AKA UNKNOWNdarknight

Prowess 4/5
Coordination 4/5
Strength 4/5
Intellect 3
Awareness 5 
Willpower 5

Stamina 9/10

* Hei An Wushuh Elixir – Shadowblending 6, Ability Boost 1 (Prowess, Coordination, Strength) Limit: Requires periodic dosages of the elixir to maintain these powers. 
* Uniform – Damage Resistance 3

Athletics (+1 bonus), Investigation (+1 bonus), Martial Arts (Expert +2 bonus), Linguistics (+1 bonus – fluent in English and Chinese), Sleight of Hand (Expert +2 bonus), Stealth (Expert +2 bonus), Weapons – Melee (+1 bonus)

* “Hei An Wushuh. It means ‘Dark Night.’ Because in the night… I can DISAPPEAR.”
* Learning the ropes from the greatest generation of heroes.
* Always be yourself unless you can be Batman.


The mysterious hero called Darknight is an unnamed Chinese national. But the first hero to take this name was none other than Bruce Wayne—the Batman. It was during his days before becoming Batman that Wayne encountered a Chinese super-group called the Zhuguan. They offered him a transformative elixir, which he took to become the super-powered Hei An Wushuh, “the dark night.” He helped the Zhuguan overthrow the tyrannical Huairen and bring justice to Xinjian province. (Batman Confidential #53-54)

After Bruce left and rejected further dose of the elixir, it’s presumed that another man assumed this identity and that he traveled with fellow member, Ri, to the United States to join the Justice Society of America.

A new Darknight appeared along with his fellow Chinese, Ri, answering the Justice Society’s call for help in Monument City. (Ri was a member of China’s Zhuguan team, and was present when Bruce Wayne became the first Darknight.) (Justice Society of America vol. 3 #48) The Flash invited all these heroes to join the JSA, which Darknight apparently accepted. (#50) No personal information is known about the new Darknight. He remained a devoted member of the JSA and was on hand during their battle against the god, D’arken. (#54)

NOTE: Darknight’s creator, Marc Guggenheim, said:

“Before Bruce Wayne was Batman, he was given a new identity that was “Dark Knight” in Chinese. And he was given a costume, which you saw if you read the Batman Confidential arc, was the precursor for his Batman costume. So Jerry Bingham designed this really cool “early” Batman costume. And I thought, what a shame to just let that beautiful costume design go to waste. With issue #48, we get the first official appearance of Darknight, a new character wearing this sort of ‘proto-Batman’ costume. … The chance to make use of this great costume design and introduce a new Chinese superhero into the DC Universe was just too great an opportunity to pass up.”

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