Updates from Barryland

lg04_walther_lunt_smallSo I’ve begun working on the 14th volume of Lazarus Gray and this one is shaping up to be another novel-length adventure. Not only will this one introduce a new menace for our heroes to face but it will bring back an old Peregrine foe long believed dead… and we’ll get a flashback to Richard Winthrop’s first meeting with Walther Lunt, leading to his time with The Illuminati. We’ll also meet Richard’s uncle Randolph for the very first time.

The roster of the team undergoes a few changes in the thirteenth book and that carries over into this one. The story is set in 1944 so we’re actually going to be in the post-war era soon… which means we’ll be seeing the rise of SIGIL and the slow expansion of Assistance Unlimited into the international version we saw in the first Assistance Unlimited: The Silver Age novel.

Speaking of which, I’ve begun kicking around some ideas for a follow-up to Broken Empire. Stay tuned.

Reaction to both volumes 8 and 9 have been extremely positive… and I’ve been informed that the TENTH book will coming your way in another month or two! Pro Se is really pumping out the releases, which is really great.

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  1. Barry, I loved Volume 9! Your best volume in a while, and that’s certainly not putting down any of the other Lazarus Gray volumes. I put a review on Goodreads. I don’t spend enough on Amazon these days to be permitted to write reviews there, otherwise I would.

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