, pays homage to the catharsis of pain and loss that many of the more tragic heroes have gone through to become the powerful – yet pained – forces for good; though their definition of good may differ from most every other.

Great Stories and great characters continue…

Thanks, Dale! I really liked both Darkling and Eidolon — the latter’s story takes some stranger twists and turns and he even adopts another identity in volume 13! Stay tuned…

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