Over at Goodreads, Dale Russell posted a review of the first Lazarus Gray. Here’s what he had to say:

Sovereign City had once been a shining beacon of progress and success. But that beacon has now gone dark. Crime is running wild, outside players are pushing their own agendas, and occult and supernatural forces roam the streets and alleys. Hope has few sentinels and those fight a battle that may be destined to be lost. But, the universe has a way of maintaining balance. And the scales begin to tip the other way when a new player to the adventure wakes up on a deserted beach, Unknown and unknowing, his past is lost to both him and a city that has no idea what awaits it with his arrival.

And so, the saving of Sovereign City and the rise of Lazarus Gray and Assistance Unlimited begins.

Pro Se books has started a wonderful shared world undertaking with the creation of the SOVEREIGN CITY line of books. With authors such as Barry Reese — the creator of this books hero, Lazarus Gray as well as Gravedigger and the Peregrine (and many others) — Derrick Ferguson with his Fortune McCall, and Tommy Hancock’s Doc Daye. The City is rich and colored with strange and mysterious happenings.

Reese himself, captures the feel and atmosphere of pulps that would be completely at home in the 30s and 40s alongside the giants of those decades. He writes this first book in a series of six interconnected short stories that grows the character from his appearance to a force in both Sovereign City and the world itself.

As of this review, their are 9 — NINE — volumes of Lazarus Gray and his crew.

Meanwhile, F.P. Casey posted the following on the Canadian Amazon site:

In the ninth instalment of the “new pulp” hero series “Lazarus Gray”, Barry Reese continues the storyline set up in the previous novel and concludes it with an action packed smash to the senses!

It’s Assistance Unlimited vs Murder Unlimited! The adventure may begin in Soverign City but shifts to the mythological realm of Asgard, culminating in a final battle deep within the hollow earth with the existence of the entire world at stake!

In addition to the Black Terror & The Golden Amazon, Reese has introduced another public domain hero to the team (which I hope will return in future volumes). It would be great to see this character’s unbreakable patriotism lending itself to the upcoming battles against fascist forces during WW2.

Reese always does his homework when introducing mythological tales and characters to his stories. The addition and handling of ancient Norse gods in this volume was well done and hints are left that we may see them return in future adventures.

Unlike Volume eight, this novel consists of one main story told throughout the book compared to a series of short stories with one central theme linking all of them together. Reese is able do both “story styles” successfully and consistently gives the reader an enjoyable pulp-style adventure.

As a fan of the Reese Unlimited imprint, I really like the mixing of original characters with public domain/pastiche characters. In saying that having Lazarus Gray joining forces with The Revenant & Ki-Gor in a Hollow Earth tale would be awesome. An uneasy Darkling/Leonid Kaslov alliance vs the evil Warlike Manchu would be a just what the doctor ordered!

Looking forward to future installments!


  1. Hello,

    My name is Russell Moran and I recently started a podcast entitled Tomes of Evil: A Comic Book Villain Podcast.

    The Shadow Fan podcast was the first podcast I actively followed, and in hindsight, was influential upon me.

    I would love to have you on my show at some point.

    The format of the show after the intro is -Some general chit chat up front. Introducing everyone to the co-host -We talk about the characters first appearance and creators -Go through their history, talk about the major events -Discuss adaptations in other media -Our personal thoughts and feelings on the character

    Thank you for your time Russell Sent from my iPhone


    1. Hey, Russell! Thanks for the kind comments about my old Shadow podcast! I’d be interested in being a guest on your show. Feel free to drop me an email at barryreesepulp @

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