Die Glocke Reviewed

The second volume of the Lazarus Gray series, Die Glocke, has picked up a new review on Amazon. Dale Russell gave the book 5 stars. This is his review in full:

The rising resurgence of Germany under the leadership of the charismatic Adolph Hitler is concerning and problematic in and of itself, but, couple that with Hitler’s fascination with all things occult and supernatural – things that the public think are figments of myth and legend but as Lazarus Gray is more than aware, truly exist – and a minor country becomes a threat to the safety and security of the entire world. In this, the 2nd book in the expanding Lazarus Gray library, the goal is Die Glocke – The Bell. A device that will allow those who know how to use it to travel through time (though what can actually be effectuated by traveling back to events that have already happened is still up for debate).

In this set of interwoven stories the crew of Assistance Unlimited are asked to assist in a missing person case. And, while Sovereign City may be one of crime and corruption, this case will take the team to the vast plains of Mongolia…and a secret that could change the world.

Old Foes and new family…undead evil and evil long dead buried and forgotten. Just another day in the life.

Making this volume even more fun was a 3rd story that brings in one of comic pop cultures favorite “forgotten” heroes. In a cross-over featuring the AU team and the BLACK TERROR, author Barry Reese continually gives readers new stories that would be at home in the 30s and 40s hey-day of pulps and comics. Reese has created his universe that he markets under the REESE UNLIMITED brand and it certainly is accurate as the surprises and the stories are all that and more.

Thaks, Dale! I appreciate all the kind words and support. With regards to the Black Terror, he will return in later books in the series before he eventually departs for continuity-based reasons. If you ever try out the Silver Age adventures of Assistance Unlimited, you’ll find a few BT-based easter eggs there, as well.

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